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  • Romanian pianist and composer Florin Raducanu has released his new album Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014
  • Harlequins Enigma(Norway)
  • Metaphor is a contemporary jazz solo piano album influenced by classical music aesthetics and a touch of Balkan traditions.
  • Roberto Magris(Italy)***Roberto Magris releases “Morgan Rewind: A Tribute to Lee Morgan Volume 2” on JMood Records
  • Ravish Momin
    Ravish Momin's Tarana(USA)

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2013

Featuring 2013 releases from world class musicians from Italy, USA, Indonesia, Cyprus, Norway, Serbia, Bolivia, Belgium. A fusion of genres and styles transcending geography and cultures reflecting a world of diversity rich in sounds and colors. Soft Machine Legacy, Roberto Magris, Marbin, Efecto Mandarina, Tony Adamo, Maurizio Minardi, Nastazio Gkoumas, Billie Davies, Elliott Ranney, Harlequins Enigma, The Wrong Object, Simakdialog, I Know You Well Miss Clara, Dusan Jevtovic, Dewa Budjana, David Wright, Gino Foti, Natalie Jean, Dimitrije Vasiljevic, North Eastern Allstars.
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Joi, 16 octombrie 2014 (19.00) Florin Raducanu a concertat in cadrul seriei "JAZZ PE ROMÂNEȘTE" la Sala Radio, Bucuresti. Listen to the full show here:

Harelquins Enigma new jazz track called "A new beginning". has received a 6.1 out of 10 using a bronze review at reverbnation.com Download from Itunes

FLORIN RADUCANU released a new live album: "Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014" on sale on his website

NATALIE JEAN released her self-titled album on sale on . Itunes

DIMITRIJE VASILJEVIC Dimitrije Vasiljevic’s new album Metaphor has been released in the United States on July 22, 2014 and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Google Play stores.

JazzWorldQuest.com Playlist

WEB PLAYER and Free MP3 List Update:
Florin Raducanu-"Summer Twenty Twelve" from the album "Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014" (Art Factory 2014)
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Kenn Smith-"Super Ego" from the album "If I Remember" (Kenn Smith Music 2012)
More info
C’nky Siwela-"Afrika" from the album "Reminiscent of the Sounds" 2014)
More info
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The RockTronix-"Surrender" from the album "Magnificent Obsession"( Blue Canoe Records 2014) The song also appears in the Music Documentary Movie
More info

Ararur-"Archaïko" from the album "Ararur"(2013)
More info
Teo Grajales Hip Bop Crew-"Un Pan y Un Techo" from the album "Primera Session" (Improductionz / Geocultura 2014)
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Bugra Balci-"Super Ego" from the album "With Myself" (Sekiz Exclusive 2013)
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Ancient Future- Yearning for the Wind (2014)
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Rubedo' ro - "Tombeės du ciel" and "Semilla' l viento" (Rubedo' ro 2014)
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Nicholas Bridgman - Push (Forest Vision 2012)
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Marcin Malinowski's eConnection from the upcoming album: "YAKAMOZ"
Tracks: Mary in Space and Asena.
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