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Jazz Albums released in 2021
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Fabrizio Savino Trio – The Rising Sun

Fabrizio Savino Trio(Italy) – Rebirth
Composer: Fabrizio Savino
Album: The Rising Sun
From Saturday July 10th 2021, “The rising sun”, the new and fourth album by modern jazz guitarist Fabrizio Savino, is available on all streaming and download platforms including Apple Music. (Read more)
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Jimmy Layton - Thief in the Night

Jimmy Layton and his International “Not Your Daddy’s Jazz” Band(USA) – Only A Fool (feat. Lena Rose)
Album: Thief In The Night
Label: Jazzapple Records
A vocal piece in the vein of Basia

Jimmy Layton and his International “Not Your Daddy’s Jazz” Band(USA) – The Man From Nowhere
Album: Thief In The Night
Label: Jazzapple Records
So, what is ”Not Your Daddy’s Jazz”? Using, as it’s guideline, the principle of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do ~ it takes what is useful, and discards what is not. With neither prejudice towards traditional jazz, nor discrimination against other music styles, it freely integrates elements of jazz, Latin, funk, rock and classical. It’s only goal is musicality. It is a form that has no form. “There are only two kinds of music. Good music and the other kind.” ~ Duke Ellington
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Big Space-In Relation To

Big Space(Canada)-Triptrap
Composer: Grant King, Ian Murphy, Ashley Chalmers
Album:  In Relation To
Big Space is an instrumental jazz-rock trio Newfoundland & Labrador featuring Grant King (guitar), Ian Murphy (bass) and Ashley Chalmers (drums). The band’s music blends jazz and improvisation with genres like post-rock, math rock and progressive rock. “Triptrap” is the first single from their upcoming album “In Relation To”, which releases October 22, 2021. The song is a good representation of the trio’s style, ranging from contemporary jazz fusion to instrumental rock and atmospheric soundscapes, with plenty of improvisation.
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Cara Ronzetti-In Love Again

Cara Ronzetti(USA)-In Love Again
Composer: Tucker Ronzetti
Album: In Love Again
Swing romantic song featuring Cara Ronzetti on vocals

Family Plan

Family Plan(Canada/Chile)-Who’s Your Copilot
Composer:  Simón Willson (Willson Music / ASCAP)
Album: Family Plan
Label: Endectomorph Music
Out September 24, 2021 on Endectomorph Music, Family Plan recasts the classic jazz piano trio with intricate counterpoint, 21st-century beats, and electronic production.
CD Release Concert:
Thursday, September 30, 2021
6:30 – 9 PM, free admission / open to public
Green Oasis Garden
376 E 8th St, New York, NY 10009
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The JVM Collective- Into The Night

The JVM Collective(USA)-Into The Night
Album: Frontiers
Label: Blue Canoe Records
The JVM Collective consists of guitarist/producer Denny Jiosa, bassist Roy Vogt, and drummer Tom Moller. This Nashville Jazz trio delivers a creative and powerful album of beautiful original compositions, deep grooves, and inspiring improvisations titled, “Frontiers”. Fans of instrumental, eclectic music will surely love The JVM Collective and their 8 song album titled, “Frontiers”.
Blue Canoe Records

Camille V Harris-The Nearness of You

Camille Harris and David Linard(USA)- The Nearness of You
Composer: Hoagy Carmichael
Album:  The Nearness of You

Kevin Sun

Kevin Sun(USA)- Greenlit
Composer: Kevin Sun
Album: <3 Bird
Label: Endectomorph Music
Out August 29, 2021 on the 101st anniversary of Charlie Parker’s birth, <3 Bird celebrates the legendary saxophonist with radically inventive compositions inspired by his music
“…Sun swings for the fences with his sense of form and scale.” – Nate Chinen, WBGO (Read more)

Nastazio Gkoumas Trio-Escape200

Nastazio Gkoumas Trio(Greece)-Chicken Bucket
Composer: Nastazio Gkoumas
Album: Escape
Nastazio Gkoumas : guitar
Demetris Papanikolaou :double bass
Rafael Kyriakides : drums
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Calabo-Mind Colors

Calabó(Puerto Rico)-Red Sky
Album: Mind Colors
Mind Colors is a collaboration between artists forging in this way a refreshing musical conversation with a new vision of the improvisational jazz genre. Featuring Artist: Jandro Rivas, Danel Díaz, Letzer Cartagena.
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camart jazz- Mars Bossa

Camart Jazz(France)-Mars Bossa
Album: Mars Bossa
Camille et Arthur LANARRE-Guitars
Certains morceaux reflètent la période West Coast (Progression ou Feeling Of Autumn), d’autres le style Bossa (Mars Bossa et Bossa Samba), le style Jazz-Blues (Sun Blues et June Blues) le style Jazz Moderne (By The Beginning) et le style Blues (Camart Blues).
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Florian Arbenz(Switzerland)-Rhenos
Album: Conversation #2 & #3
On Conversation #2 & #3 Swiss drummer Florian Arbenz brings on board vibraphonist Jim Hart and bassist Heiri Känzig, two prolific artists with a broad experience on the contemporary jazz scene. The synergy between musicians is clearly working either in a duo or trio format. Florian Arbenz, the project’s creator, known for experimenting with new sonic paths and techniques, continues to try out new creative interactions with his new collaborators in dialogue.
The result is a fascinating universe of rhythms in multiple forms with vibraphone and drums engaged in a mutual exchange of creativity, obvious on the ensemble of tracks. Appreciated is the sheer energy of “Evidence” or the sophisticated “Between Times”. With Heiri Känzig joining in, the conversation goes three ways, reaching an inventive fluidity weaved by all three voices blending naturally into a flow of spatial harmony crossed by intense yet subtle drumming.

Igor Willcox Quartet - U.F.O.

Igor Willcox Quartet(Brazil) – U.F.O.
Composer: Igor Willcox
A fresh release from the Brazilian power group Igor Willcox Quartet, displaying once more their creative power already proved to be solidly rooted in a fertile jazz fusion territory.
After a syncopated introduction weaved by intense drumming, organ and sax the song grows into a series of intricate free-flowing exchanges colored by inspired solos. The flawless interplay between saxophone and keys creates a mysterious sonic space rich in nuances fueled by the liveliness of drumming and pounding bass lines. Building around a melodically-adventurous concept that may suggest to some listeners moments of Billy Cobham’s Total Eclipse, the band balances with skillful tension and softer intermezzos that ultimately manage to keep the listener involved until the end. 
Wagner Barbosa – saxophone
Vini Morales – keys
Glecio Nascimento – electric bass
Igor Willcox – drums/composer/mixing/mastering

Ric DelNero-After All

Ric DelNero & Chris Cummings(USA)-Nero
Composer: Ric DelNero & Chris Cummings
Album: After All
Label: Orenled Music
After All is a collaboration between composer/guitarist Ric DelNero and drummer Chris Cummings. The music featured on this recording is an instrumental fusion of Jazz and Rock in a power trio setting.
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Composer: Yuto Mitomi
Album: Imaginably
Utopia: Yuto Mitomi (Tenor & Soprano Saxophone)/ Yuto Kanazawa (Brazilian 7 string guitar )
Imaginably is the 2nd album of Utopia, NY based duo project formed by Japanese musicians Yuto Mitomi (sax) and Yuto Kanazawa (guitar) who share the same first name. The first track Karatachi no Hana is written by Japanese composer Kosaku Yamada in 1925, Mitomi originally arranged this piece for his octet and later he started to play together with Kanazawa. Title track Imaginably is the original composition by Yuto Mitomi, other tracks are a collection of jazz standards and pop covers.(Continued)

Final Step-Disconnections

Final Step(Switzerland)-Disconnections
Album: Disconnections
From the multi-lingual border region of Ticino in Switzerland, guitarist Matteo Finali brings Final Step with their 5th album release, Disconnections. To be organised neatly on your shelf marked ‘jazz fusion’, the group display a shared passion for that post-Miles brand of electric jazz which unites rock, funk, blues and ethnic music. (More info)


Alchemy Sound Project(USA)-The Fountain
Album: Afrika Love
Afrika Love, the breathtaking third album by Alchemy Sound Project, traverses boundaries of genre and geography An ode to the grandeur of nature, reflections on relationships, and a pair of musical tributes comprise five eclectic, aurally compelling original works Released May 14, 2021 via Artists Recording Collective. Read more

Nastazio Gkoumas(Greece)- To All People I Love
Composer: Nastazio Gkoumas
Album: If You Know
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philippe brunel-Quelles nouvelles des étoiles

Philippe Brunel Acoustic Band(France)-Altair
Album: Quelles nouvelles des étoiles …?

Rouge-Derrière Les Paupières

Rouge(France)-Derrière Les Paupières
Disponible le 16/04/2021 chez Laborie Jazz

Joined by Sylvain Didou (double bass) and Boris Louvet (drums), pianist Madeleine Cazenave deploys her sound palette in an album of amazing beauty. One of the great successes of the trio is this unique way of weaving a melodic mesh to stretch bass lines in it and capture the percussive squeak. Based on Madeleine Cazenave’s compositions, the three alchemists of Rouge work together to perfect the collective vibration

Rouge, le nouveau projet de la pianiste Madeleine Cazenave, est à découvrir dès le 16 avril 2021 avec l’album Derrière Les Paupières qui sort sur le label Laborie Jazz. (Continued)
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Roberto Magris(Italy) & Eric Hochberg(USA)-Shuffling Ivories
Album: Shuffling Ivories
Label: JMood Records
A heartfelt, intimate tribute paid by two seasoned musicians, pianist Roberto Magris and bassist Eric Hochberg to African American jazz musicians and especially to Eubie Blake, a jazz pioneer whose contribution to the American jazz and culture is undeniable. Roberto Magris has never shied away from sharing his personal vision and talent as a composer and performer when paying homage to the past, and this album is no exception. The flawless interplay between the two musicians is a definite asset to this enchanting album, which creatively mixes tradition and contemporary without losing the original spirit of these timeless classics. Besides two compositions signed by Blake, the album includes pieces by Trudy Pitts, Andrew Hill, Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams, Billy Gault, Cal Massey and by Roberto Magris himself. His composition “Shuffling Ivories” sets the tone referencing Blake’s Broadway musical “Shuffle Along”. He also signs two other works that are wonderfully related to the theme. On “Italy,” he creates a melodic connection between European and American jazz, while “Clef Club Club,” an intense display of impressive virtuosity with a cinematic edge, is an eruption of impressive virtuosity. The elegant and romantic Andrew Hill’s La Verne, one of the album’s most stunning pieces, transforms into a ballad of unique beauty that defies classification; it’s pure music, and both musicians excel at performing it.
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Stefano Di Battista_Morricone Stories
Stefano Di Battista(Italy) – Morricone Stories
Stefano Di Battista revient sur le devant de la scène, avec cette fois-ci un projet dédié au compositeur émérite Ennio Morricone. L’ambition est donc de taille pour ce nouvel album Morricone Stories qui sort le 02 avril 2021 chez Warner Music. (continued)

Igor Willcox Quartet 2020

Igor Willcox Quartet feat Wagner Barbosa, Vini Morales, Glecio Nascimento(Brazil) – 2020
Fresh single from the explosive jazz-fusion Igor Willcox Quartet starting the new year with an effervescent composition fueled with impetuous drumming and imaginative interactions.
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Composer: António Silva

Sallaberry-Reflections-A Soundtrack From a Movie Never Made

Sallaberry & Friends(Brazil/USA)-Risca Faca/Latin Nights
Composer: Sallaberry/Marcos Romera-Sallaberry/ David Frederick
Album: Reflections. A Soundtrack From a Movie Never Made
Label: Sallaberry Music
Sallaberry plays drums, keyboards, percussion and voices.
Guest musicians:
Azeitona Trompete, Abraham Ferreira, Camilo Carrara, Cassio Poletto, Claudio Rocha, Corciolli, David Frederick, Fabio Valois, Flavio Medeiros, Fúlvio Oliveira, Jean Trompete, Jorge Pescara, Luciano Magno, Márcia Sallaberry, Marcos Romera, Marcus Cesar, Maurício Marques, Michel Freidenson, Ricardo Vignini, Samuel Pompeo, Victor Colmenero, Vlamir Abbud
Produced and mixed by Sallaberry. eMastering by Cassio Centurion.
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Russell Ferrante Trio - Inflexion

Russell Ferrante Trio(USA) – Inflexion D
Composer: Russell Ferrante
Album: Inflexion
Label: Blue Canoe Records
Russell Ferrante (YellowJackets founding and current member) releases a beautiful jazz trio album titled, “Inflexion”. Inflexion or inflection comes from the Latin root inflexionem meaning to bend in, to change direction. This music is indeed very personal and intimate and one could say it bends in. Featuring the beautiful interplay from Russell Ferrante, Michael Valerio (bass), and Steve Schaeffer (drums).
Album Promo Video | Blue Canoe Records

Kari Ikonen -Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions

Kari Ikonen(Finland)-Trance Oriental
Composer: Kari Ikonen
Album: Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions
Label: Ozella Music
Kari Ikonen recorded Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions on his historic Steinway in his living room in Helsinki, using fine microphones and audiophile equipment. The Mastering was done by our friends from Pauler Acoustics (Engineer: Hans-Jörg Maucksch) in Northeim/Germany. This music is nothing to listen to on the side, the album demands full concentration from the listener! But whoever brings it up will be very rewarded. The album title refers to the working method of Wassily Kandinsky, who is a great inspiration for Kari Ikonen. We were very lucky to be able to use a work by Kandinsky for our artwork. Doesn’t the album look great? Above all, the 180 gram vinyl pressing in gatefold cover is a haptic experience and an acoustic revelation. Read Review. Like all our releases, the album is also available on iTunes, Spotify and all other important digital platforms. We have distributors around the world for our physical releases, so please check out your local record store and say hello. Or say: “Kari Ikonen – Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions”
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Marc Hoffman(USA)-I Love the Way
Composer: Marc Hoffman
Album: Always Wanting
Label: Virillion Music, BMI
The timing is finally right for the release of Marc Hoffman’s, Always Waiting, an album of 10 new originals. “There was a lot of stop and start with this project, thanks to pauses for a couple of film projects and a deadline for a concert piece, but I’m delighted to be releasing the album at last,” Marc said. This is a personal record, with songs that cover the search for meaning in the universe, the affirmation of love, the regret of lost love, dreams of now and what comes next, and of love for the moon. With roots in jazz, classical and pop, there’s something for every listener on the album.
Featuring: Marc Hoffman – vocals/piano/percussion; Zack Page -bass, Justin Watt – drums, Chris Garges – drums/percussion .
Marc Hoffman