Juan-Carlos HernandezJuan-Carlos Hernandez

Juan-Carlos Hernandez’s photography reveals a personal poetic filter clearly perceptible when we look at his impressive portfolio built during years of globe-trotting around the world. He is not looking at the jazz stage but he is on the stage, impressed by what he hears and sees with an eye for irrepetible moments, grasping the energy of the happening and the human expression. Light and shadow flow around the figures, describing space and revealing form. We see these famous musicians living the moment, concentrated or joyful, often surrounded by an aura of mystery. He accents details emphasizing the uniqueness and the individuality, penetrating the outward appearance of his subjects shown in their moment of grace. Jazz can be visually expressed in various forms that Juan-Carlos Hernandez explores from his personal angle we feel it’s not distant, but close to the spirit of the musicians and music. Paraphrasing what the great sculptor Constantin Brancusi once said, Juan-Carlos Hernandez captures “the flash of their spirit” and here lies the beauty of his art. Website
06.05.2006 Sonny Rollins, Geneva




Santa Istvan Csaba Jazz photographer