World Music Mix: Ramiro Pinheiro(Spain)-Viagem Nova

 Ramiro Pinheiro(Spain)-Viagem Nova

Ramiro Pinheiro-Viagem Nova

Composer: Ramiro Pinheiro, Guilherme Guimarães, Hugo Arán
Album name: Sentido(2021)
Label: Fresh Sound Records
Ramiro Pinheiro’s Sentido is highly recommended to any listener having a love for Brazilian jazz. The rich melodies, variety, and top-notch musicianship along with the consistent creativity make this a memorable release.Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian []
“Viagem Nova” is the third single of “Sentido”, and features the warm singing of Hugo Arán, a subtle rhythmic figure that is heard throughout the piece, and a fine guitar solo.
Hugo Arán [Vocals]
Ramiro Pinheiro [Acoustic Guitar]
Horacio Fumero [Bass]
Nico Correa [Drums]
Arrangement: Ramiro Pinheiro
Producer: Rodrigo Balduino
Recorded & Mixed at Estudio Laietana [Barcelona] by Jordi Vidal
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BRAZIL: Brazilian artist GUAI records her new album in Rio

Brazilian artist GUAI records her new album in Rio

Great news! Brazilian female singer GUAI is recording her new album in Rio. Its title remains a secret, but release is planned for early 2021
Meanwhile, the artist promises to rock the internet with a brand new 
single and music video to be released in October.

Brazilian artist GUAI records her new album in Rio

This new album was started in early 2018, under the control of 
Latin Grammy Awarded producer Nema Antunes, attracting a talented crew of  collaborating musicians like Luiz Brasil, Teo Lima, Marcelo Martins 
and even the late Arthur Maia.

GUAI records her new album in Rio de Janeiro. Marco Brito, Vanderlei Loureiro, 
GUAI, Nema Antunes, Tavinho Menezes, Erivelton Silva

Female composers are also celebrated in this work, such as Jana Figarella, 
Luiza Salles and Thaís Mota along with Carlinhos Brown and Ivan Lins plus 
several international guest performers to light up the team.

Even while taking extra precautions during the pandemic, GUAI is moving ahead quickly on her return to the studio, hungry for more success, starting with the new single next month.

“There have been some tough years in my battle to see this project reach the world, but isn’t it true that calm seas never made a good sailor? There will be super guests voyaging aboard our boat. We need to spread good news in this crazy time we live in. To paraphrase producer Nema Antunes, ‘I tell you all:  Nothing will stop us!’ ” emphasizes GUAI.

GUAI records her new album w/ Latin Grammy Awarded Marco
 Brito at Cia. dos Técnicos Studios in Rio

About the artist GUAI

In capital letters, GUAI is a Brazilian female singer who has Brazil and Jazz 
in her voice and soul. She had her first stage experience at the age of 4. 
At the end of 2015 GUAI released her debut album entitled DAMA DE PAUS. 
This prompted great support from some of the biggest names in Brazilian music,  for example Roberto Menescal, Ivan Lins, Carlos Lyra and others. As a result,  she received numerous international reviews and was nominated for the biggest music  awards in Brazil in 2011, 2012 and 2017, the year that she launched internationally in  Lisbon, Portugal.

GUAI records her new album w/ Latin Grammy Awarded Marcos 
Suzano at Cia. dos Técnicos Studios in Rio

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