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This section is dedicated to music from all over the world  featuring various styles and genres .

 Mylus Gaston The Finger Print
Civilized Melody

Civilized Melody is not just a song its movement that its some artist like my self think we can change the world by are music. The album Mylus Gaston The Finger Print is a album of lot of emotion and heavy mind relaxation if you have a sleepy baby put in the The Finger Print by Mylus Gaston in and baby will dwindle down and go nite nite.

Harlequins Enigma
Silent City

after harlequins enigmas first jazz album catmint, they have now compiled a collection that will suit the 1st. the album is called “air palette”. the albums are hereby brother & sister. release date was monday august 21st 2017.

the tracks onboard air palette is a good mix of electronic jazz which fall also into funk & classical subgenres, also some moods. artists involved in the air palette project is: jan garbarek with quad & entanglement, klaus schulze with memories, sara q with blue billy biter, sara jensen with a new dawn, years, warmth, rainbow ensemble & she is also appearing in the garbarek track quad. elin berge stars in hearts & kite. katie leung is onboard in bees bop. veela appears with vocals in pajazzo land & atjazz appears in martini. the rest of the material was done by åge riisnes, owner of harlequins enigma. åge has much interest in catmint & air palette. if you have interest in jazz you can do worse then checking out these two albums. harlequins enigma & jazz is a little different at times, but many attempts remains as usual jazz pieces. they do stretch some of the tracks in new directions & they hope you will like their sound.

SIC ILL-How I’m Livin
Label: Fahrenheit Records
Album name: Epidemic
Year of release: 2018
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Zack Dekera-Final Say (medley)
Label:: Reality Music Nigeria
Composer:: Zack Dekera
Album name:: Heaven
Year of release:: 2017
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Final Say is a song that directs us to the fact God is our only option

LeeMann Bassey(USA)-Honey
Composer:: LeeMann Bassey and Jeffrey Watkins
Album name:: Honey
Year of release:: 2017
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Winham(Kenya)-Yale Umetenda
Label: Here I am Oh Lord
Composer:: Anne Magiri Ngatia
Album name:: Here I am Oh Lord, Use me
Year of release: 2017
New Swahili Gospel track done in Neo-Rhumba with a blend of afro beats by Anne Magiri.

Feasibility Study(UK)-Atomic Jazz
Composer: Graham Fialkiewicz/Rob Barlow
Album name:: Library music volume one
Label: Throne of Bale
The track is on our album Library music volume one and has been played on BBC Introducing



Achu Normad (Cameroon)
Alieh (2016)
Achu Normad-Alieh

Achu Normad-Temporal Amnesia

Achu Normad-Virtuous Woman

MRM_Tales from the dawn of Millennium-cover

Marcin R. Malinowski(Poland)
Tales from the dawn of Millennium (Mireille Music 2017)
Marcin R. Malinowski-Slow Dance