Showcase 2023

Jazz albums released in 2023
JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2023 features streaming of tracks from albums released in 2023 by jazz musicians around the world. Listen to our streaming program and if you like what you hear appreciate their music by attending concerts, buying CDs or follow their social media accounts.

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Igor Willcox Quartet - Live at Bansko Jazz Festival 2022 - Bulgaria

Igor Willcox Quartet (Brazil) – U.F.O.
Album: Live at Bansko Jazz Festival 2022 (Bulgaria)
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Ilya Dynov-Bridges

Ilya Dynov (USA) – Constellation
Composer: Ilya Dynov
Album: Bridges
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Manuel Muzzu-From T(h)ree to Four

Manuel Muzzu (Italy)- Last one / Salsamba
Album: From T(h)ree to Four
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Nastazio Gkoumas-d Y s t o P i a

Nastazio Gkoumas(Greece)-Inception
Composer: Nastazio Gkoumas
Album: d Y s t o P i a
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David Margam-Immune

David Margam feat. Carlos Camilo(Spain) -Immune
Album: Immune
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The Steve Fidyk Live Wire Broad Band-Red Beats

The Steve Fidyk Live Wire Broad Band (USA)- Churn
Composer: Steve Fidyk
Album: Red Beats (Blue Canteen Music)
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Jean-Michel Pilc(France)-Symphony
Justin Time Records
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Florin Raducanu (Romania)- Fugue Fantasia for Piano
Composer: Florin Raducanu
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