Florin Raducanu plays Beethoven,
Chopin, Enescu…on Jazz (2010)
Live from “Porgy & Bess Jazz Club, Vienna

Pianist, teacher, composer, conductor and arranger Florin Raducanu was at the heart of many innovative projects of classical and folk jazz fusion in his native Romania and abroad.

Over the years he performed in trio, sextet and he collaborated with big bands and large symphonic orchestras, during prestigious festivals and live events. Musician of the year in 2009, he won many prestigious prizes and accolades for his achievements.

On his third album recorded along with his band at the Porgy and Bess Jazz Club in 2010, Florin Raducanu composed and arranged a musical synthesis that draws on jazz and classical on four surprising live explorations, each of them with its personality. Inspired by the music of great composers and driven by the inventivity of jazz he delivers a performance where elegance and swing merge together in a fresh personal expression.

The first piece of the album built around the beautiful Chopin’s “Scherzo No2″is a spirited jazz improvisation that opens and ends with the original composition. In between, the pianist goes into in a colorful, dynamic swing infused by the elegance of the Chopinian melody.
Then we enter the Beethoven’s realm with the second movement of the “Sonata Pathétique”, opening the door to a dynamic piano-saxophone dialogue followed by a bass solo and a virtuosic piano free ride, rich in melodic variations.
On pianist’s composition, “Veneratie Ave Maria” a pleasant surprise is the airy sound of the pan flute, played by special guest Dalila Cernatescu, adding an exquisite Vivaldian touch to a fusion of Bach themes and Latin jazz.
The last piece honors the music of the famous Romanian composer George Enescu. Here the seductive grace of the piano is complemented by reflective saxophone and bass solos.

An album that worth hearing for the variety of themes and approaches, everything is crafted with good taste and high instrumental virtuosity. Florin Raducanu is full of swing and spirit, respectful of traditions yet confident in his own artistry.

JazzWorldQuest 2010

Track listing: Scherzo no.2, Sonata Patethique part. II, Veneratie Ave Maria, Toccata in D

Musicians: Florin Raducanu – piano & arrangements, Adrian Flautistu – double bass, Eugen Nichiteanu – drums, Mihai Sebastian – ten sax, Special Guest: Dalila Cernatescu – pan flute (3)