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Jazz albums released in 2024
JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024 features streaming of tracks from albums released in 2024 by jazz musicians around the world. Listen to our streaming program and if you like what you hear appreciate their music by attending concerts, buying CDs or follow their social media accounts.

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Amorosa(Belgium)-Petit Soleil
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Waves Colectivo--Darwin's Approval

Waves Colectivo(USA)-Darwin’s Approval
Composer: Ben Maloney
Album: Darwin’s Approval (Cayenne Blend Productions)
“Darwin’s Approval” celebrates three years of Waves Colectivo performing as the weekly house band for the Wednesday night Latin jazz jam at Brothers Drake Meadery. During these jam sessions, we played with everyone from aspiring student musicians to professional musicians sitting in while on tour. To close out each night, we wrote this song as a way to feature the house band on intricate unison lines as well as an open solo section that anyone, regardless of skill level, could improvise over.