Track submission for The JWQ Showcase

Did you release a Jazz Album between 2015-2024?

“The JazzWorldQuest Showcases  features streaming of tracks from albums released between 2015- 2024 by jazz musicians and labels.
This service is free and only for promotional purposes.

If you are an unsigned or independently signed artist or label who released an album between 2015- 2024 you’d like to send a track for inclusion in “The JazzWorldQuest Showcase ” please fill up the form below. 

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Submission Form for Labels and Musicians

Please Read before uploading!
– The mp3 track must be at 320 kbps, full length

– The filename must be: “musician”-“title of the track”. All received mp3 files without proper filename will be deleted.
– All received mp3 files without the filled form below will be deleted.
– JWQ reserves the right to refuse material not related to jazz music
– The musician/label can notify JWQ at anytime to remove the track from the “Showcase 2024” Section
– The submitter declares that they own the full broadcasting and distribution rights of the submitted song. Covers are not accepted.
– The “Showcase streaming compilation is intended for promotional purpose only. JazzWorldQuest does not charge users to access the streaming.
– JazzWorldQuest does not sale or lend the submitted track

1. Press the button below to upload your track and wait until the upload is done or you can also email the track to

    2. Fill up the form below then press SUBMIT. Do not submit the form if the uploading has not finished.