Florin Raducanu: Symphonic Jazz Project with Belarusian State Philharmonic Orchestra

Composer: Florin Raducanu

The Symphonic jazz poem by Florin Raducanu, a genuine symbiosis between jazz and classical 

The Symphonic jazz poem, the work of Romanian composer and jazz pianist Florin Raducanu marks an important landscape in the world of fusion of jazz and classical music.
Over the years, Florin Raducanu was the initiator of other notable fusion projects he has presented on stage in his native country and abroad, many of his performances have been recorded and released on CD.

His latest creation incorporates elements of classical music and jazz while allowing a generous space to innovative and virtuosic improvisations. Structured in seven parts, the concept encompasses the pianist-composer’s original vision, such an endeavor being one of a kind in the music world.

Part I is a rhapsody concert called “Mapamond Pictures”, impregnated with elements of Romanian ethos and main stream jazz. Part II, an unique creation of symphonic jazz  is a “Passacaglia” imagined in the line of the baroque composers. Another outstanding and unique moment is the Jazz Fugue, composed and orchestrated as a baroque fugue.

The world premiere took place in Minsk, Belarus where Florin Raducanu collaborated with Belorussian State Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Alexander Anisimov. The performance was included in the UNESCO International Jazz Day events and  was aired on the National State Television On April 30th 2016.

Florin Raducanu’s project proposal both as a composer and pianist is addressed to any philharmonic, the audience having the opportunity to enjoy an original creation where the European classical music harmoniously blends with jazz in a rare and compelling piece of work.

1.  Mapamond Pictures
2.  Jazz Passacaglia
3.  Saint Triptych (Free improvisation/ Tribute to Mary Magdalene, Song for St.Anthony
4.  Awe Ave Virgin Mary
5.  Sketches of M.de Falla


Belarusian State Philharmonic Orchestra – conductor Alexander Anisimov
Florin Raducanu – piano, composer & orchestrator
Special guest : Dalila Cernatescu -panflute
Andrei Kleșchev (saxophone ten.), Viaceslav Serghienko(bass) ,  Alexandr Mineț (drums)

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Purchase The Symphonic jazz poem by Florin Raducanu Link2