Syreeta Thompson

Syreeta Thompson on Her No. 1 Year on the Jazz Charts: ‘It’s All Very Surreal To Me’

Syreeta Thompson

Syreeta Thompon is a trumpet player with a new album named “Winner” and it debuted at #1 on Billboard Jazz Album charts! The album has an eclectic range of inspirational music and A-list features including Grammy nominated singer, Hezekiah Walker’s Love fellowship Praise team.

We caught up with her to ask some questions about her recent success.

JWQ: 2016 has been quite a year; you have Billboard’s No. 1 Jazz Album, and charted in 5 other categories. Have you had the chance to take it all in?

Syreeta Thompson: No I haven’t LoL it’s all very surreal to me! I only see keeping it moving.

JWQ: With your faith as strong as it is, are you ever conflicted in talking about your success?

Syreeta Thompson: Absolutely NOT! Lol! My faith has helped me to garner my success thus far.  How do you manage that? It’s very easy for me to manage. I’ve learned to be respectful of others and treat everyone with LOVE and kindness and stay in lane. We are all human!

JWQ: Let’s talk about Winner, what moved you to record this originally and how did you go about choosing the traditional classics along with the newer material. How did you ultimately decide on how the album would flow between new and old?

Syreeta Thompson: I wanted to show my level of versatility as an artist on this record. Having studied jazz formally, having a church background and having a love for urban music I wanted combine them all.

JWQ: One of the hit songs is “In His Presence”. What was the inspiration behind selecting this song?

Syreeta Thompson: “In His Presence” represents the combination of the human voice which is the first musical instrument and the trumpet. I wanted to show my supporters how they both work.

JWQ: How are your friends and family responding to your recent success?

Syreeta Thompson: Everyone has been extremely supportive and happy for me. Most of my family/friends are aware that I’ve been playing the trumpet for a very long time!

JWQ: The song Winner is another hit with listeners. What makes that song so special?

Syreeta Thompson: “Winner” is very special the single and the entire album is dedicated to restoring arts education within the community. “Winner” is a also apart of my story as well! I had some challenges while recording. So, I often had to remind myself I’m a Winner.

JWQ: What are your plans for 2017, and does the success ever put pressure on you to top it next year?

Syreeta Thompson: I’m currently setting up a tour of the festivals and planning award show appearances.

JWQ: Your music seems to transcend demographics in that it’s appreciated by young and old and it reaches people that may not listen to Jazz music on a regular basis. As an artist how does that feel?

Syreeta Thompson: I’m very over whelmed that my music transcends demographics. That was another overall goal of mind. My overall goal is to inspire individuals to go after their dreams and NEVER Give up!

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