Showcase 2018

Los Rumberos de la Bahia-Oye Mi Omele
Eguin Eje Records

Rumbas of Remembrance: Master Musicians Michael Spiro and Jose Luis Gomez Honor their Afro-Cuban Elders on Mabagwe
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The Syrinx Effect – The Bankrobber Song
Album:  A Sky You Could Strike A Match On

Syrinx Effect is an interstellar-folk-punk-jazz duo from Seattle combining improvised chamber music with electronics and composed sections for their adventurous new album, A Sky You Could Strike A Match On. Vinyl/Digital Release date: February 9, 2018
KATE OLSON – [saxophone/effects/composer/producer ]
NAOMI SIEGEL – [trombone/effects/composer/producer/recording Soaker]

Maria SchaferMaria Schafer – Body and Soul
Album:  To Know Love…

“A knockout debut (NYC Jazz Record)”, this beautifully crafted presentation from LA-based vocalist Maria Schafer features her modern arrangements of jazz standards and Brazilian tunes with a core guitar trio.

Robin Menuett Trio

Robin Menuett Trio – Basil Street Station
Album:  Speakeasy 1941

Award-winning jazz pianist JazzMond Robinson is known for his unique cutting edge style of bebop and swing. He provides a highly entertaining performance with a rich sound in present and past jazz. Innovative Pianist JazzMond Robinson weaves a rich tapestry of music, which includes some originals that will allow the listener to experience the personal expressions by the artist.
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