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Chuck D’Aloia & Art Bernstein 

If you are not sure about how a duo of guitar and drums, may sound, let Chuck D’Aloia and Art Bernstein give you a unforgettable lesson. Not just because they are both educators with years of experience behind them, but simply because the result of their synergy and perfect coordination recorded on the three CDs they have released is amazing. For this duo, being a veteran doesn’t imply losing the feeling and soul after hours and hours of gigs and recordings, anybody listening to their music will be impressed by the joyous, fresh and sincere atmosphere revealed by their excursion in the world of jazz, blues and rock. The pure sound of Chuck D’Aloia’s guitar(he also plays bass) and the energy of Art Bernstein’s drumming will last for many time in your ears. As for technique, any student should have this collection!

New York City based AfroMantra latest release, “Uplifting Spirit” is a superb recording rich in surprising improvisations built around afro latin themes, high energetic rhytms and experimental sonorities, everything played with extreme clarity and emotion by drummer/composer Alex Garcia and his bandmates.This is not Latin fusion “as usual”, but another brilliant work of greatest creativity from this extraordinary band.
Atmos Trio
An atmospheric, yet joyful sound courtesy of Atmos Trio, masters of tasteful elegance. Memorable melodies played with the heart. Sometimes you may think Bill Frisell is one of them! Not necessary though, all these three fine musicians work in perfect unison to create little unpredictable masterpieces.
Al Garcia
Composer, arranger, producer.
Bass, acoustic & electric guitarsA brilliant composer and guitar player, Al Garcia released what we can call an excelent example of jazz rock oriented fusion although the material on the CD goes beyond narrow classifications. Unexpected and stimulating, the music on “Alternate Realities” is a journey through the universe of jazz rock and progressive fusion blended by a master musician. From monumental compositions, lighting guitar solos, latin percussion interventions to sophisticated ethereal textures, this album has everything to delight fusion
Alex Machacek
Composer, guitarist[sic] is the latest release from guitarist Alex Machacek, a CD full of vitality, originality and suspense! Placed somewhere between freeform experimental playing and jazz rock, this album is a wonderful combination of skills, imagination and…humour that Frank Zappa would have appreciated for sure! Alex Machacek’s scorching guitar is amazingly blended in a perfect match with a volcanic colourful rhytm section(one of the drummers is Terry Bozzio himself). Feel the high power of a great visionary guitarist!
Ancient Future
Ancient Future is THE World Music itself. Listening to their recordings is like travelling through all the cultures of the planet. Their latest CD is a beautiful collection of Nepalese, African, Cuban, Celtic, Arabic, Palestinian, Jewish, Indonesian, Chinese, Eastern European and American tunes. No less than very talented 19 musicians contributed to this rare performance.

Bémol Jean Telfort
Composer, guitar

There’s a remarkable clarity in his playing that gives a fresh feeling to all compositions. Throughout the album the music evokes a land of joy and harmony captured in beautiful improvisations blended with authentic lyricism. Listen to his music of this virtuoso, it will bring the sun in your heart!

Courtney Williams (C-Will)
Drummer, Percussionist, Producer and SongwriterA master composer and arranger of an eclectic mix of styles C-Will drumming is just one of the highlights of his album “Frustrated”. The whole set of songs reveals a multifaceted wizard musician who is moving freely from jazz to nu-jazz and rock, from soul to an original electro-pop-funk and…reggae! Although the rhytms are intense and deep C-Will has an evident flair for fine melodies and catchy orchestrations. Press “Play” and you’ll find yourself dancing!

Dean Brown
Composer, guitar

After listening to his two albums, you will understand why along his career Dean Brown played with musicians including Bill Evans, Michael Brecker, George Duke, Billy Cobham, Marcus Miller(+many many others). A solid mastery of various genres from rock to soul, from blues to jazz, gives him the skills and the freedom to play HIS music as he likes it. The result can hardly be categorized although its ingredients can be recognized. These two albums showcase a so dense, broad selection of musical expressions mixed with superb arrangements, new ideas, that makes you think that Dean has material left for at least 6-7 albums!

Cardamon Quartet
Classical, jazz and world folkMixing creatively melodies from around Mediterranean Sea with jazz themes this classy ensemble of four fine musicians lead by accordionist, pianist and composer Uri Sharlin, captures the beauty of musical treasures of Middle Eastern, Turkish and Gipsy cultures.
Their enjoyable CD “Reflections of The Road” is a rich melodic set of 10 compositions where classical, folk elements and jazz are blended with elegance and originality.

CHROMATICA(Ric DelNero (guitar), Dave “Ike” Eisenhower (drums, percussion) and Dave Sabo (bass guitar) ) is getting ready to release their long awaited debut CD in early spring 2007. The CD is titled Out Of Bounds and consists of 11 amazing tracks. It was produced by Ric DelNero & CHROMATICA and recorded and engineered by Richard Rupert at Green Valley Recording. Two tracks from the album, “Songo” and “Vices” are featured in our streaming programs.

Clint Smith
GuitarOn his latest CD, guitarist Clint Smith joined by Marco Panascia (bass) Jordan Young (drums) experiments with various melodic jazz fusion textures, inspired improvisational passages and subtle ethno jazz echoes.
Craig Pilo
Composer, drummer
A highly dynamic jazz fusion atmosphere filled with positive energy. “Just Play” showcases the work of an experimented musician whose bold personality is evident throughout the album. There are many wonderful sequences of vigorous, colorful jamming not to mention the excelelent bass and organ grooves that make the music float around. Among the highlights “Early Cynical Mystery” one of the originals, brings a breeze from the “Return to Forever” years and Coltrane’s “Miles Mode” here cleverly arranged by Craig Pilo. An entertaining album of great clarity and power for fusion enthusiasts.
David Mora
Drums, Jazz / LatinDavid Mora’s “Conga Love” album is a great work of subtle and balanced Latin and jazz fusion where the melodies, rhytm and improvizations are blended in the most beautiful, natural way. The drumming and percussion of David Mora, is definitely the soul of the party. Each tune on the CD is so well crafted and his virtuosic presence is so well weaved together with the other instruments in the band that it gives you the impression of a perfect and melodic symbiosis
Modern Groove Syndicate
A high energetic quintet from Virginia mixing different styles of modern music in a robust, distinctive way. Their power of innovation is impressive and the result is fascinating: the sound is dense, complex yet fluid and full of passion.
A highly artistic expression of jazz fusion, the group’s first CD is a delightful blend of Brazilian and African rhytms with improvisational jazz elements. Built around an explosive Afro-Latin rhytm section directed by veteran drummer, John Densmore, the band plays throughout this memorable album with iresistible joy and energy. One of the tunes is a jazz powered version of “Riders on the Storm” infused with obsesive ritual rhytms, mysterious voices and the sensual sound of flute.
Steve Clarke
Composer, bass
From fast-paced adventurous funkscapes to flowing colorful grooves. Steve Clarke’s music is a delightful journey through the land of jazz fusion. Surrounded by a selection of fine musicians his gentle bass sound is the one that creates that warm fun, exciting atmosphere you’ll enjoy listening to this wonderful album.
Stan Toval
Multi-instrumentist, Composer, ProducerThe fact that Stan Toval can play horns, guitar, bass, drums, percussions, keyboards, synthesizers and he’s a composer of jazz, R&B, hip hop music doesn’t mean that he’s “just” a talented musician, although this is enough to realize that he is in fact one of a kind. Listening to his latest album there’s no need to read the liner notes first. Just pop the CD into your player and enjoy the ride. One filled with a so human and warm ambience that will captivate even superficial listeners. Because Stan doesn’t play background music but a fluid musical story about places, people, emotions, experiences and sentiments performed in a beautiful personal manner by an artist who understands that music and soul come together.
Vince Delgado
Drums/PercussionAn important force in the world music universe, Vince Delgado was an early pioneer of this genre. He gained recognition as a specialist in Middle Eastern percussion. His latest recording “Beginnings” (2005) is a wonderful fusion of colorful and innovative Eastern and Western themes.
Lamine Touré and Group Saloum
(Senegal/USA)Listen and dance to the mistery of Senegalese ethnic rhytms intertwined with funk, reggae, jazz and Afrobeat themes mixed audaciously by master percussionist Lamine Touré and his original band. An unique and imaginative recording rich in polyphonies and joyful rhytms.
Neil Alexander
Composer, keyboardsReleased in 2007 “Tugging at the infinite” released, is another excellent record from keyboardist and composer Neil Alexander. The eight compositions cover a multitude of influences and sonorities blended and balanced with that refined good taste characteristic to Neil Alexander. “There is no electric guitar on this record”, is written on the CD cover but after listening to “Starlight Casts No Shadow” you realize the “secret” meaning of this “warning”. In fact, no need for guitar, Neil Alexander is clearly the master of his keyboard and he knows how to get the maximum of beauty out of it. For some rock loving listeners the hit of the album may be the superb composition “Everyman (The Flight Of The Falcon)” while the keyboards and sax dialog on “The One That Got Away” will delight jazz fusion fans. Each piece is different, arranged with artistry and care for a rich, bold and warm sound. An excellent record.
Brian Groder
Trumpet, flugelhorn, composer

Lovers of avant-garde jazz will be delighted with “Torque” – trumpeter Brian Groder’s recent release, an audacious series of swirling sensations, experiences, instantaneous feelings, experimental grooves and surprising sonic explorations. On this album Brian Groder is joined by legendary Sam Rivers and his trio and the result is an unique performance that fuse trumpet, flugelhorn, saxophone and flute in minimal to complex sequences charged with an expressive inner energy. A volcano of well forged collective improvisations of impressive depth and creativity.