Bill McBirnie
FluteThe enchanted jazz flute! An accomplished musician known for his superior technique on the entire family of flutes, from bass flute to piccolo. Beyond his remarkable technique lies the subtle intensity of his playing with a touch of magical.
Aldo Mazza
Drums, Educator
Aldo Mazza is a brilliant composer and performer as well. Music can be a job, a passion or become synonymous with life. This latter case applies to Aldo whose life is dedicated to more than playing. On the stage, or behind it, or teaching and networking with musicians worldwide, he is always planning, thinking to new projects, discovering new talents and paths in music with the same always young fresh curiosity. His projects, local or international became landmarks. The famous international drumming workshops organized by him in Canada, Cuba and USA under the brand name of KOSA are already known by thousands of musicians all over the world.
Daniela Nardi
Singer, Composer
Daniela Nardi’s poetry places her next to Joni Mitchell or Leonard Cohen, just to name a few other famous Canadian musicians. From jazz, pop, and folk she extracts just those colorful elements that allows her to create a personal, intimate, warm sound. Listening to her music one will realize that this is not “just” entertainment, there’s a message within. Her voice transfers emotions and sincerity without loud “stunning” effects yet powerful enough to make a statement. Imagine a friend sitting next to you, singing a story about life, love and experiences in the most natural way.
George Koufogiannakis
Guitar, Composer
Besides the fact that George Koufogiannakis is an innovative spirit, he is also an excellent composer and arranger. The name of the CD “Explorations in Improvised Music” captures the essence of this adventurous yet well structured performance combining the sparkling creativity of a group of fine Canadian and British musicians. The album abounds in layered free-form bold constructions and dialogues between guitar, flugelhorn or trumpet(Richard Skilbeck), intriguing group improvisations colored by turntables and vocals(Tino Koufogiannakis). An album full of energy to the delight of modern jazz lovers.
Blending electronic and acoustic instruments this unique trio released “Doama”, a thoroughly crafted recording full of original exotic sonorities. Using congas, djembe, darbouka, didgeridoo, tablas and other percussive instruments they create a magical organic rhytms, natural sounds and surprising enigmatic melodies. A wonderful exploration of the world’s musical horizons of great originality.
Vanessa Rodrigues
Organ, ComposerJazz funk with substance and feel delivered by a young gifted Canadian talent. Her first CD is a delightful collection of jazzy funk oriented tunes performed with emotion and energy. The close communication between the three players of her “Soul Project” is excellent and the music swings.
Matthias Lupri
VibraphoneA versatile composer and musician who is not afraid to experiment and explore fresh new paths in modern jazz. Fluid, etheral textures combined with unexpected rhytms and sonorities. Colorful, impressionistic journey through a complex land of sonorities.
Geoff Lapp
Pianist, ComposerGeoff Lapp is one of the finest exponents of today’s Canadian jazz and “Stained Glass” released in 2006 comes to prove it once again. A beautiful well balanced recording where beyond the impressive technical abilities of the players lies the flowing warm emotion and joy they share with the listener. You’ll hear Geoff Lapp’s five original colorful compositions along with other five standards wonderful stylized and crafted.  



Formed by four experimented musicians with solid connections to classical, folk and world music, Çavana is an unique musical concept. On their CD “Perspectivas y Relieves” – a gallery of colorful miniatures – they blend with classical finesse, Venezuelean themes, chamber music and jazz. The sound is gentle, sophisticated, yet full of life and clear. There is virtuosity here but without overpowering the poetry and freshness of compositions. At the heart of the arrangements are the folk elements, tastefully integrated in a tapestry of classical and modern sonorities that gives a timeless dimension to the overall musical signature.

Tasa is an open door to the beauty of instrumental and vocal Indian music impregnated with various influences from jazz to other sonorities of the world. Their albums will take you in a realm of seductive melodies and improvisations that transcend the geography. The secret of this unique ensemble lies not just in the world class of the musicians but also in the impressive fluid interaction between them.