The KUHtrio(Austria /Czech Republic)- O Samba Boemio / Old Souls

Composer: Edi Koehldorfer
Label: ATS REcords
In autumn 2018 Edi Köhldorfer (guit), František Uhlíř (b) and Jaromír Helešic (dr) were engaged together for a jazz festival in Styria / A.
During the rehearsals for this evening it was already clear that not only was the musically extraordinary happening here, but that the “vibes” were also right. After a brilliant concert that was frenetically celebrated by the audience, it was decided not to stop at a “one-nighter”.In autumn 2019 the new band presented itself to an enthusiastic audience as part of a 2-week tour through Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. After the tour, the trio went well into the studio and was able to release their first CD “Old Souls” in summer 2020 and present it live on a tour in D / CZ / A in the autumn afterwards.The music of “the KUH trio” is characterized on the one hand by the compositions of Köhldorfer and Uhlíř and on the other hand by the special sound, which is characterized by Köhldorfer’s versatile playing on electric and acoustic guitars. The legendary swing by Uhlíř / Helešic is complemented by excursions into Latin and funk grooves and there is even room for African….the KUHtrio

 Live on YouTube