Showcase 2017

JazzWorldQuest-showcase 2017

The JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2017 features songs released in 2017 by independent jazz and world music artists from all over the world.

Luis Alas & La Calle Ocho Funk-Chocolate

CD: We’ve Only Just Begun


Luis Alas & La Calle Ocho-Sippin On Jack


The Besser Three-Who’s Counting
CD: Time Travels


Matija Dedic-Nonitza
CD: Live in Opatia jazz extempore




Stefano Travaglini-Persistence
CD: Ellipse(Notami Jazz)

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“Ellipse is the result of an hour-long, free recording session, unmodified by cuts or edits. I have freely conveyed extemporaneous inventions as well as themes and quotations with the sole purpose of offering a unique, cohesive, and elliptical work.”

Sinouj- Nuba (part I)
CD: Labu



Roberto Magris Sextet Live in Miami-2017

Roberto Magris Sextet-African Mood
CD: Roberto Magris: Roberto Magris Sextet Live In Miami @ The WDNA Jazz Gallery(JMood Records)


Florin Raducanu- Symphonic Jazz Poem-Footprints

Florin Raducanu- Symphonic Jazz Poem-Footprints
DVD:Symphonic Jazz Project with Belarusian State Philharmonic Orchestra


Diego FigueiredoDiego Figueiredo-Tico Tico No Fuba
CD: Broken Bossa (Stunt Records)


Randy McGill- Kansas City Shuffle
CD: Eclectic


 Itamar Borochov

Itamar Borochov-Shimshon
CD: Boomerang (LaBorie Jazz )


Florian HoefnerFlorian Hoefner-The Great Auk
CD: Coldwater Stories (Origin Records)


Following three critically-acclaimed studio recordings with his touring quartet, pianist Florian Hoefner presents a live solo set of new works, recorded at the acoustically sublime Sendesaal in Bremen, Germany. Inspired by the maritime landscape around the island of Newfoundland, his recently adopted home, Coldwater Stories explores the intersection between composition and improvisation, allowing Hoefner the freedom to improvise entire harmonic progressions or to reinvent the form of a piece during performances. Many of the works consist of one or more composed “islands,” surrounded by a sea of open space that is left to be filled with improvisation. Ultimately the two become indistinguishable, blending together to tell a unified story.

Antoine Fafard-Proto Mundi (2017)Antoine Fafard-Empty World
CD: Proto Mundi

Antoine Fafard: bass & all guitars
Simon Phillips: drums
Jerry Goodman: violin
Gary Husband: lead keyboard

Four outstanding musicians reunited as a jazz-rock supergroup on a conceptual album signed by Antoine Fafard.  Blazing solos blended with subtle soundscapes create an exciting atmosphere of mystery and magic yet nothing is overdue. The arrangements bring closer all instruments with the utmost clarity, the listener can appreciate the ensemble and the individual voices with the same ease and pleasure. Antoine Fafard as the leading role shines on all levels while maintaining an enjoyable sonic fluidity throughout the album. The choice of musicians is remarkable, the three jazz rock legends intertwine with pathos and energy leaving no room for dull moments. A fascinating album to delight jazz rock fans of all ages.

The Steven McGill Project
CD: Ujamaa

bill mentzBill Mentz-Cry Me A River

Leon Neal-Bounce
CD: We Dance at Midnight


Antonio Silva Quartet-António Silva Quartet-Bamse in the Coconut Island
CD: Up Lift
(CD: Mielikki)

From 2014 till 2016, composer/guitarist António Silva had the opportunity to live abroad from Portugal in three different countries: Finland, Sweden and Denmark. There he met different cultures and musical traditions and played with musicians that came from all over the world.
This experience resulted in the creation of ten original compositions and the collaboration with Irish saxophonist Carolyn Goodwin to create the group António Silva Quartet.
Together they record the album “Up Lift” in 2016 with Danish musicians Frederik Hagner and Tobias Andreassen and two international renown guests: Aaron Goldberg from USA and Jesper Bodilsen from Denmark.
In 2017, to promote the release of “Up Lift”, António and Carolyn (the core of the group) play in Ethno-Jazz Festival in Moldova with bass player Johnny Åman and the drummer Anders Vestergård both from Sweden.
This is the first work that António Silva releases in his own name after his group Ararur have won the “13th Independent Music Awards” in the category of Best Jazz with Vocals Album
António Silva Quartet-Bamse in the Coconut Island


Hayley lamHayley Lam – Being Alive
Debut EP
“Being Alive” is Hayley Lam’s latest single featuring Marko Djordjevic (hailed as a world class drummer by Modern Drummer magazine) and Akos Forgacs on the bass. Her track is also produced by the world renowned Steve Hunt (keyboardist for Allan Holdsworth).

Igor WillcoxIgor Willcox 4tet – Lifetime
CD: #1

Igor Willcox, drummer and composer, will present the songs of his first solo album, titled # 1.With elements of jazz, funky and fusion, the album shows the composer side of the artist, exploring all his musicality, spontaneity as a drummer and interaction with the musicians.The CD features the special guests Bocato, Carlos Tomati, Vini Morales, Clayton Sousa, Glecio Nascimento, Rubem Farias, Bruno Alves, Erik Escobar, Jj Frannco, Fernando Rosa and Marcus Cesar.

Daniel ChiaDaniel Chia- Cali Style
CD: In The Moment

marcinrmalinowski1Marcin Malinowski-B ON A 3
CD: Boogie Napastak

New window to the meaning of fusion

medeljazzMedeljazz Quartet-Flanneries
CD: Yesternow

Youll_Never_Find_SingleArtworkSweet Lu-You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)
CD: Meet Me At The Crossroads

Dig how Lu re-harmonizes the timeless Gamble & Huff line “You’ll Never Find,” bringing that chestnut into the realm of jazz interpretation.
This is a redo of Lou Rawls’ classic tune