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Ravish Momin
Percussionist and composer

Band leader, composer and percussionist Ravish Momin is a very special musical personality. While standing firmly into his profound native culture he is continously looking to innovate with various forms of music, rhytmic treatments and techniques. Last year his talented Trio recorded “Five Nights”, a collection of 5 “tales” or musical explorations. Whether one calls this music fusion or world fusion, the result is quite impressive.

The Brown Indian Band

The Brown Indian Band has been formed by bassplayer Colin D’Cruz and features accomplished Indian classical musicians in concert with jazz musicians.The Brown Indian Band uses the best of both forms of improvisation to create a very funky sound of world music.


Simak Dialog

From Simak Dialog comes Patahan, released by Moon June Records in 2007 reflects the meeting of jazz, progressive and Indonesian music worlds at a natural, organic level. There is a subtle, sophisticated energy radiating from their music, a succession of soundscapes deeply impregnated with a spiritual fresh power. Among the highpoints the melodic, spontaneous dialogues between piano and Riza Arshad’s “methenyan” guitar on”One has to be”, or the magical percussion beats mixed with hypnotic vocals on “Spur Of The Moment”. Intriguing the breathless tensionated atmosphere(Kemarau), or “Worthseeing” a complex group interaction build around a syncopated theme, and finally “Kain Sigli” a haunting totemic electro-acoustic atmosphere crossed by poignant esoteric vocals. A not conventional album generous in colors and surprises from a band we will surely hear more in the future.


“Le rêve d’Anahita” from Anahita by Ariana Vafadari. Released: 2020.

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Eyal Maoz