JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2021: Florian Arbenz(Switzerland)- François Moutin(France)- Maikel Vistel(Cuba) Album: Conversation #4 – Vulcanized

Florian Arbenz(Switzerland)- François Moutin(France)- Maikel Vistel(Cuba) Album: Conversation #4 – Vulcanized
Florian Arbenz’s new Conversation album called Vulcanized reveals to be a fluid interaction of undeniable virtuosity between three well established artists. What a joy to hear Maikel Vistel and François Moutin bright combination of saxophone and bass and Florian Arbenz’s compelling taste and movement.
Besides the five originals we can listen to three inventive fresh takes on well-known compositions of Thelonious Monk, Joe Zawinul and Bill Evans. Last minute changes to the band members makes for a rough-around-the-edges surprise that rejuvenates pumping up the creative juices. The change is exactly what the album needs: to elevate the sound to authentic mastery, the likes of which the jazz fan is looking for. The perfect setting for consuming this music is fireside, with eyes shut, and all senses tuned to the vivid vision that this work imagines. Hackensack is a breakout, powerful piece that entrances the listener with high-energy notes and fast-paced journey through the musician’s mind. The nearly six-minute masterpiece is zany and energetic, and calls the listener to come along for the bumpy ride and enjoy not the destination but the sights along the way. In contrast, Scarlet Woman drags the attention into the piece with a soft intro that quickly becomes a sultry, warm piece filled with musical melodrama.
A special mention of the introspective A Soothing Thrill infused with a range of poetic, mysterious layers. Overall, the arrangements are cohesive yet leaving enough space to all three musicians to showcase their abilities . The feat that was this production by the trio was nothing short of impressive, and creates much promise for Florian Arbenz’s future creative encounters.
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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2021


FINAL STEP- Disconnections | June 14th 2021

From the multi-lingual border region of Ticino in Switzerland, guitarist Matteo Finali brings Final Step with their 5th album release, Disconnections. To be organised neatly on your shelf marked ‘jazz fusion’, the group display a shared passion for that post-Miles brand of electric jazz which unites rock, funk, blues and ethnic music.
“At a time when everyone is seemingly ‘connected’ all the time via their computers and phones, we want to bring a much-needed jolt of energy, reminding people of the importance of disconnecting and enjoying the spirit of live music.”
Their 2017 release Live at Estival Jazz was recorded when the band opened for Mike Manieri’s latest iteration of Steps Ahead at one of Switzerland’s biggest festivals; this 2021 outing sees them back in the studio, adding an extra layer of slick production, colourful effects and bite-sized interludes to the proceedings. The music is passionate, rhythmic and unashamedly funky, whilst displaying a compositional creativity that underscores the bandleader’s jazz credentials.

“a punch full of pumping fusion, funk and electric jazz! – Abstract Logix

Matteo Finali Guitar
Mirko Roccato Saxophones
Alessandro Ponti Hammond Organ & Keys
Federico Barluzzi Bass
Dario Milan Drums
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SWITZERLAND: Disconnections by Final Step

Picture by Elizabeth La Rosa
Accaparrati DISCONNECTIONS!👉🏻 L’uscita del nuovo album si avvicina: segnati il 14 giugno!
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FINAL STEP èMatteo Finali – chitarraMirko Roccato – sassofoni
Alessandro Ponti – hammond e tastiereFederico Barluzzi – bassoDario Milan – batteria ・ Registrato a RSC Recording Studio Canaa di Mauro Fiero

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Matteo Finali – guitar
Mirko Roccato – saxophones
Alessandro Ponti – hammond and keys
Federico Barluzzi – bass
Dario Milan – drums

・Recorded @ RSC Recording Studio Canaa by Mauro FieroPress Agency
Lorenza Somogyi-Bianchi
via Monte Ruggero 14
00139 Roma
ItalyBooking Agency
Carmela Senfett
Ludwigstraße 93
04315 Leipzig

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2020: Switzerland/USA: Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby (Switzerland/USA) -Album: Reflections Of The Eternal Line

Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby - Reflections Of The Eternal Line~1

Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby (Switzerland/USA) -Album: Reflections Of The Eternal Line
 Two masters: Florian Arbenz(drums, percussion) and Greg Osby(saxophones) delivering a symbiotic dialogue stretched over known boundaries. It’s not free jazz according to definitions but rather a journey they took together exploring new sound paths. A work of freedom and precision altogether inspired by the intricate graphical intersections painted by Stephan Spicher . Florian Arbenz moves from percussive heights to impressionistic, subtle textures, changing tempos weaving unexpected sonorities . Greg Osby is right there at the right moment filling spaces, climbing to high registers, at times playful or ecstatic invoking sacred chants punctuated by colorful gongs that gives a spiritual edge to the composition. Expect the unexpected with these two bright complementing talents.

SWITZERLAND: Montreux Jazz: concerts gratuits en ligne

Pour faire patienter ses fans, le festival montreusien a décidé de proposer plus de 50 concerts gratuits de ses précédentes éditions. Cette offre, valable pour 30 jours, est disponible via le distributeur de services musicaux Stingray.
Des concerts de Ray Charles, Wu-Tang Clan, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Deep Purple ou encore Carlos Santana font notamment partie de l’offre.