Showcase 2015

Following the release of the JazzWorldQuest Showcases 2013 and 2014 the new edition features songs released in 2015 by independent musicians from France, Russia, USA, Romania, France, Spain, Canada and Poland.
A variety of independent musicians of different styles and sensibilities waiting to delight you with their music.
The lineup this year is Billie Davies Ensemble(USA), Yonrico Scott(USA), Tristan Bouchard(USA), Marcin Malinowski(Poland), Trey Wright (USA), Tocanne – Gaudillat(France), Florin Raducanu(Romania), Bill McBirnie(Canada), Tamara Usatova(Russia/USA), Steven Blane(USA), Mings and Craig(USA), Daniela Nardi(Canada), Anthony Ocaña((Dominican Republic/Spain)
The archive contains mp3 tracks and a booklet with links to musicians websites you are invited to visit. Encourage these fine musicians by buying their music, going to their concerts and showing your appreciation with a simple “like” on Facebook.


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