Showcase 2016


JazzWorldQuest has launched the 2016 edition of its annual Showcase which this year includes musicians from US, Romania, Poland, Greece, India and UK. Their unique creative dimension and personal sound can not be fully revealed listening to just one song, what the Showcase is all about is rather stir curiosity and invite you to discover their work.

Listening to these fine musicians it’s hard not to notice how they all share a common passion for the multiple sides and paths of jazz they approach with dedication  regardless of nationality, instrument played or age.

The JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2016 features: Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT, Rafael Garcés, Joseph Patrick Moore, Florin Raducanu, David Ellington, Robin Menuett Trio, Colin D’Cruz, Bob Thompson Band, Russ Hewitt, Bill Mentz, Kenn Smith, Ted Borodofsky and Southern Jazz, Kajetan Borowski Trio, Phos Duo, Gino Foti, Bill Hart. Mimika Orchestra, Eyeing the Sky.

New additions:

JWQ Showcase 2016
Eyeing the Sky-On a Whim
Eyeing the Sky-Polaris
Album:  Spectral Galaxies
Composer: Eric McGrath & Ken Pepe

Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT
Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT-Harold Brown
Album:  Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT

Jeff Novotny
Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT-A Caribbean Odyssey
Album:  Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT

Rafael Garcés- Song Guarapo
Album:  Next Station