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Jazz & World Music Albums released in 2019
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Guy Mintus-Connecting the DotsGuy Mintus(Israel/USA)-Dalb
Album: Connecting the Dots

The ambitious new Connecting the Dots collection touches on a broad variety of musical worlds and is a musical summation of Mintus’s ethnic and musical heritage and his experiences and interests.  It wanders easily from the hard bop of Horace Silver’s “Yeah!” to the floridity of “Little Italy,” a Mintus original, to the carefree strut of another Mintus original, “Nothing New Under the Sun.”  Most striking, perhaps, are the performances that evoke the exoticism and spirituality of Mintus’s native Middle East. (More info)

Yale Strom's Broken ConsortYale Strom’s Broken Consort(USA) –  The Fool Over Yonder
Album: Shimmering Lights

“The easy Hanukkah 101 line,” says renowned ethnomusicologist, violinist, and arranger Yale Strom, “is that it’s a festival. It commemorates the freedom of faith. The freedom to believe or not believe.” It’s this idea that drives Shimmering Lights, the new album from Strom and the ensemble he put together for it, Yale Strom’s Broken Consort (YSBC). The album is a lively celebration of Hanukkah and the freedom that it treasures.
Yale Strom’s Broken Consort – Live in Concert

THE SOUL JAZZ REBELSThe Soul Jazz Rebels(France)- Mowin The Lawn
Album: The Soul Jazz Rebels
Label: Blackstamp Music
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Mavis Pan

Mavis Pan(Taiwan/USA) – You Know I Love Mangoes
Album: Set For Love

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Equally proficient in both jazz and classical music, Pan has performed her works across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and has received numerous accolades including Brooklyn College Conservatory’s Morton Feldman and Miriam Gideon composer awards and was a finalist in the YPMP/CACA piano competition.

Set For Love was produced by Grammy Award-winning drummer and producer Ulysses Owens, Jr. and showcases a collective of exceptional musicians that accompany Pan in various settings. The album explores love in many contexts including head-over-heels love, love in trouble, love anticipated, and love remembered, and completes a cycle of jazz styles including ballad, blues, bolero, bossa-nova, samba, swing, tango, and waltz, all on the timeless theme of love.

Haftor Medboe-Jacob KarlzonHaftor Medbøe(Norway/Scotland)-Jacob Karlzon(Sweden)- Return
Album: Haftor Medbøe / Jacob Karlzon
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A spiritual dialogue between two well established musicians whose  creative encounter resulted in a set of five original songs infused with melodic crystal purity with roots in the  Scandinavian rich musical landscape, where tradition and modernity, national and foreign blend together in original masterpieces. Often guitar and piano become a single voice moving from lyrical to abstract with spontaneity in new and surprising ways, while at times they echo each other or shine in short solos of great beauty. Powered by an undeniable artistic connection, the sonic conversation flows freely over space and time reaching a shared poetic territory naturally constructed, yet preserving the beauty and energy of each instrument. Beyond the artistic chemistry of these like-minded spirits, the listener will discover with enchantment the quest for perfection in simplicity and essence of expression subliminally emerging from every song of the album.

Emmanuel Losio Group(Italy)-Andata e Ritorno
Album: Good News
Label: Emme Record Label
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“Fresh music, modern yet never artificial; and this because it is always moved by a melodic drive that is without doubt Emmanuel’s stylistic hallmark. From the very first listening, one is captivated by the sinuous melodies, the elegant arrangements and the roundness of the harmonic progressions, which are often unconventional. The solos of the front line, composed of Simone Alessandrini and Filippo Bianchini, are highly appreciated as they not only are formidable improvisers, but also know how to blend with great sensitivity into the musical world of the leader. The work of the rhythm section, composed of Riccardo Gola and Fabio Sasso along with Emmanuel himself, is equally valuable, as it is solid and always aware of the many nuances that are presented in this work. The album speaks volumes of Emmanuel’s heterogeneous musical experience; his Argentinean origin emerges, as well as his love for a more contemporary jazz, while following the lessons of the great musicians of the past. All this seems to have been well consolidated as it is proposed from beginning to end in a homogeneous and personal way, without ever falling into stylistic clichés.” Enrico Bracco


Benji & RitaBenji Kaplan and Rita Figueiredo(USA/Brazil) – Cajubim
Album: Benji & Rita
Label: Big Apple Batucada

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Brazilian music has a keen ability to tie the magical and surreal with the grounded and historical. New York-based composer Benji Kaplan and Brazilian singer and songwriter Rita Figueiredo pick up that vibrating, multicolored thread and weave it into fantastical new portraits of Brazil and New York on Benji & Rita (release: May 10, 2019), their album-length debut as a duo. (Full dispatch)

ej hughes-The Emotional Vampire SessionsEJ Hughes(USA)-Ghosts In The Machine
Composer: Edward James Hughes
Album: The Emotional Vampire Sessions
Label: Blue Canoe Records
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Saxophonist and Composer EJ Hughes delivers a knock out stellar modern post-bop jazz album titled, “The Emotional Vampire Sessions”. Featuring Kevin Bales on piano/rhodes, Marlon Patton on drums/percussion, and Billy Thornton on bass.

Godwin Louis(Haiti/USA)-Thoughts and Prayer
Album: Global
Label: Blue Room Music


The overlap fascinates Louis and inspired many of Global’s pieces. He reveals into how European sacred music seeped into an Afro-diasporic melody found around the Atlantic, rich with triple meter. (“Four Essential Prayers of Guinea”) And how, in counterpoint, African instruments can inform Protestant hymns, despite centuries of church animosity toward West African sounds and forms. (“Bondye Ede-n”) He looks at narrative threads that unite the lyrical forms of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-South American romance (“Present” featuring Cuban singer Xiomara Laugart), and the playing techniques and moods that unite the Francophone cultures of the Caribbean (“Siwèl”).(Ron Kadish, Publicist)

Cody Carpenter(USA)-Fantasy Of Form
Album: Force Of Nature
Label: Blue Canoe Records

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Cody Carpenter is at it again with his sophomore release “Force Of Nature” on Blue Canoe Records. This stunning instrumental prog-rock, fusion effort is the follow-up to the outstanding “Interdependence” (2018). This prolific songwriter and keyboardist has teamed up with some old friends and new to bring the listener into the prog glory days of Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Orjan Hulten Orion- MinusgraderÖrjan Hultén Orion(Sweden)- One for Britten
Album: Minusgrader
Label: Artogrush

A new album from Swedish saxophonist Örjan Hultén and his band, permeated with the spirit of modernity and tradition mixed in fresh compositions unified by a shared sense for improvisation and interplay.  Subtly and energetic Minusgrader recreates a common musical universe rich in rhythmically and melodically twists where the saxophone engages the listener, leading the way with strong creative vision.
Personnel: Peter Danemo, drums, Örjan Hultén, saxophones, Torbjörn Gulz, piano, Filip Augustson, bass

Dave Rudolph

Dave Rudolph Quintet(USA)-Atonement
Composer:: Dave Rudolph
Album name:: Resonance
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Acoustically speaking, resonance is a condition that is created when sound is reflected between two objects and sets up a type of synchronous vibration, reinforcing the initial sound. The CD Resonance is a collection of musical explorations which focus on the concept of musical pairings and achieve this effect in different ways. The compositions sometimes present melodies between two instruments simultaneously or alternately, and scale down the instrumentation at key points to allow for improvised duets.

“My personal concept of resonance is that it is a significant connection that happens when someone reflects a better version of yourself back to you,” continues Dave. “Musically I wanted to make that happen with a lot of musical dialogue and interaction.”

Trey Wright(USA)-Me And Einstein
Composer: Trey Wright
Album: Begin Again
Label: Blue Canoe Records
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Virtuosic guitarist, composer, arranger, and educator Trey Wright delivers a beautiful, uplifting jazz album.

Ernesto Cortazar Lara GroupErnesto Cortazar Lara Group(Switzerland/Mexico)-Madrid
Composer: Ernesto Cortazar
EP: Ernesto Cortazar Lara Group


Guitarist Ernesto Cortazar is originally from Mexico City and based in Switzerland for some time. Together with Hugo Fernandez, David Gonzalez and Borja Barrueta gave birth to this new interesting group in 2018. Individually they all have a broad career performing in many countries and playing different kinds of musical genres such as: jazz, pop, electronic music and folk. The group repertoire is mainly Ernesto’s compositions, with a contemporary view of blending music… The Nylon acoustic guitar, lyricism and epic way of music writing by Ernesto.

Ernesto Cortazar Lara – Nylon Classical Guitar.
Hugo Fernandez – Comping Electric Guitar
David Gonzalez – Double Bass
Borja Barrueta – Drums
CD Cover Art by Ernesto Cortazar Lara
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Johno-The Road Not TakenJohno(Greece)-Mistress Eyes
Album: The Road Not Taken
Label: RNT Records
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Johno is a multi-instrumental, omni-style musician and producer. Originally a Jazz performer, now heavily influenced by Classical music, Arabic Music, African Nuba, Rai, Gnawa, and Berber traditions, and Balkan music. Johno works with local artists in quite a number of countries and fuses seamlessly between traditional melodies and beats to advanced Jazz harmonies, and classical counterpoint. Now working on his first ever original album, an ethno-jazz project evolving around composed English Poetry from Shakespeare to Robert Frost, and trying to help the world in what ever small way he can.
Johno lives on the Greek coast, and spends a fair portion of his time travelling and recording in Europe, Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle-east.

Johno is the director of the newly established label RNT Records, and the exciting new Delia Arts Foundation.