Hayley Lam

“Being Alive” is Hayley Lam‘s latest single featuring Marko Djordjevic (hailed as a world class drummer by Modern Drummer magazine) and Akos Forgacs on the bass. Her track is also produced by the world renowned Steve Hunt (keyboardist for Allan Holdsworth).

The single is a blend of jazz, fusion and progressive rock vibe, with heaving synths sounds. The track is a never ending discovery of musical ideas with complex harmonies, intricate melodies hovering over the harmonic structures. Her synth solo is well executed, providing a build up in intensity and excitement for the listeners. It is to no surprise that she make use of the change in meters to develop the element of surprise but yet at the same time the composition is so well-written that to an average listener, you couldn’t tell any odd meter change at all for it feels so natural.

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