JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2015

Following the release of the JazzWorldQuest Showcases 2013 and 2014 the new edition features songs released in 2015 by independent musicians from France, Russia, USA, Romania, France, Spain, Canada and Poland. A variety of independent musicians of different styles and sensibilities waiting to delight you with their music. The lineup this year is Billie Davies Ensemble(USA), Yonrico Scott(USA), Tristan Bouchard(USA), Marcin Malinowski(Poland), Trey Wright (USA), Tocanne - Gaudillat(France), Florin Raducanu(Romania), Bill McBirnie(Canada), Tamara Usatova(Russia/USA), Steven Blane(USA), Mings and Craig(USA), Daniela Nardi(Canada), Anthony Ocaña((Dominican Republic/Spain) The archive contains mp3 tracks and a booklet with links to musicians websites you are invited to visit. Encourage these fine musicians by buying their music, going to their concerts and showing your appreciation with a simple “like” on Facebook.

Florin Raducanu Ensemble performing "Nothing new but different" at the Bucharest Jazz Festival 2015.

NEW CD: TARANA: "A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us" "A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us" sparks a new direction for Ravish Momin's Tarana now in a new format and reaching new realms where the acoustic orbit melts together with the electronic universe. As an open minded musician, Ravish Momin was never confined to a single paradigm. Back in 2006 in an interview with JazzWorldQuest Ravish noted: "For myself, I really don’t prefer one culture over another, though i’ll always have roots in Indian Music." And this is exactly what he did all along his career, inventing, mixing real and non-existing traditions with the most remarkable freedom, like a rebel with a cause, yet one who embraces the genuine diversity of human culture filtered through sensitive personal lens. The new album is another spectacular chapter of his musical journey as a composer, percussionist and above all, experimentalist. An array of soundscapes emerges, with rhythms and effects fused in a coherent mominian atmosphere rising above overheard formulas, reaching dark deep climaxes boosted by a hypnotic layer of percussion, human voices and effects. This is music with imagination but also one that stirs the imagination. Check the synergistic dance of trombone, the intense drumming and synths on the tribal exotic "Batik", "Gara Guna" where trombone and underlying electronics breezes combine in a majestic utopian march, hear "Keherwa's" dark voices and the ascending rhythms rising in darkness, let the hallucinatory "Myvatn" wrap you in haunting synths, dance to the "Nanatronic" shouts and beats. Standing ovation for "Safar" when the trombone takes a melodic turn into a syncopated river of rhytms, let's sink into the atmospheric "Tehrah" flavored by mysterious echoes of another Dead Can Dance, "That Tweaky" spreading a sequence of futuristic crescendos backed by heavy rhythms. Listening is discovering every time a new " Fire of Flowers" flowing high up and free. Ravish Momin tells an endless story made of thousand voices inviting everybody to join his magical universe. Leave any prejudice behind and step in. To be released: Sept. 18, 2015

Jadeo Music & Ankh Jazz presents the new CD by Alekos Vretos: "K on Top". Release party @ Booze Upstairs, Athens, 11th December 2014

FLORIN RADUCANU released a new live album: "Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014" on sale on his website

NATALIE JEAN released her self-titled album on sale on . Itunes

JazzWorldQuest.com Playlist

Antoine Fafard - Reminiscence from soon to be released album :"Sphère", featuring Gary Husband on drums, lead synth and piano, and Jerry De Villiers Jr on lead guitar. website

New JWQ Featured Musician: Elliott Ranney (USA) : singer and songwriter Elliott Ranney's profile on JazzWorldQuest

New JWQ Featured Musician: Steven Blane (USA) : singer and songwriter Steven Blane's profile on JazzWorldQuest

Fifty Something Records -Listen to: Jim Vierra & Adam Gardner-"Last Train Home" and "The Travelers"

Beobe Jones-"Reckless" from the album "Beobe Jones "Reckless" A Jazz Experiment" (2014)

Tocanne – Gaudillat-"Patria de Multitudes" from the album "Canto de Multitudes" (Petit Label 2015)

Dan Papirany-"The two lonely people

Florin Raducanu-"Summer Twenty Twelve" from the album "Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014" (Art Factory 2014)
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Trey Wright-"Teddy Baffle" & "Boomerang" from the album "Songs From Oak Avenue", Blue Canoe Records, 2015)

En Tao & Caro-"So Crazy" 2015)

Burak Kaya-"Gezi Park" from the album "Climate Change", 2015)

The Duet-"I’ve Got You Under My Skin" from the album "Promenade" 2013)

Marc Fruttero-"I’ve Got You Under My Skin" from the album "Moonlight Serenade" 2015)

Yonrico Scott-"Swish" from the album "Only A Smile" (Blue Canoe Records 2015)

Simetrio-"Psicoseao" from the album "Amanuense" (2015)

G’s Way-"Super Ego" from the album "Patchwork" (2014)

The North Eastern All-Stars-"Funk #3" (2015)

Alekos Vretos-"K. on top of the piano" from the album "K. on top" (2014)
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Kenn Smith-"Super Ego" from the album "If I Remember" (Kenn Smith Music 2012)
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C’nky Siwela-"Afrika" from the album "Reminiscent of the Sounds" 2014)
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The RockTronix-"Surrender" from the album "Magnificent Obsession"( Blue Canoe Records 2014) The song also appears in the Music Documentary Movie
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Ararur-"Archaïko" from the album "Ararur"(2013)
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Teo Grajales Hip Bop Crew-"Un Pan y Un Techo" from the album "Primera Session" (Improductionz / Geocultura 2014)
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Bugra Balci-"Super Ego" from the album "With Myself" (Sekiz Exclusive 2013)
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Ancient Future- Yearning for the Wind (2014)
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Rubedo' ro - "Tombeės du ciel" and "Semilla' l viento" (Rubedo' ro 2014)
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Nicholas Bridgman - Push (Forest Vision 2012)
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Marcin Malinowski's eConnection from the upcoming album: "YAKAMOZ"
Tracks: Mary in Space and Asena.
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Florin Raducanu- Jazz Ecumenica Symphonic Jazz Poem

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