Interview with Leonardo Pavkovic the founder
of Moonjune Records
Moonjune Records is a one of a kind label created by Leonardo Pavkovic, a jazz-progressive-rock enthusiast with a great taste in contemporary music. Moonjune keeps a compelling balance between the music of the past, present and future, its founder talked to JazzWorldQuest about his amazing intellectual and creative journey

Alphabetization of the “Nu Jazz”
Interview with composer and pianist Roberto Magris
(Originally published in the Italian jazz e-zine Jazz Colours April 2007 edition)
“There are no great differences anymore between Europe and North America in music in my opinion, even if each artist has its own peculiarities coming from his race and culture, but it’s simply a matter of good or bad music, without geographical borders”

Interview with composer and percussionist
Ravish Momin
“I’m interested in taking something of the essence of a musical genre, and organically blending it with other ideas. This is such a personal experience, and depends on one’s rootedness in one specific music or not. “Amorphous” world music in the true sense, can only be created under conditions of total objectivity of all influences and having no pre-set musical agendas. ”

Interview with composer, arranger, producer and bass guitar player Franc O’Shea
“What will really endure for centuries is the timeless beauty that is being channelled through the artist and not how many dollars were poured into the marketing campaign.”