Mapamond Pictures, My Jazz Rhapsody, brings – as the title expresses – colors and “sound images” from various places on the world map. All these sound images are united by the universal language of symphonic music and carried like a flowing river through the winding mountains of the art of musical improvisation. It is a story in which the musical discourse is transferred and transformed in the mind of the listener into messages specific to the spoken discourse (aspect confirmed by the spectators in Israel – an ideal concert audience). Thanks to the JERUSALEM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.
Dalila Cernatescu, Ionuț Pascu (who carefully decoded the score), the Jazz Trio partners (Yonatan Rosen and Oren Hardy) and – last but not least – the ICR Tel Aviv staff made possible the successful presentation of “Symphonic Jazz Poem by Florin Răducanu”, a brand that develops periodically through the accumulation of new works composed and included in this musical creation.

Dalila Cernatescu – panflute/ Florin Raducanu – piano & orchestration
Ionuț Pascu -conductor
Yonatan Rosen – drums & Oren Hardy -d.bass

Joy of jazz in Israel with Charlie Parker music
Florin Raducanu – piano (Romania)
Herwig Gradishnig- ten. sax. (Austria)
Idan Wallish- trombone ( Israel)
Roy Oliel – drums ( Israel)
Dmitri Grotsky – bass ( (Israel)

Video fragment (“Four on Six” – arr./orch. Mamelo Gaitanopoulos) from the Gala concert in Jaffa Jazz Festival. All musicians guests in the festival have played alongside the great drummer Billy Cobham.

“My Favorite Things” Live from Jaffa Jazz Festival 2017 Florin Raducanu- piano & arrangement( Romania) Jari Perkomaki- alto sax. ( Finland) Daniel Rotem- te. sax. (Israel) Tal Gamlieli – d.bass (Israel) Yonatan Rosen – drums (Israel)