Wajdi Cherif
PianoPianist and composer Wajdi Cherif developed his own sound and style combining classical music, oriental themes and jazz in spiritual, rich melodic expressions.
His latest recording “Jasmine” is a magical exploration of the borderless world of music. More info


Mamdouh Bahri
Composer, guitaristGuitarist Mamdouh Bahri is a traveller through the universe of jazz, Mediterranean, Latin and traditional Nord-African music he transposes in beautiful exquisite, melodic lines. “Tabarka” captures his musical influences filtered through a personal melodic sensibility infused with lyrical oriental textures. More info
Cheikh Lô
Burkina Faso/SenegalThe Senegalese maverick is a free spirit, whose musical journey over the years has lead him to soak up styles and cultures from all over the globe. With his deep rooted spirituality Cheikh has combined these influences into a sound that is uniquely his own.


Wasis Diop
Senegal/FranceNew album : Judu Bék released on May 19th 2008
This album, composed with a large acoustic touch, wasis Diop ripped it with a lenght of time : In between sound tracks realisations, realisation of Opera of Sahel which for he has been furrowing Africa for 3 years, looking for his heroes and different projects leading him at the four corners of the earth during the past ten years. The final touch of the album is the mix, made by Oz Fritz, favorit musical partner of Tom Waits, especially for his album nominated et The Grammy Awards, Alice and Mule Variations .
Lamine Touré and Group Saloum
(USA)Listen and dance to the mistery of Senegalese ethnic rhytms intertwined with funk, reggae, jazz and Afrobeat themes mixed audaciously by master percussionist Lamine Touré and his original band. An unique and imaginative recording rich in polyphonies and joyful rhytms.
More info
Cab Kaye
Nii-lante Augustus Kwamlah Quaye, better known as Cab Kaye (London, September 3, 1921 – Amsterdam, March 13, 2000) was an English-Ghanaian-Dutch jazz musician, bandleader, entertainer, drummer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter and singer. His singing was influenced by Billy Holiday and he often accompanied himself on piano with a graceful, rhythmic style. He effortlessly combined blues, bebop, stride and scat with the music of his African and Ghanaian musical heritage.


South Africa
Abdullah Ibrahim
South African pianist and composer. His music reflects many of the musical influences of his childhood in the multicultural port areas of Cape Town, ranging from traditional African songs to the gospel of the AME Church and ragas, to more modern jazz and other Western styles. Within jazz, his music particularly reflects the influence of Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington. With his wife, the jazz singer Sathima Bea Benjamin, he is father to the New York underground rapper Jean Grae, as well as to a son, Tsakwe.