Randy McGill


Randy McGill is a drummer, organist, bassist, and producer who performs with unmatched dexterity. Born on August 14th, 1981 in Houston, TX, McGill was exposed to music right from childhood. Though he was exposed to all genres of music while still a child, McGill was fascinated with gospel, r&b, jazz and rock, especially the drumming aspect of it. McGill would spend time playing on whatever surface that would produce a percussive sound. His mother and grandfather were impressed by their sons’ interest so they purchased him a set with only one stipulation, “all practicing to be done outback in the shed,” McGill happily recalls. From then on, there was no stopping him.

McGill has been described as “ a charismatic drummer whose playing techniques of drumstick twirling and cross-over strokes make him stand out from the pack”, while lauded in JAM magazine for his “forward energy and abundantly attractive ideas”.

“His playing is always tasteful whether it be in forceful, intense situations or in quiet, supporting roles. His sense of time is intriguing” notes the Lawrence Kansan.

Randy McGill
In 2017 Randy released his first EP entitled Eclectic. It features various grammy award winning or nominated musicians as well as it features music composed by Randy on various instruments. Eclectic has been described as “a breath of fresh air to the jazz community” and as “timeless feel good music that covers many genres very well” by various bloggers and internet radio stations.

Randy is noted for expressing the desire to “give the world someone who has endured and persevered through life’s trials and can still completely leave it all on the stage when I perform. I want people to experience a musician who is real enough to express the joys, pains, and emotions of life through the gifts in which God has given me.”


randymcgillmusic.bandcamp.com (Listen to EP for free)