Showcase 2021

Jazz & World Music Albums released in 2021
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Russell Ferrante Trio - Inflexion

Russell Ferrante Trio – Inflexion D
Composer: Russell Ferrante
Album: Inflexion
Label: Blue Canoe Records
Russell Ferrante (YellowJackets founding and current member) releases a beautiful jazz trio album titled, “Inflexion”. Inflexion or inflection comes from the Latin root inflexionem meaning to bend in, to change direction. This music is indeed very personal and intimate and one could say it bends in. Featuring the beautiful interplay from Russell Ferrante, Michael Valerio (bass), and Steve Schaeffer (drums).
Album Promo Video | Blue Canoe Records

Kari Ikonen -Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions

Kari Ikonen(Finland)-Trance Oriental
Composer: Kari Ikonen
Album: Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions
Label: Ozella Music
Kari Ikonen recorded Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions on his historic Steinway in his living room in Helsinki, using fine microphones and audiophile equipment. The Mastering was done by our friends from Pauler Acoustics (Engineer: Hans-Jörg Maucksch) in Northeim/Germany. This music is nothing to listen to on the side, the album demands full concentration from the listener! But whoever brings it up will be very rewarded. The album title refers to the working method of Wassily Kandinsky, who is a great inspiration for Kari Ikonen. We were very lucky to be able to use a work by Kandinsky for our artwork. Doesn’t the album look great? Above all, the 180 gram vinyl pressing in gatefold cover is a haptic experience and an acoustic revelation. Read Review. Like all our releases, the album is also available on iTunes, Spotify and all other important digital platforms. We have distributors around the world for our physical releases, so please check out your local record store and say hello. Or say: “Kari Ikonen – Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions”
Kari Ikonen | Ozella Music | YouTube


Marc Hoffman(USA)-I Love the Way
Composer: Marc Hoffman
Album: Always Wanting
Label: Virillion Music, BMI
The timing is finally right for the release of Marc Hoffman’s, Always Waiting, an album of 10 new originals. “There was a lot of stop and start with this project, thanks to pauses for a couple of film projects and a deadline for a concert piece, but I’m delighted to be releasing the album at last,” Marc said. This is a personal record, with songs that cover the search for meaning in the universe, the affirmation of love, the regret of lost love, dreams of now and what comes next, and of love for the moon. With roots in jazz, classical and pop, there’s something for every listener on the album.
Featuring: Marc Hoffman – vocals/piano/percussion; Zack Page -bass, Justin Watt – drums, Chris Garges – drums/percussion .
Marc Hoffman