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Jazz Music Albums released in 2020
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The KUHtrio(Austria /Czech Republic)- O Samba Boemio / Old Souls
 Edi Koehldorfer
Label: ATS REcords
In autumn 2018 Edi Köhldorfer (guit), František Uhlíř (b) and Jaromír Helešic (dr) were engaged together for a jazz festival in Styria / A.
During the rehearsals for this evening it was already clear that not only was the musically extraordinary happening here, but that the “vibes” were also right. After a brilliant concert that was frenetically celebrated by the audience, it was decided not to stop at a “one-nighter”.In autumn 2019 the new band presented itself to an enthusiastic audience as part of a 2-week tour through Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. After the tour, the trio went well into the studio and was able to release their first CD “Old Souls” in summer 2020 and present it live on a tour in D / CZ / A in the autumn afterwards.The music of “the KUH trio” is characterized on the one hand by the compositions of Köhldorfer and Uhlíř and on the other hand by the special sound, which is characterized by Köhldorfer’s versatile playing on electric and acoustic guitars. The legendary swing by Uhlíř / Helešic is complemented by excursions into Latin and funk grooves and there is even room for African….the KUHtrio Live on YouTube

Frantisek Uhlir - Story of My Life (Music for Septet)

Frantisek Uhlir(Czech Republic)-PART 3 – ÚSTÍ – BRNO – PRAHA / Prolog Born to Future
Album: Story of My Life
The year 2020 is a significant date for me – I celebrate my 70th birthday and by coincidence, my father František, a bandleader, composer and pedagogue, would live to be 100 this year. This is why I have invented a little unusual present to this anniversary for me but primarily for the pleasure of the listener and fans of not only jazz music.
I wrote a suite called Story of My Life where a crucial role plays the number seven from my seventies. In addition to the Prologue, it is further constituted of seven musical parts which describe my life and my musical path and are tailor-made for seven excellent jazz players. All single musical movements are supplemented by photos illustrating my life.
Musicians: FRANTIŠEK UHLÍŘ – bass FRANTIŠEK TOMŠÍČEK- trumpet,flugelhorn PŘEMEK TOMŠÍČEK – trombone ANDY SCHOFIELD – altsax SUZANNE HIGGINS – tenorsax STANDA MÁCHA – piano MAREK URBÁNEK – drums
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Composer: Tobias Grim
Album: Derupeto
Label: Nobel Records
The band Derupeto was started when Gothenburg guitarist Tobias Grim put the members together for a gig at the club Glenn miller in Stockholm and they felt they could create something unique together. Derupeto has previously played at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and done many appreciated concerts in Sweden. Now finally comes the group’s debut album.
Deodato Siquir – drums/vocals Rubem Farias – bass Peter Knudsen piano Tobias Grim guitar

Robert Castelli and Boom!

Robert Castelli & BOOM!(Spain)-Vamos
Composer: Robert Castelli
Album: Party at One World Plaza
Label: Castelli in Cielo
“you feel carried away into the world of Afro-Cuban music, West African rhythms, jazz rock of the 70s and 80s with rhythm par excellence. It is your own fault if you do not move with such a rhythmic design!” Ferdinand Dupius-Panther, Jazz Halo, Dec 2020

Album: Convergence
With Convergence, Swiss drummer Florian Arbenz brings together musicians from Cuba, Brazil, Australia & UK to perform music deeply rooted in jazz.

Nastazio Gkoumas-Between Lakes

Nastazio Gkoumas Trio(Cyprus)-Between Lakes
Album: Mad Bop
Nastazio Gkoumas : guitar
Demetris Papanikolaou : double bass
Marios Alexandrou : drums
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karen rosenberg-Behind Me

Karen Rosenberg(Denmark)-Behind Me
Composer: Karen Rosenberg

Danish jazz singer Karen Rosenberg releases classic style jazz with modern day lyrics. Leaning back and leaning in – Behind Me is about having each other’s backs emotionally and physically and growing stronger together.
The first verse draws a reference to The National – I Need My Girl, the second verse sets the scene of the relationship and everyday work life and the third verse takes that love to a higher level. Karen Rosenberg is ready for a new line of smooth, classy New York style jazz releases. She portraits love in a modern way bringing both elements of everyday life aesthetics and contemporary philosophical thoughts into her songs. She is the song writer and records the tracks live in the studio. Behind Me is out Nov. 13.

The Karen Rosenberg band consists of:
Karen Rosenberg: Vocals
Zier Romme: Piano
Matthias Petri: Bass
Andreas Svendsen: Drums
Erik Kimestad: Trompet
Søren Høst: Saxophone

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Ramiro Pinheiro-

Ramiro Pinheiro(Brazil/Spain)- Quatro Ventos
Album: Sentido
Label: Fresh Sound Records

Gabriel Amargant [Clarinet]
Ramiro Pinheiro [Guitar]
Horacio Fumero [Double Bass]
Nico Correa [Drums]

Quatro Ventos, a sublime song composed under the sign of spiritual beauty, performed with grace and lyricism by guitarist and composer Ramiro Pinheiro and his magic band.

Pinheiro, acoustic bassist Horacio Fumero (replaced on two tracks by electric bassist Rodrigo Balduino) and drummer Nicolas Correa form the core trio for this set although there are guests on every selection. The leader composed or co-wrote (with various lyricists) all but two of the nine selections.

Sentido begins with “Quatro Ventos,” a pretty and soothing melody that is filled with inner heat. Pinheiro’s classic acoustic Brazilian guitar plays the melody, clarinetist Gabriel Amargant (who recalls Paquito D’Rivera a little) builds on the mood, and the blend between clarinet and guitar is quite beautiful.Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian []

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Elijah Band(France) – Rip It Up
Explosive electric jazz rock from France performed by a band who never disappointed its fans since they started 20 years ago. Elijah is back with a new composition full of energy and enthusiasm.

  • Greg REYNAERT : Saxophone
  • Alexandre HERICHON : Trumpet
  • Nicolas MICHIEL : Keyboards
  • Johannes LEROY : Percussions
  • Stéphane BEAUCOURT : Bass
  • Mike RAJAMAHENDRA : Drums

tim burton

Tim Burton Sr(USA)-Seven
Composer: Timothy Burton
Album: Seven
TBS Entertainment
Instrumental bass guitar melody

Manuel Muzzu (Italy)-Stay Right To The Bottom
Album: 3​-​ree

The album it’s a concentrate of a various style of jazz (smooth jazz, Latin jazz, fusion jazz funk jazz) played with a phenomenal musicians, where the bass guitar it’s used as a lead instrument.
Smoothazz, the first song, it’s a typical smootjazzie song wit a relaxing taste.
Stay Right to the Bottom it’s a funk fusion song with a strong brass section and a bebop interlude in the middle, with an awesome jazz guitar solo.

Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby - Reflections Of The Eternal Line~1

Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby (Switzerland/USA) -Wooden Lines
Album: Reflections Of The Eternal Line

Two masters: Florian Arbenz(drums, percussion) and Greg Osby(saxophones) delivering a symbiotic dialogue stretched over known boundaries. It’s not free jazz according to definitions but rather a journey they took together exploring new sound paths. A work of freedom and precision altogether inspired by the intricate graphical intersections painted by Stephan Spicher . Florian Arbenz moves from percussive heights to impressionistic, subtle textures, changing tempos weaving unexpected sonorities . Greg Osby is right there at the right moment filling spaces, climbing to high registers, at times playful or ecstatic invoking sacred chants punctuated by colorful gongs that gives a spiritual edge to the composition. Expect the unexpected with these two bright complementing talents.
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Guglielmo Santimone(Italy) – Riverberi / Contemplazione
Album: Unisono
Guglielmo Santimone piano – composer – arrangements with Gerry Popolo saxophone, Dario Deidda, bass guitar, Sandro Deidda Soprano Saxophone Davide Cantarella Drums, Silvio Ariotta bass guitar, Carlo Fimiani guitar Antonia Criscuolo voice, Ivan Ciavarella guitar

The Appropriation Committee(USA)-Slick
Album: An Improvised Life
Label: Orenled Music
The Appropriation Committee is a powerful improvisational band steeped in a fusion of rock, jazz, funk, and R&B. Their debut album “An Improvised Life” is an all improvised album featuring: Shawn Cavanugh / bass, Chris Cummings / drums & percussion, Dan DeChellis / keyboards, Ric DelNero / guitar.
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Nastazio Gkoumas

Nastazio Gkoumas(Greece)-Parallel Worlds
Album: Parallel Worlds
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César Cardoso Ensemble(Portugal)-Agueiro
Album: Dice of Tenors

This new album is the result of the intention of his mentor, César Cardoso, to seek new approaches, paths and ideas of composition and arrangement, through an extended formation. This ensemble has 8 elements, distributed by winds – tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, trumpet and trombone – and rhythmic section – vibraphone, piano, double bass and drums.
Having already other projects with a quartet and a quintet and having written many arrangements for Big Band, the idea of this collective arose because it is different from what he has done and above all to challenge himself to present a record with its own identity and to approach the songs with innovation and freshness.
For this album César Cardoso choose 8 songs, 6 of which are Jazz Standards made famous by some of the greatest tenor saxophonists – Hank Mobley, Benny Golson, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson -, and composed 2 original songs to complete the album. These arrangements contain new approaches and techniques, recently studied, with the intention of creating songs as if they were new ones but at the same time without losing the essence of the originals. In addition, one of the premises was to raise the musical level through harmonic, rhythmic and metric complexity, without losing the musical side, making everything as organic as possible.
In César Cardoso’s career there are 3 albums, all with original music – “Half Step” (2010), “Bottom Shelf” (2015) and “Interchange” (2018) -, more than 100 arrangements for Orchestras and Big Bands – written mainly for the Jazz Orchestra of Leiria and for the Jazz Orchestra of Hot Clube de Portugal – plus 2 books, written in Portuguese, about Jazz Theory.
César Cardoso – tenor saxophone and arrangements
Jason Palmer – trumpet
Miguel Zenón – alto saxophone
Massimo Morganti – trombone
Jeffery Davis – vibraphone
Óscar Graça – piano
Demian Cabaud – double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro – drums

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David Linx(Belgium)-Azadi
Album: Skin In The Game
Label: Cristal Records

David Linx, who started the stage at 14, is putting his “skin on the line” for his 40 year career! The singer is back on September 18th with his new album Skin In The Game released on Cristal Records.
It can be said that David Linx is the inventor of the “European jazz singer”, and he is, well beyond the European space, one of the most fabulous jazz singers that can be heard.
After more than thirty albums as a leader or in duet with pianist Diederik Wissels, singer David Linx, for this new opus of original compositions sung in English, has brought together a combo of leaders with Gregory Privat on piano, Chris Jennings on double bass, Arnaud Dolmen on drums and a special guest Manu Codjia on guitar.
Between ballads and more rhythmic tracks, two tracks embellished with poems by Marlon Moore add one more colour to the album and remind us of the first sublime album made by David Linx together with the writer James Baldwin in 1987.

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Billie Davis-Whadeva

Maude Caillat, Damani Butler, Billie Davis(USA)-Whadeva 1 The Cobra
Album: Whadeva

They had been prepping these recordings since late December, early January. Damani Butler contacted Billie Davies and Maude Caillat asking them whether they would be interested in doing a project with him. He also mentioned he had contacted female artists for this project. Both Billie Davies, an american drummer from California, and Maude Caillat, a sax player from Switzerland, were currently working and residing in New Orleans. Damani had rented a house in the Lower Ninth Ward, which became Dangerous Art Studios, and was busy transforming it into the whole house and whatever sounds in it, showed in it and whomever entered it, being part of a work of art he was creating.It had not reached New Orleans yet, or so they thought.

Damani Butler – electronics/loops/waves/beats
Maude Caillat – woodwinds
Billie Davies – electronic drums
Mike Davies – recording, mixing

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Örjan Hultén Orion-Liberia Balald

Örjan Hultén Orion(Sweden)-The Bird
Composer: Örjan Hultén
Album: Liberia Ballad
Label: Artogrush Records

For those familiar with the previous albums released by Swedish saxophonist Örjan Hultén Orion, “Liberia Ballad” is an uncommon undertaking for at least two reasons.

One is the unexpected Liberian framework of the album, and the other is the collaboration with well-known local jazz singer Ernie Bruce, who has contributed to five of the nine tracks. His deep voice well balanced with the ensemble is at times reminiscent of David Clayton-Thomas, and he is also the lyricist and composer of the last piece.

It must be said that this is not a jazz fusion album mixing Liberian themes, but an authentic vocal-instrumental melodic jazz project composed by pianist Torbjörn Gulz and saxophonist Örjan Hultén inspired by their Liberian journeys. While piano and sax are at the forefront of the compositions, the entire band delivers a fluent, well articulated performance in tune with the addition of vocals.

The album opener brings forward Torbjörn Gulz and Örjan Hultén revealing their talents as melodic experimentalists. The general tone is warm, the band plays with true emotion and free spirit, yet does not lack dynamics while swinging easily between modern and nostalgic atmospheres, reaching a more exploratory territory on the kaleidoscopic “Treaty Suite,” a collage-style composition with a mysterious touch enhanced by electronics.

“The Bird” is an inventive gem composed by Örjan Hultén, a free sax-bass dialogue. “Sixto” brings in a bluesy mood with voice and a sax in a perfect harmony. Another beautiful composition is the sophisticated “Liberia Rain” an atmospheric piece weaved by piano, sax, bowed double bass and brushes. “Liberia waltz” starts with a simple theme on piano to be developed by saxophone in another memorable melodic structure enhanced by the velvet bass tone and piano solo. The ballad “When Delilah Smiles” composed by Gulz and Bruce, delights with the subtle, distinctive voice of the Liberian crooner.

With their last release ‘Liberia Ballad”, Örjan Hultén Orion reminds us that jazz as a universal language can transcend stylistic and cultural boundaries, but ultimately it is the creativity and originality of the results that counts, and the present album is a notable proof.

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Krzysia Górniak-Memories

Krzysia Górniak(Poland)-Strawberry Kisses
Composer: Krzysia Górniak
Album name: Memories
Krzysia Górniak rarely treats us with her music. But once this happens, we usually deal with a delicious and subtle dish. She made us wait for her new album over 4 years. But the time was worth waiting, because this dish made from the best ingredients.
On her latest album, Krzysia decided preserve memories in music. Each tune is a voyage taking us either to a beautiful and special place or tells us about someone, who can only be recalled in sounds. Each composition is a different recollection and there are seven voyages in all. From a dynamic spiced with a highlander note “Sea Salt on My Lips”, to a nostalgic “Touch of Your Soul”, dedicated to tragically deceased drummer Grzegorz Grzyb, who in recent years has been part of her quartet with which she played and toured. The first single promoting the album titled “Strawberry Kisses”.
The album was recorded by:

  • Krzysia Górniak – guitar
  • Michał Wróblewski – piano
  • Piotr Wrombel – piano
  • Michał Jaros – double bass
  • Marcin Jahr – drums

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Heistheartist(USA)- Boom (Love Version)
Composer: LeeMann Alexander Bassey
Album name: Boom (Love Version)
June 2020 – Artist and performer Heistheartist is back on the scene with a brand new studio release, “Boom (Love Version)”. What’s special about this project is that it captures the artist’s incredibly diverse mindset, pushing him to stretch the boundaries of his creativity and explore styles as diverse as smooth jazz, fusion, and more. (continued)
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Steve Fidyk - Battle Lines Cover

Steve Fidyk(USA)- Battle Lines
Composer: Steve Fidyk
Album: Battle Lines
Label: Blue Canteen Music

Utilizing power and subtlety, drummer Steve Fidyk clearly demonstrates his commanding performance and compositional skills on this passionate and
thoughtful collection of improvisational music. His third date as a leader features an all-star band of New York’s finest — the impressive front-line of
trumpet legend Joe Magnarelli and tenor titan Xavier Perez, alongside the extraordinary rhythm team of pianist Peter Zak and bassist Michael Karn.
Each member is an active, contributing participant that pushes Fidyk’s hard hitting rhythmic and melodic message direct to the theatre of
operations. Music fans should agree that “Battle Lines” brings together the finest elements of soulful swing, confirming Fidyk as an exciting
bandleader for years to come.
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Freancesco Marziani

Francesco Marziani(Italy)-Changing my life
Composer: Francesco Marziani
Album: Changing my life
Label: Creusarte Records
 Francesco Marziani: piano
Marco de Tilla: double bass
Massimo del Pezzo: Drums
recorded 9/3/2020
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Nikolas Skordas & Stephanos Chytiris(Greece)-Invisible War
Composers: Nikolas Skordas & Stephanos Chytiris
Album: Invisible War
Label: Slam Productions
Nikolas Skordas: soprano and tenor Saxophones Tarogato, traditional Flutes
Stephanos Chytiris: drums
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Ramiro Pinheiro & Rafael Barata-Baiao Cansado

Ramiro Pinheiro & Rafael Barata(Brazil)-Baião Cansado
Composer: Marco Pereira
Single: Baião Cansado
Label: La Cúpula Music
Baião is a Northeastern Brazilian music genre and dance style based on a syncopated duple meter rhythm, based around the pulse of the zabumba, a flat, double-headed bass drum played with a mallet in one hand and a stick in the other, each striking the opposite head of the drum for alternating high and low notes, frequently accompanied by an accordion and a triangle pattern. The baião rhythm is integral to the genres of forró, repente and coco (or embolada).
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calabo-One Day at a Time

Calabó(USA)-Chromatic Dream
Composer:: Jandro Rivas
Album: One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time is an improvisational style music traveling around jazz, latin jazz and world music genres. This album tries to musically describe a tropical day , from sunrise to the late night hours. The intention of the composer, Jandro Rivas, is to portray a mental picture of a typical Sunday on a tropical paradise. From Chromatic Dream, following the first hours of the morning and Salitre, where you can almost hear the waves as drum riffs, to Children of the Moon with long dreamy melodies.

Mariea Antoinette featuring Fattburger-Loving You 
Album name: All My Strings
Urban jazz/R&B harpist Mariea Antoinette’s newest single, Loving You featuring Fattburger, a smooth, funky cover of Minnie Riperton’s original tune.

Hailey Tuck
Hailey Tuck photographed by Rose Callahan, styled by Candice Gutmann, on Jan 13, 2019 in Brooklyn, NY.

Hailey Tuck(USA)-Where do you go to
EP: Coquette
Après le succès de l’album Junk, produit par Larry Klein déjà remarqué sur les albums de Madeleine Peyroux, Joni Mitchell et de Melody Gardot, la chanteuse Hailey Tuck dévoile aujourd’hui six nouveaux titres sur un EP intitulé Coquette.
Entre jazz et pop, tristesse et légèreté, sur fond d’hommage aux années 20, la chanteuse originaire d’Austin impose son riche univers et prouve son talent de compositrice aux multiples facettes. Nominée aux Grammy Awards pour son dernier album, Hailey Tuck signe un EP qui met en valeur un talent unique dans le monde du jazz.
“Je me suis souvent laissée aller à la rêverie et j’espère que les arrangements apportés et l’ambiance générale de Coquette traduisent cet état” explique Hailey Tuck pour présenter son EP enregistré aux Studios Fieldgate au Pays de Galles sur lequel on remarque une belle reprise de Juste Quelqu’un de Bien d’Enzo Enzo. Coquette nous propose un doux flashback dans les années folles. On découvre en premier extrait A Bit of You.

Her new self-produced EP, “Coquette”, to be released this March, is an interim exploration of the elusive balance artists must find between their work, mental health, and the unromantic nuts-and-bolts duties of life. Containing both originals and covers, it touches on both her love of the darker side of jazz, accents of dreamy folk-pop, while maintaining Hailey’s evocative playful Story-Telling, and introducing her audience to a new internal creative strength and maturity. Website

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Little Gorgeous(USA)-The End of August
Composer: Joseph Allan Johnson
Album: Little Gorgeous
“A lush ballad from the debut Little Gorgeous album.”
Joey Johnson – Saxophone
Russell Kranes – Keyboards
Diallo House – Bass
Christian Coleman – Drums
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Big Funk Brass - Higher

Big Funk Brass(France) -Caol Ila
Album: Higher

Big Funk Brass Nouvel album Higher Sortie le 30/04/2020
avec la participation de Ben l’Oncle Soul et FP (A State of Mind)
Voici le retour très attendu de Big Funk Brass. Après 10 années d’existence, plusieurs centaines de concerts, deux albums ainsi que des collaborations avec des artistes de renom comme Gaël Faye, Thomas de Pourquery et Anne Paceo, Big Funk Brass sort son nouvel album le 30 avril 2020. Le titre de l’album, Higher, illustre l’esprit et la dynamique du groupe : chercher à aller toujours plus loin. C’est une démarche spirituelle et physique, la volonté de se surpasser et de donner toujours le meilleur, que ce soit en concert ou en studio. Sur ce nouvel album, on retrouve deux invités Ben l’Oncle Soul et FP de ASM – A State of Mind.
Réputé pour ses compositions riches et innovantes, Big Funk Brass électrise les foules à travers la France depuis 2010. Le projet est habité par des influences hip-hop et New Orleans, avec le Jazz comme point de départ. Emprunt d’évolutions, l’objectif de Big Funk Brass est de ne jamais se reposer sur ses acquis et de surprendre son public par des improvisations effrénées. Pari réussi avec le nouvel album bien nommé Higher dont on découvre en premier extrait Rock The Stage. Réalisé par Thomas Baronnet, le clip de Rock The Stage rend hommage au cinéma de Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs) et de David Fincher (Fight Club) avant de nous entrainer dans ses rythmes pimentés.
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Vibes Alive(USA)-Vibrasonic
Album: Vibrasonic
Label: Swingding Records

On their third album, the duo behind Vibes Alive, vibraphonist Dirk Richter and guitarist Randall Crissman, invoke a sonic storm of contemporary jazz\ alchemy with hints of funk, soul and intrigue that drive their fresh and energetic tracks. Featuring GRAMMY Award winning keyboardist Jeff Lorber, master drummer Vinnie Colaiuta & bassist Jimmy Johnson, “Vibrasonic” is a superbly-crafted record, beautifully shaped by Dirk and Randall s uniquely layered compositions & visionary blend of vibes and guitar.
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Marie Mifsud(France)-Doute
Album: Récif

Révélée par l’album Là et une vaste tournée qui a suivi, Marie Mifsud est de retour le 27 mars avec Récif, nouveau chapitre explosif de la chanteuse hors norme. Récif, c’est la vie dans tous ses éclats. Ça pétille, ça enthousiasme, ça décape, ça envoie un bol d’air d’émotions et ça squatte même en français, sans se planquer.
Avec sa présence inouïe et sa façon d’habiter les chansons comme personne, Marie Mifsud ne cesse de nous surprendre. Timbres et couleurs s’entremêlent, scat, pop, rock, élans lyriques et intimes le tout au service de l’instant avec le public.
Inspirée par des artistes aussi divers que Camille, Björk, Leïla Martial, Carmen McRae, Nina Simone, Sanseverino, Catherine Ringer, Serge Gainsbourg, Nina Hagen, Lhasa, Beth Gibbons et bien d’autres, Marie Mifsud laisse s’entrechoquer les styles tout au long de ce disque inspiré en diable.
Enregistré par Philippe Gaillot en mars 2019, l’album a été créé à quatre mains avec Adrien Leconte, l’alter ego de Marie Mifsud.
Sur Récif, on retrouve l’équipe de choc du précédent album : Marie Mifsud au chant, Adrien Leconte à la batterie, Tom Georgel au piano et clavier, Quentin Coppalle à la flûte, Victor Aubert à la basse, et sur deux titres, un invité de choix, Pierrick Pédron au saxophone.

Revealed by the album Là and the major tour that followed, Marie Mifsud is back on March 27th with Récif, an explosive new chapter in the singer’s career. Récif is life in all its glory. It sparkles, it excites, it scrapes, it sends a breath of fresh air of emotion and it even squats in French, without hiding.
With her incredible presence and her way of singing like no one else, Marie Mifsud never ceases to surprise us. Timbres and colours merge, scat, pop, rock, lyrical and intimate impulses, anything to dazzle the public. Inspired by artists as diverse as Camille, Björk, Leïla Martial, Carmen McRae, Nina Simone, Sanseverino, Catherine Ringer, Serge Gainsbourg, Nina Hagen, Lhasa, Beth Gibbons and many others, Marie Mifsud lets styles clash throughout this devil-inspired record.

Recorded by Philippe Gaillot in March 2019, the album was created with four hands with Adrien Leconte, Marie Mifsud’s alter ego.
On Récif, we find the shock team from the previous album: Marie Mifsud on vocals, Adrien Leconte on drums, Tom Georgel on piano and keyboard, Quentin Coppalle on flute, Victor Aubert on bass, and on two tracks, a special guest, Pierrick Pédron on saxophone.
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The HeadShakers(France) – I want you back feat Dréo
Album: The HeadShakers feat FRED WESLEY, RUSSELL GUNN, DREO

The HeadShakers est une énorme machine à groove et aux riffs électrisés qui n’a qu’une finalité : vous secouer de la tête aux pieds ! Les origines du nom de la formation proviennent du célèbre groupe Jazz-Funk : The Headhunters, figure tutélaire qui inspire les huit musiciens lillois depuis déjà près de douze ans.
Les couleurs musicales de la formation vont de Herbie Hancock à James Brown, de Maceo Parker à Sly Stone en passant par l’univers rock de Franck Zappa. On retrouve dans The HeadShakers, un guitariste hendrixien, un percussionniste latin, un clavier électro, trois soufflants Jazz et un duo basse-batterie « Heavy Funk ». Basant son travail sur la composition, le groupe mène depuis sa création une carrière en constante accélération qui s’appuie sur la scène.
Après un premier album éponyme sorti en 2015, le groupe est de retour avec son second disque sur lequel on retrouve trois invités de choix : Fred Wesley, Russell Gunn, et la chanteuse Dréo. Approuvée et validée par l’un des maîtres du genre, le tromboniste Fred Wesley lui-même, la musique de ces huit dealers de groove se nourrit aussi de Frank Zappa, dont ils se considèrent comme des disciples spirituels et soniques. Résultat, The HeadShakers envoie autant du riff de guitare à la Rage Against The Machine que des flambées de cuivres à la Trombone Shorty. Préparez-vous, ça va décoiffer !
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Cody Carpenter - Control

Cody Carpenter(USA)-The Thief
Album: Control
Label: Blue Canoe Records

Keyboard wizard, multi-instrumentalist and composer​ Cody Carpenter delivers a stunning progressive album titled, “Control”. This amazing instrumental prog-rock, jazz-rock-fusion effort is the follow-up to his two outstanding releases on Blue Canoe, “Force Of Nature” (2019) and “Interdependence” (2018). FEATURING: Keys/Guitar/Bass/Composer: Cody Carpenter , Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Junior Braguinha, Drums: Scott Seiver, Virgil Donati, Jimmy Branly
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Toku In Paris

Toku(Japan) – Love is calling You
Album: Toku in Paris
Label: Jazz Eleven

Musicien emblématique de la scène jazz japonaise, Toku enregistre pour la première fois un album en Europe qui s’appelle Toku In Paris et qui sort le 24 janvier en partenariat entre Sony Japan et le label Jazz Eleven.

Chanteur-trompettiste emblématique de la scène japonaise avec déjà douze albums à son actif chez Sony Japan, Toku a collaboré avec les plus grands noms du jazz sur deux continents (Kenny Barron, Ron Carter, Chris Cheek, Lew Soloff, Philip Catherine) et de la pop (Cindy Lauper)…

Avec Toku In Paris, Toku présente son nouveau projet, un quintet européen « all stars », autour d’un répertoire original avec des musiciens de haut vol pour l’entourer : Pierrick Pedron au saxophone, Giovanni Mirabassi au piano, Laurent Vernerey et André Ceccarelli à la batterie, Thomas Bramerie et Laurent Vernerey à la contrebasse, avec en invitée spéciale, la chanteuse Sarah Lancman. Toku in Paris a été enregistré durant l’été 2019.

An emblematic musician on the Japanese jazz scene, Toku recorded an album for the first time in Europe called Toku In Paris, released on January 24th in partnership between Sony Japan and the Jazz Eleven label.

An emblematic singer-trumpet player on the Japanese scene with twelve albums to his credit with Sony Japan, Toku has collaborated with the biggest names in jazz on two continents (Kenny Barron, Ron Carter, Chris Cheek, Lew Soloff, Philip Catherine) and pop (Cindy Lauper).

With Toku In Paris, Toku presents his new project, a European “all-star” quintet, around an original repertoire with high-flying musicians to surround it : Pierrick Pedron on saxophone, Giovanni Mirabassi on piano, Laurent Vernerey and André Ceccarelli on drums, Thomas Bramerie and Laurent Vernerey on double bass, with special guest singer Sarah Lancman. Toku in Paris was recorded during the summer
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Hot Club of Los Angeles-CINEMA-SWING

Hot Club of Los Angeles(USA)-Cinema Swing
Album: Cinema Swing
Label: Self-Produced

Carl Byron composed the album’s title track as an homage to Django’s most famous piece, Minor Swing. The title itself refers both to the Cinema Bar, where Hot Club of Los Angeles has held a Monday night residency since 2011, and Songs From The Cinema, the film music-themed all star 2017 and 2018 Artists
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Ozma(France)-Die Gilde
Album Hyperlapse
Label: Cristal Records

Après trois années de tournée en Europe, Afrique, Asie et Amérique du Sud, le quintet de jazz explosif Ozma est de retour avec son septième album Hyperlapse annoncé pour le 7 février 2020 chez Cristal Records. Hyperlapse peut être vu comme un carnet de route envoutant et jubilatoire dédié à dix villes traversées par le groupe lors d’une incroyable tournée 2018.

After three years of touring Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, the explosive jazz quintet Ozma is back with their seventh album Hyperlapse announced for February 7, 2020 on Cristal Records. Hyperlapse can be seen as an captivating and jubilant road book dedicated to ten cities the band has visited during an incredible 2018 tour. Read more
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World Access by Nastazio Gkoumas

Nastazio Gkoumas(Cyprus)-La Palma
Composer:Nastazio Gkoumas / Album: World Access/Label: World Access

Grooving jazz with funk bringing a new level of expression to the jazz music. Musicians: Tasos Gkoumas: guitar, Ercument Leblebisatan: piano keys, Rafael Kyriakides: drums, Vassilis Ptasodas: bass
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Gordon Grdina's Nomad Trio- Nomad

Gordon Grdina’s Nomad Trio(Canada) -Nomad
Composer: Gordon Grdina / Album: Nomad / Label: Skirl Records

A musician’s life is an inherently nomadic one, which can make things difficult when trying to get three of modern jazz’s most in-demand artists into one room at the same time. Vancouver-based Grdina had wanted to bring together pianist Matt Mitchell and drummer Jim Black for several years before their busy schedules allowed them to finally join forces. The results turned out to be well worth the wait, as “Nomad” is thrilling high-wire act of complex interplay and sparks-flying electricity.

The name of the trio reflects not just the members’ travel-heavy lifestyles, but in the case of Grdina, Mitchell and Black it also points to the wandering tastes and wide-ranging inspirations of all three musicians. Grdina’s music explores uncommon convergences between adventurous jazz and improvisation, indie rock and classical Arabic music. His diverse projects bridge the divides between contemporary chamber music and avant-garde experimentation, combining unique artists and instrumentations to craft singular sonic landscapes in projects like Square Peg (with Mat Maneri, Christian Lillinger and Shahzad Ismaily), The Marrow (with Mark Helias, Hank Roberts and Hamin Honari) and his Quartet with Oscar Noriega, Russ Lossing, and Satoshi Takeishi.
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Robin McKelle - Alterations

Robin McKelle(USA)
Album: Alterations
Label: Doxie Records
Disponible le 14/02/20 chez Loop Productions

The official album “Alterations” will drop February 14th.
Robin McKelle will dive into the catalog of some of the most celebrated women of song, interpreting these masterworks through the lens of the jazz idiom.

En concert le 16 et 17 mars 2020 au New Morning
Toujours aussi inspirée, la chanteuse Robin McKelle est de retour le 14/02 avec l’album Alterations sur lequel elle rend hommage aux grandes musiciennes de l’histoire et reprend des artistes comme Lana Del Rey, Sade, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, ou Dolly Parton.

Après plusieurs albums teintés de soul et de blues, Robin McKelle avait choisi, en 2018 avec Melodic Canvas, de revenir à une esthétique plus acoustique et plutôt minimaliste, accompagnée le plus souvent d’un trio piano, basse, batterie. Son nouvel opus Alterations est un recueil de “cover songs” toutes écrites par des femmes “songwriters” ayant marqué l’histoire de la musique populaire.

En choisissant ce contexte inhabituel, Robin McKelle se retrouve à donner une nouvelle vie à ces reprises en leur apportant une ambiance jazz, feutrée, intime et délicate.

Saluée pour sa voix de contralto puissante et expressive et ses qualités de performer, notamment dans le rhythm’n’blues où ressortaient ses influences soul (Nina Simone, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin…) Nous la (re) découvrons ici dans un registre plus personnel, sensible et nuancé, mais toujours aussi soulful.

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Giuseppe Paradiso-Metropolitan Sketches

Giuseppe Paradiso(USA/Italy)-Nomvula (Mother of Rain)
Composer: Giuseppe Paradiso
Album: Metropolitan Sketches
Meridian 71 combines jazz with Mediterranean and West African influences to conjure cinematic soundscapes of a multicultural home on Metropolitan Sketches (Read more)
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Tony Adamo(USA)-Did Mark Murphy Believe In UFOS?
Composer: Tony Adamo
Album: WAY Out Way Out
Vocal/spoken word lyricist, music composer and Ropeadope recording artist Tony Adamo has written and recorded songs on some of the greats of jazz to include: Mark Murphy (Did Mark Murphy Believe In UFOS), Joe Henderson (Sonic Henderson), Eddie Gale (Gale Blowin’ High), Sun Ra (Sun Rah Goes To
Mars), Eddie Harris (Listen Here Listen Up), Mike Clark (Other Side Of Time), and Art Blakey (Messengers Burnin). On the blues and funk side, there is B.B. King (B.B. King Blues) and James Brown (JB). This prolific lyricist and songwriter has recorded with some of the music elite in the past 20 years: Tower Of Power Horns, Doc Kupka, Mic Gillette, Tom E. Politzer, Skip Mesquite, Mark Murphy, Blackbyrd McKnight, Paul Van Wageningen, Roger Smith, Mike Clark, Michael Wolff, Steve Gadd, Mike LeDonne, Jack Wilkins, Lenny White, Bill Summers, Delbert Bump, Richie Goods, Tim Ouimette, Donald Harrison, Rob Dixon, James Gadson, Reggie McBride, Jerry Stucker, Eddie Henderson, Ernie Watts, Rodney Franklin, Paul Jackson, Jerry Zaslavsky, Neil Larsen, Melecio Magdaluyo, and Wayne DeLaCruz. Adamo, a self-taught graphic artist had created cover art for other music artists, as well as his own first Ropeadope Records release cover for WAS OUT JAZZ ZONE MAD and his upcoming Ropeadope single release DID MARK MURPHY BELIEVE IN UFOS.
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