JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024: Scott Murphy(UK/Hong Kong)-“a dream of form”

“a dream of form” is an idea conceived while the inspirational music of legendary pianist Fred Hersch performing solo in Hong Kong washed over Scott Murphy which got out of hand very quickly! Before Scott even had a chance to work out what music he wanted to record musicians, engineers and a studio were booked.

A frantic period of creativity took place wherein Scott composed the music for the LP over a short couple of weeks in which he also had performances in China, multiple shows at Hong Kong’s largest Jazz festival and attempted to renew his passport against the clock.Thankfully for this project Scott had booked musicians the musical skill and excellence of whom was beyond reproach.

Taking an ostentatious leap of faith, Scott reached out to Janek Gwizdala; a bassist and composer he had admired since he’d first heard Janek’s “Live at the 55 Bar” album as a teenager. Gwizdala is one of the preeminent bassists of contemporary times with a back-catalogue of genuine world quality. He’s also an exceptionally versatile musician with the artistry to come into the studio one day after arriving in Hong Kong (and without meeting any of the band) and lift the music effortlessly to another level.

Scott turned to two of his favourite local collaborators to complete the group featuring Hong Kong’s most creative and adroit keyboardist Daniel Chu and arguably Asia’s number one drummer in
Padget “Fresh Kid” Nanton III. Daniel is a sound explorer who’s creativity can be heard throughout “a dream of form” and, indeed, any project he is involved with.While Fresh is quite simply the most in- demand drummer in Asia and the absolute engine room of this LP.

The session for “a dream of form” took place in just four hours live without rehearsal or time to attempt multiple takes.This recording is an animated example of four musicians in a room with a common goal and level of respect for improvised music as well as one another.The sheer quality of Janek, Daniel and Padget shines through with every second of this LP and cements it as a unique work featuring musicians at the top of their profession.

Recorded at Avon Studios with Thomas Lo (4231 Music), mixed in Scotland by Gus Stirrat (Solas Studios) and mastered by Peter Beckmann (Technologyworks) in London, this LP is an international collaboration of some of contemporary Jazz music’s most well regarded and exciting young talents.

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