• Free for download compilation of songs released in 2014 by independent musicians from Italy, Greece, USA, Romania, France, Canada, Netherlands and Brazil.

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2014

Following the release of the JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2013 this year edition features a free for download compilation of songs released in 2014 by independent musicians from Italy, Greece, USA, Romania, France, Canada, Netherlands and Brazil. Travel the world and cross cultures and genres listening to: Ara’s Circle, Alekos Vretos, Beverly Taft, Capitão Corisco, Dan Baraszu and Dave Ellington, Florin Raducanu, G’s Way, Herb Geller & The Roberto Magris Trio, Kenn Smith, Lea Longo, Natalie Jean, Northeastern AllStars, Roberto Magris Septet, Roberto Magris Trio, Rocktronix, Saskia Laroo, The Bill McBirnie Trio, Yonrico Scott. The archive contains mp3 tracks and a booklet with links to musicians websites you are invited to visit. Encourage these fine musicians by buying their music, going to their concerts and showing your appreciation with a simple “like” on Facebook.

A new release from Romanian pianist Florin Raducanu renowned for his successful achievements in the field of jazz-classical fusion. Recorded live during a concert at the "Mihail Jora" Romanian Radio Broadcasting Concert Hall in 2014 the five pieces of the album offer a convincing image of his art as a skilled performer composer and arranger, qualities he already demonstrated throughout his career in various concert halls at home and abroad. The concert reunites him with the prestigious “Radio Jazz Big Band " with whom he collaborated on other successful endeavors in the past and features five original pieces rich in fresh, inventive improvisations highly appreciated by the audience who gave standing ovation to the pianist and the band performers. Equally appreciated throughout the album are many irresistible multi-layered reed arrangements fluidly integrated with the piano solos in the spirit of swing, cleverly matching the spirit of the compositions. An excellent live portrait that represents Florin Raducanu at his best and must not be missed by any jazz fan. The album can be downloaded free from the musician's website.

Jadeo Music & Ankh Jazz presents the new CD by Alekos Vretos: "K on Top". Release party @ Booze Upstairs, Athens, 11th December 2014

Harelquins Enigma new jazz track called "A new beginning". has received a 6.1 out of 10 using a bronze review at reverbnation.com Download from Itunes

FLORIN RADUCANU released a new live album: "Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014" on sale on his website

NATALIE JEAN released her self-titled album on sale on . Itunes

DIMITRIJE VASILJEVIC Dimitrije Vasiljevic’s new album Metaphor has been released in the United States on July 22, 2014 and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Google Play stores.

JazzWorldQuest.com Playlist

WEB PLAYER and Free MP3 List Update:
Beobe Jones-"Reckless" from the album "Beobe Jones "Reckless" A Jazz Experiment" (2014)

Tocanne – Gaudillat-"Patria de Multitudes" from the album "Canto de Multitudes" (Petit Label 2015)

Dan Papirany-"The two lonely people

Florin Raducanu-"Summer Twenty Twelve" from the album "Florin Raducanu & Friends – Jazz Standard Mood from Vienna 2014" (Art Factory 2014)
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Trey Wright-"Teddy Baffle" & "Boomerang" from the album "Songs From Oak Avenue", Blue Canoe Records, 2015)

En Tao & Caro-"So Crazy" 2015)

Burak Kaya-"Gezi Park" from the album "Climate Change", 2015)

The Duet-"I’ve Got You Under My Skin" from the album "Promenade" 2013)

Marc Fruttero-"I’ve Got You Under My Skin" from the album "Moonlight Serenade" 2015)

Yonrico Scott-"Swish" from the album "Only A Smile" (Blue Canoe Records 2015)

Simetrio-"Psicoseao" from the album "Amanuense" (2015)

G’s Way-"Super Ego" from the album "Patchwork" (2014)

The North Eastern All-Stars-"Funk #3" (2015)

Alekos Vretos-"K. on top of the piano" from the album "K. on top" (2014)
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Kenn Smith-"Super Ego" from the album "If I Remember" (Kenn Smith Music 2012)
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C’nky Siwela-"Afrika" from the album "Reminiscent of the Sounds" 2014)
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The RockTronix-"Surrender" from the album "Magnificent Obsession"( Blue Canoe Records 2014) The song also appears in the Music Documentary Movie
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Ararur-"Archaïko" from the album "Ararur"(2013)
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Teo Grajales Hip Bop Crew-"Un Pan y Un Techo" from the album "Primera Session" (Improductionz / Geocultura 2014)
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Bugra Balci-"Super Ego" from the album "With Myself" (Sekiz Exclusive 2013)
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Ancient Future- Yearning for the Wind (2014)
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Rubedo' ro - "Tombeės du ciel" and "Semilla' l viento" (Rubedo' ro 2014)
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Nicholas Bridgman - Push (Forest Vision 2012)
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Marcin Malinowski's eConnection from the upcoming album: "YAKAMOZ"
Tracks: Mary in Space and Asena.
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Alekos Vretos- K on Top promo trailer