JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2023: June Yun (South Korea)- Light Cycle, Album: Enlightenment – Solid Waves

June Yun-Enlightenment - Solid Waves

On October 27th 2023, NYC based South Korean vocalist and composer June Yun released her debut album “Enlightenment – Solid Waves” which includes a collection of 8 pieces of her original music written towards a specific concept she created :

” Similar to one’s feelings and thoughts, the meaning and emotions that people have towards Light and Dark are very personal. They are very difficult to accurately understand and translate directly. Light and Dark coexist. Light and Dark do not stay in one place, they flow and circulate as time passes. The compositions in this album picture these various abstract forms of light and dark within the scope that I built. This project started as a study towards finding the many feelings and thoughts that were lost and couldn’t be described due to the fast-moving society that we live in. Wanting to live with awareness, I took time to find myself, my feelings and thoughts, and built a palette. This album is to remind myself to be present and aware, and to remind myself of this journey I took to learn how to do so. A lot of the “light” aspects that I talk about relate to the people and community around me and how their bright energy helped me recover from any darkness I had faced in the past. I am truly grateful to all the people in my life who have been there for me. This music is for them. I hope this music can reach and help people who are adventuring to find themselves and positivity. “

June Yun (South Korea)- Light Cycle

June Yun, a NYC based, London raised, South Korean vocalist and composer has been building and growing her own philosophy towards the abstract concept of Light and Dark for the past 3 years. Heavily influenced and inspired by jazz, classical music, R&B, Korean traditional music, and pop, Yun composed 8 pieces of originals and has finally recorded this music with some of the most inspiring musicians in the jazz scene today. She invited Shai Maestro (piano), Kanoa Mendenhall (bass), Jongkuk Kim (drums), Vid Jamnik (vibraphone), Brad Kang (guitar) and Nicola Caminiti (alto sax) to be on board.

Yun has studied and performed with some of the most influential musicians including Jean Baylor, Theo Bleckmann, Shai Maestro, Joel Ross, Ingrid Jensen, Amy London, Mike Moreno, Jeremy Manasia and Dr. Richard Harper. She has been performing a wide range of music including her original music, traditional and modern jazz, contemporary pop and R&B, K-pop, classical music, Korean traditional music, film music, and musical theater. Yun has performed at some of the most well-known jazz clubs and halls in NYC and Korea including Dizzy’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, Smalls Jazz club, John Tishman Auditorium, Mercury Lounge, KBS and more.

Yun recently toured in Korea, 15 successful shows were performed to introduce her music to her Korean fans. More about June Yun, her music, upcoming dates for her tour can be found on her website (juneyunmusic.com) or on her social media (@the.juney.effect).

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