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Soul, Afrofuturism & the Timeliness of Contemporary Jazz Fusions
Gabriel Solis
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Historical Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Faculty Member

Jazz in Britain: interviews with modern and contemporary jazz musicians, composers and improvisers
George McKay

John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme as Prayed Glossolalia: A Suggestion
Jonathan Rowlands
University of Nottingham, Theology and Religious Studies, Graduate Student

Knowing as Instancing: Jazz Improvisation and Moral Perfectionism
William Day

 Double Bass and Electric Bass: The Case Study of John Patitucci
Massimo Cavalli
Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa, Jazz and Modern Music, Faculty Member
The evolution of creativity and the creativity of evolution
Alfonso Montuori
California Institute of Integral Studies, Transformative Inquiry, Faculty Member

Improvisation: the emancipation of an ancient musical skill
Hans Fidom
VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Arts, Faculty Member

The Ends of Improvisation
William Day     
Le Moyne College, Philosophy, Faculty Member

ABSTRACT:This essay attempts to address the question, “What makes an improvised jazz solo a maturation of the possibilities of this artform?” It begins by considering the significance of one distinguishable feature of an improvised jazz solo – how it ends – in light of Joseph Kerman’s seemingly parallel consideration of the historical development of how classical concertos end.

Knowing as Instancing: Jazz Improvisation and Moral Perfectionism
William Day
Le Moyne College, Philosophy, Faculty Member

Coalescing Learning around a Coltrane Classic
Shersten Johnson  
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, Music, Faculty Member

The Metaphysics of Music Illumines A Love Supreme
Jon Avery
Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Emeritus
This is the lecture portion of a multi-media presentation on the use of Schopenhauer’s philosophy of music to understand A Love Supreme.
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Was Bo Diddley a Buddha? – The New York Times.pdf
Stephen Asma
Columbia College Chicago, Philosophy, Faculty Member

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The End of Art and Jazz (from Philosophyofjazz.net)
Paulina Tendera

Jagiellonian University, Philosophy, Adjunct

Eugene W Holland
Ohio State University, Comparative Studies, Faculty Member

The Transatlantic Blues: Django Reinhardt in France and the United States, 1920-1950
Melvin Backstrom  
McGill University, Music Research, Musicology Area, Graduate Student

CONTINENTAL DRIFT: 50 years of jazz from Europe
Zack Moir
Edinburgh Napier University, Popular Music, Faculty Member

CONTINENTAL DRIFT: 50 years of jazz from Europe – Conference Proceedings
Haftor Medboe
Edinburgh Napier University, Music, Faculty Member

Ziga Vodovnik  
University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Social Sciences, Political Science, Faculty Member

The Early Performance of Jazz Music in Turkey
Yaprak Melike Uyar

Storytelling in Jazz Work as Retrospective Collaboration
Fumi Okiji
Northwestern University, Performance Studies, Post-Doc

Sound of the Break: Jazz and the Failures of Emancipation
Bridget R. Cooks, Graham Eng-Wilmot

 The impact of (jazz) festivals: An Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded research report
Emma Webster
University of East Anglia
George McKay
University of East Anglia

Birth and Evolution of Jazz as Effects of Cultural Transfers
Stefano Zenni

“Do not fear mistakes – there are none”: The Mistake as Surprising Experience of Creativity in Jazz
Alessandro Bertinetto
Università degli Studi di Udine / University of Udine, Department of Humanities and the Cultural Heritage – DIUM, Faculty Member

Improvisation and Jazz: Implications for International Practice-1995-International Journal of Music Education
David Elliott
New York University, Music and Performing Arts, Faculty Member

(Front Matter of DMA Dissertation) Developing Collective Musical Personae: A Toronto-Based Study of the Performance Practices of Stable Jazz Groups
Ian Sinclair
University of Toronto, Music, Graduate Student

Artistry in Jazz Education
An essay on Jazz Education and Stan Kenton’s involvement. From the Tantara CD, “Horns of Plenty, Volume 3”
Terry Vosbein
Washington and Lee University, Music, Faculty Member

“Birds of Ire? Structure, Texture, and Influence in the Music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra” (conference paper, 2001)
John Covach
University of Rochester, Institute for Popular Music, Faculty Member
This paper examines parallels between jazz-rock fusion of the late 1960s/early 1970s and well-established jazz practices in the 1950s and 60s, focusing especially on the music of John Coltrane and John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra.


Jazz History Books & Articles

new-iconMartin Guerpin
Université Paris Saclay, Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société (SHS), Faculty Member
Jazz and Postwar French Identity: Improvising the Nation. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016. 290 pp.
Elisabeth Vihlen McGregor,

Soul Jazz
Bob Porter

The Jazz Edge Orchestra…A Quarter Century of St. Louis Big Band Jazz, 1990-2015

new-iconFlorin Raducanu-“Study about History of the Art of Improvisation” published in 4-th Interdisciplinary and Virtual Conference on Arts in Education – CIVAE 2022 Magazine.”
Download PDF

The History of Jazz
Ted Gioia

Jazz: America’s Gift: From Its Birth to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue & Beyond
Richie Gerber (Author), Miguel Covarrubias (Illustrator)

Jazz Age Culture
The Flapper Era & Harlem Renaissance

Billie Holiday
Timeline and Bio

Charlie Parker
Timeline and Bio

Tropical Riffs: Latin America and the Politics of Jazz
by Jason Borge


Jazz Instruction Books

Speaking of Jazz: Essays and Attitudes
Ed Byrne, DMA

Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer
Dr. Bill Bruford PhD

Fresh Music
Jon Damian

Vocal River The Skill and Spirit of Improvisation by RHIANNON


Sheet Music

new-icon Florin Raducanu- Jazz Variation / Paraphrase on the Sonata in F minor K 466 by Domenico Scarlatti (2021)
7 pages / PDF format
Price: $12 USD


Online courses / Instructional Videos

Original scores, arrangements for school ensembles, lessons and much more.

Walt Weiskopf (Understanding Chords & Scales)

Aldo Mazza (drumset)
Lessons available in person or long distance via video conference (Skype)


Career Advice

How To Book Your Own Jazz Gigs
Matt Fripp / JazzFuel.com



new-iconOn Narrativity and Narrative Flavor in Jazz Improvisation
Tyler Friedman
Marquette University, Philosophy, Graduate Student

The Improviser and the Improvised: The relationship between neural and musical structures, and the role of improvisation
Tyreek Jackson
Columbia University, Neuroscience, Post-Doc


Transcription of Oscar Peterson’s When Summer Comes
Bernard O’Kane

American University in Cairo, Arab and Islamic Civilizations, Faculty Member

This is from the album The Very Tall Band: Live At The Blue Note, a recording from 1998. Oscar Peterson also composed this ballad which, unlike the daunting virtuosity required by most of his playing, is merely of moderate difficulty. The music with the transcription can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdbPOIOKPPE&frags=pl%2Cwn



Schopenhauer’s Metaphysics of Music Illumines A Love Supreme
Jon Avery
Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Emeritus
This is the lecture portion of a multi-media presentation on the use of Schopenhauer’s philosophy of music to understand A Love Supreme.

The Letters of John McKee and Mike Metheny

Experiencing Jazz: A Listener’s Companion
by Michael Stephans

It’s Gotta Swing The John Von Ohlen Story
by Jim Nunn

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Florin Raducanu
Jazz Fuga Blues pentru pian. Ghid practic de improvizatie pe forma de blues major (Grafoart 2016)