WorldMusicMix: Meet Manuela Sánchez Goubert: Redefining Latin American Folklore With Heartfelt New Single “Mamá”

New York City, May 2024 — Manuela Sánchez Goubert, a fresh and compelling voice in the
music world, is thrilled to announce the release of her new single, “Mamá,” released on May
25th on all major streaming platforms ahead of her debut album release this August. This track
exemplifies Manuela’s reinvention of Latin American folklore, blending traditional sounds with
modern influences.

“Mamá” is a heartfelt and evocative song that pays tribute to all mothers and nurturers, including
Manuela’s mother, who instilled in her the belief in the healing power of music.

“This song is a testament to how music can heal, and is a tribute to mothers everywhere,” says
Manuela. “Everything I am, I owe to my mom.”

“Mamá” showcases a fusion of cumbia rhythm with contemporary elements, creating a sound
that is both timeless and contemporary. Manuela’s voice, rich with emotion and authenticity,
leads the listener on a journey through the heart of Latin American folklore.

About Manuela and her band
Manuela and her band belong to a new generation, who–inspired by the folkloric traditions of the
50’s–propose new compositions with a modern touch, nourished by jazz reharmonizations.
Manuela is a Colombian artist who combines jazz with Latin American folklore, creating a
cosmopolitan sound. She studies at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute led by Maestro Danilo
Pérez and Patricia Zárate, where she hones her social activism skills by engaging in community
outreach programs, participating in social justice initiatives, and collaborating on projects that
use music as a tool for social change. Furthermore, she is an ambassador for the Latin Grammy
Cultural Foundation and participates in the Foundation’s 2024 “Leading Ladies of
Entertainment” Program.

Born and raised in the Colombian Andes, Manuela moved to New York City as a teenager, where
she was introduced to the jazz scene by mentors like Lucía Pulido and Lauren Kinhan. She has
performed in major venues around the world, including the Panamá Jazz Festival, Jazz at Lincoln
Center, and Radio City Valencia alongside world-renowned artists such as Andrés Cepeda,
Luciana Souza, Olga Román, and New York Voices.

These are her band members:
Juan Diego Panadero is a Colombian clarinetist sponsored by Légère, a two-time Latin Grammy
winner, and a star of the Disney+ series “The Low Tone Club,” currently completing his studies
at Berklee College of Music.

Sebastián Guerrero, a bassist from Medellín, graduated from Longy School of Music and EAFIT,
contributing to diverse musical projects across genres like jazz, tropical, and hip hop as a bassist,
arranger, and producer.

Juan Sebastián Ramírez Cubides is a versatile Colombian percussionist in both symphonic and
popular percussion. He graduated from the Universidad Nacional in Bogotá, Colombia, and is
currently studying world percussion and music production at Berklee College of Music.

Federico Aristizábal is a Colombian drummer, percussionist, and guitarist from Medellín,
recognized for his versatility and musicality, having won multiple music competitions and
performed with notable musicians.

Luana Brazzán, a young drummer and percussionist from Arequipa, Peru, fuses Afro-Peruvian
and Andean rhythms with jazz, and founded the all-women Afro-Peruvian jazz band Magenta
Jazz, active in festivals and concerts.

Simón Martínez is an Ecuadorian pianist, composer, producer, and arranger focused on Latin
American alternative music, who studied at Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Berklee
College of Music, and is the music director of the Latin American Student Association at

Felipe Álvarez is a Chilean music producer and guitarist, a Berklee graduate, who has performed
with Latin Grammy winners and currently teaches music and music production at the Mattapan
Teen Center.

What’s Next for Manuela?
On May 25th, “Mamá” was released as the lead single, with the full album of original songs set
to drop in August. Manuela and her band will embark on an international tour in mid-August,
performing on the East Coast, as well as in Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín), Ecuador (Quito), and
Peru (Lima). If you’d like to support Manuela and her band, check out her fundraising page.

“Manuela’s profound understanding of Latin American rhythms and her innovative jazz
interpretations set her apart as a truly remarkable artist,” says Danilo Pérez, Grammy
Award-winning pianist and composer, “Her work is both a homage to her heritage and a bold
step into the future of music.”
“She has a creative vision that is mature and steeped in merging her traditional background with
what interests her in the colorful world she is surrounded by,” says Lauren Kinhan of New York

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WorldMusicMix: Gavin Harrison / Antoine Fafard(UK)-Perpetual Mutations (2024)

Perpetual Mutations is an original album project released in July 2024, following the first collaboration between Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard, entitled Chemical Reactions, which debuted four years prior. Perpetual Mutations showcases an eclectic blend of musical arrangements and includes contributions from nine collaborators representing various nationalities and continents.

As it was in the first effort, all the music on this album is entirely performed and excludes any programmed instruments. The joint instrumental musical effort was put together with the clear intention of not repeating the exact same sonic textures featured in the first album and keep looking for different and original musical possibilities. For instance, Perpetual Mutations introduces classical guitar and piano, instruments absent in the 2020 album. In addition, some of the pieces feature the Rhodes piano, the soprano saxophone (performed by Jean-Pierre Zanella), as well as handpans and log drum instruments. The song Objective Reality is a piece which is led by Rodrigo Escalona on the oboe in an unusual trio format.

Some strings are also featured as lead instruments on the album, with two pieces – Deadpan Euphoria and Pentalogic Structure – where the cello has a dominant presence (performed by Joasia Cieslak and Isodora Filipovic) and on Viral Information 101 where violinist Ally Storch takes the lead. To conclude the list of contributors,

Dale Devoe – an alumni from the Stan Kenton Orchestra – provided some brass ensembles on three tracks, performing all the trombone and trumpet parts.

The pacing of Perpetual Mutations on all nine pieces takes the listener into various moods and atmospheres. Directly related to the eclectic and ever changing instrumentations used from one piece to the next, the album can’t be easily summarized as one identifiable entity. However, the playing of Harrison and Fafard on every piece is the common thread that unifies all the music on the album.

Harrison’s unmistakable sound and personal approach to the drums are evident throughout, while Fafard’s composition and playing style on the bass and guitar contribute to unify the project. Perpetual Mutations offers a fusion of musical styles and sonic textures that complements the first effort Harrison and Fafard put out four years previously.

The intention of this project is to stretch out artistic possibilities and contribute to expanding the musical spectrum. Gavin Harrison’s work with Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and The Pineapple Thief is well known to progressive fans around the world. Harrison has authored several instructional drum books and DVDs and has received multiple awards from various publications.

Fafard has been releasing his music for over 20 years. He has collaborated with some of the world’s most respected and influential players, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Jerry Goodman, Gary Husband, Simon Phillips and Todd Sucherman. Fafard’s music has been praised for its intricacy and originality by his peers.

Released in 2024, Perpetual Mutations is distributed by Amplified Distribution in the US and Code 7 in the UK.


JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024: Encuentro Music to Release Reginald Policard’s Global Jazz Album “Boarding Pass” in Label Debut

Ron Kadish, Publicist

Encuentro Music to Release Reginald Policard’s Global Jazz Album “Boarding Pass” in Label

Called “the most valued Haitian pianist in the jazz scene”, versatile pianist Reginald Policard has
evolved through decades of playing different styles of music such as konpa, jazz, latin jazz and fusion
to arrive at his personal style. Together with special guests from all over the world, Reginald brings
the musical traditions of Haiti, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and American jazz to Boarding
, an exciting and fresh blend of musical cultures, to be released on May 31, 2024 as the debut
release on the new Encuentro Music label.

Miami-based Encuentro Music is a music label project inspired by the traditions and flavors of the
Caribbean. Encuentro aims to be a melting pot and a musical getaway for all The Caribbean, where
artists and creatives, rhythms and sounds, tastes and colors meet and leave a mark of impactful

Boarding Pass was inspired by the fundamental idea of what Encuentro Music is – a musical meeting
between artists from different countries who all love and are inspired by the music of Latin America,
the Caribbean, and Miami. With its diverse music encounters, Boarding Pass embodies a statement
of what we can expect from Encuentro Music in the future- a message of bringing people together
through music and encouraging them to share and enjoy inspired collaboration.

Born in Haiti, Reginald Policard was introduced to music at the early age of 10. Starting in 1969,
Reginald played in Sugar Jazz before co-founding and leading the famous Caribbean Sextet, which
dominated the music scene in Haiti for many decades.

Reginald’s discography includes sixteen solo recordings and his participation in numerous projects,
including films. His album Vinn Avem was selected to be in the pool of nominees for the Latin
Grammys in 1994. Reginald enjoys playing for his fans and his mastery in the piano comes alive every
time he performs. Reginald has performed and collaborated with well-known international musicians
such as Nicole Henry, Ed Calle, Jeff Carswell, Nicky Orta, Sammy Figueroa, Leo Quintero, Joel
Widmaïer, Richard Barbot, David Fernandez, Sal Cuevas, JeanCaze, Felipe Lamoglia, David Einhorn
and more.

Boarding Pass’s special guests include Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona, who has played and
recorded with a host of modern jazz luminaries from Joe Zawinul to Pat Metheny; legendary
singer Angélique Kidjo; Sammy Figueroa, long regarded as one of the world’s great percussionists,
who has played with everyone from Miles Davis to David Bowie; Haitian-American trumpeter Jean
; renowned Latin percussionist Edwin Bonilla; longtime Erique Iglesias percussionist Gilmar
; and Miami Sound Machine trumpeter Teddy Mulet.

The May 31 release of Boarding Pass follows the highly successful releases of two singles. Intense in
emotion, Melancholia expertly weaves Caribbean, African and traditional Jazz influences to highlight
the warmth and texture of this distinctive collaboration. Policard’s compositional gifts shine through
in Encuentro Theme. His catchy melodies are steeped in a deep understanding of jazz’s historical and
cultural contexts, especially its Caribbean influences. Bona’s multifaceted musicianship adds layers of
complexity and emotional depth, creating a resonant backdrop that invites listeners into a world of
rhythmic euphoria.

Boarding Pass will be available everywhere on May 31, 2024. Pre-save it here.
Encuentro Music
Harold Staco – A&R management

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024: Akagera(France)-Traverse

The AKAGERA trio released their debut album ‘Serpente’ in 2019. The subtle blend of African music and jazz laid the foundations for a new sound driven by an unconventional ensemble of instruments. Their new album, ‘Traverse’, is the soundtrack to the imaginary travel diary of three intrepid musicians forced to put a hold on their adventures.

Over a period of three years, they took time out from improvisation sessions to collectively compose a repertoire reflecting the diversity of their backgrounds and influences: classical and contemporary music for Benoit, mixed music from South America and the Caribbean for Stéphane, and African rhythms and Brazilian grooves for David, all to the backdrop of their shared passion for jazz.

The Akagera Trio is a skilled and exciting new trio. With their completely original and instrumental sounds, we are taken on a musical stroll into a world of fierce but playful jazz with innovative orchestrations.
The trio was conceived as a tribute to the album AKAGERA, which was released in 1980 by the Humair-Jeanneau-Texier trio. This new trio aims to take us on a whole new journey.

Like their illustrious predecessors, the Akagera Trio draws its influences from African music (Akagera is the name of a natural reserve in Rwanda, on border with Tanzania) as well as jazz and contemporary music.

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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024

WorldMusicMix: Yvan Cujious, Louis Winsberg(France) : Une voix, Six Cordes – De Claude à Nougaro

Yvan Cujious et Louis Winsberg

Nouvel album 1 Voix, 6 Cordes

De Claude à Nougaro
avec Francis Cabrel, Thomas Dutronc, Anne Sila, Bigflo et Oli
Sortie le 31/05/2024 chez Baboo Music

Louis Winsberg et Yvan Cujious rendent hommage à Claude Nougaro vingt ans après sa disparition avec l’album 1 Voix, 6 cordes.

Les deux artistes Yvan Cujious et Louis Winsberg reprennent dix des plus belles chansons de Claude Nougaro avec cet album produit par Richard et Frédéric Seff, et en s’entourant de prestigieux invités comme Francis Cabrel, Thomas Dutronc, Anne Sila, les Toulousains Bigflo et Oli ainsi que de grands musiciens comme Rocky Gresset ou encore Jean-Marie Ecay, réunis par l’amour partagé pour le répertoire de Claude Nougaro.

Il fallait l’immense talent de guitariste de Louis Winsberg (Sixun, Nougaro, Maurane…) et la voix précise et délicate d’Yvan Cujious, pour incarner de façon singulière ce répertoire inoubliable qui revisite des classiques ou des titres moins connus tels Cécile Ma Fille, Le Jazz et la Java, La pluie fait des claquettes, Armstrong, Toulouse, Le Cinéma et bien d’autres… Premier extrait, voici Cécile Ma Fille enregistré à Astaffort avec Francis Cabrel.

Pour regarder le clip de Cécile Ma Fille avec Francis Cabrel :

Yvan Cujious et Louis Winsberg unissent leurs talents pour l’album Une Voix, Six Cordes – De Claude à Nougaro : dix reprises inspirées mettant en valeur la dimension jazz et les influences espagnoles de Claude Nougaro. Yvan Cujious et Louis Winsberg ont trouvé l’angle pour proposer une version pertinente de ce répertoire presque impossible à revisiter. Une façon singulière de décaler ces standards de la chanson française. En magicien prodigieux de la guitare, Louis Winsberg fait danser la voix d’Yvan Cujious. Sur le tapis volant de ses six cordes merveilleusement vibrantes, son allègre dextérité fait tourner le manège des rimes.

L’amitié d’Yvan Cujious avec Claude Nougaro est née alors qu’Yvan était encore prof de physique au lycée Fermat à Toulouse, et durera toute leur vie.

C’est en croisant l’incroyable guitariste Louis Winsberg (Sixun, Jaléo Mike Stern, Maurane Dee Dee Bridgewater… ) qui avait lui-même côtoyé et accompagné Claude Nougaro que l’idée de l’hommage est arrivée !

Le jeu de guitare de Louis Winsberg à la fois savant, virtuose, chaleureux, subtil et généreux, dans lequel l’Espagne pousse un peu sa corne, a permis une approche à la fois originale et fidèle à l’esprit des chansons de Nougaro.  C’est une nouvelle exploration de cet incroyable répertoire, joué plus souvent au piano qu’à la guitare, que nous offre le duo. Une re-création récréative !

Pour l’album, produit par Richard et Frédéric Seff, les deux artistes s’entourent de prestigieux amis et invités : Francis Cabrel, Thomas Dutronc, Anne Sila, les Toulousains Bigflo et Oli ainsi que de grands musiciens comme Rocky Gresset ou encore Jean-Marie Ecay, réunis par l’amour partagé pour le répertoire de Claude.  Une histoire d’amitié, presque de famille qui s’élancera en tournée dès cet été…

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WorldMusicMix: Peyman Yazdanian(Iran) – Live à Lecce

Peyman Yazdanian

Nouvel album Live In Lecce
Sortie le 29/03/2024 chez Melmax Music

Le pianiste Peyman Yazdanian est de retour le 29 mars 2024 avec la sortie physique (cd et vinyle) de l’album Live In Lecce. Enregistré en 2021 dans les Pouilles en Italie, dans le cadre du festival Conversazione Sul futuro, cet album du pianiste iranien déjà disponible en digital reçoit enfin la lumière qu’il mérite grâce au label de jazz Melmax Music.

Le concert de Peyman Yazdanian à Lecce est le fruit d’une improvisation touchée par la grâce, sur un piano préparé par ses soins. Pendant une quarantaine de minutes, l’artiste nous tient en haleine, suspendu au fil miraculeux d’une inspiration jaillissante et intarissable. Gracieux, lyrique, souple ou percutant, son jeu de piano nous transporte avec autant de couleurs et de profondeur qu’un orchestre.

Pour retrouver un peu de la magie de cette soirée, Peyman Yazdanian dévoile une vidéo où il rejoue un thème de Live in Lecce, capté en session par l’équipe du Cargo.

Pour regarder et diffuser Improvisation as in Lecce Part 2 :

À l’occasion de la huitième édition du festival Conversazioni sul Futuro en 2021, le compositeur iranien Peyman Yazdanian s’est rendu en Italie pour y réaliser sa première performance live en Europe depuis longtemps.

C’est plus précisément à Lecce dans la région des Pouilles que ce festival annuel se tient depuis 2013. Les rencontres s’y déroulent en plein air dans les espaces du Convitto Palmieri, des anciens couvents des Augustins et des Théatins, de la librairie Liberrima et du parc archéologique des Rudiae.

Cet évènement a pour but de sensibiliser son public à des sujets de société actuels importants tels que l’éducation, la science, les droits de l’Homme, l’environnement, l’économie, etc. Le concert de Peyman a d’ailleurs été réalisé en hommage à Patrick Zaki, un chercheur égyptien arrêté puis condamné à trois ans de prison pour avoir dénoncé les violations de droits des Coptes, des habitants chrétiens d’Égypte.

Le concert de Peyman Yazdanian s’est déroulé sous la forme d’une improvisation sur piano préparé qu’il persiste à appeler lui-même “piano manipulé”. Ce qui rend cette performance si spéciale est sans aucun doute la façon avec laquelle le compositeur d’origine perse a su altérer le son d’un instrument classique tel que le piano. En entreposant des objets divers sur les cordes ainsi que les marteaux de l’instrument emblématique, Peyman réussit à transformer le son du piano et à obtenir des sonorités percussives plus brutes et impactantes qu’habituellement. Certaines ne sont pas sans rappeler le Gamelan Indonésien.

Ce son cristallin permet à Peyman d’improviser des boucles de piano suivies d’envolées engageant une conversation sur l’avenir avec son piano.

L’album digital issu de l’enregistrement de cette session live improvisée paru le 7 octobre 2022 sur les plateformes de streaming. Il se nomme tout simplement Live in Lecce et comporte cinq mouvements. Il est enfin commercialisé sur CD et Vinyle le 29 mars avec le label Melmax Music.

Le pianiste est également un compositeur de musique de film réputé, et largement récompensé. Sa musique a accompagné les œuvres des plus grands réalisateurs iraniens, d’Abbas Kiarostami à Asghar Farhadi, en passant par Niki Karimi ou Mohammad Rasoulof.

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France: EYM Trio et Varijashree Venugopal : sortie de l’album Bangalore le 06/10

EYM Trio & Varijashree Venugopal
Nouvel album Bangalore

Sortie le 06 octobre 2023 chez Melmax Music
En concert le 06/10 au 360 Music Factory à Paris et en tournée
Aujourd’hui bien implanté sur la scène jazz internationale, EYM Trio continue son chemin défendant un jazz acoustique sur un concept à géométrie variable. Le 6 octobre 2023, le groupe fêtera la sortie de son tout nouvel album Bangalore enregistré avec la flûtiste et chanteuse indienne Varijashree Venugopal. Véritable prodige de la musique carnatique  Varijashree Venugopal maîtrise avec une aisance déconcertante les codes de la musique occidentale et orientale. Elle a été adoubée par Chick Corea, Bobby Mc Ferrin, John Mc Laughlin, Victor Wooten, Michael League, BC Manjunath…Elie Dufour, Marc Michel et Yann Phayphet qui forment le noyau dur du groupe EYM Trio créé en 2011, parcourent le monde tant physiquement grâce aux tournées que musicalement par les musiciens qu’ils invitent.EYM Trio et Varijashree Venugopal seront en tournée dans toute la France pour nous faire découvrir leur album Bangalore et le 06/10 au 360 Music Factory à Paris.

Véritable globe-trotteur, le trio jazz EYM propose un univers surprenant qui invite au voyage grâce à la chanteuse/flûtiste indienne Varijashree Venugopal, une artiste d’exception.
Bangalore est la capitale de l’Etat du Karnataka, Sud de l’Inde. C’est ici qu’EYM Trio a rencontré Varijashree à l’occasion d’une de leurs tournées en Inde. Ce fut leur plus important coup de coeur musical.
Bangalore deviendra naturellement le nom de l’album qu’ils enregistreront ensemble trois ans plus tard. Cet album est une histoire d’amitié, de spontanéité et de connexion musicale forte.
Enregistré live en un après-midi aux studios ICP à Bruxelles. Il est le résultat de nombreuses années connectées à l’Inde, et propose une musique à la croisée des chemins entre le jazz d’EYM Trio et la couleur carnatique indienne apportée par Varijashree.

Quand le trio joue avec Varijashree, tout semble simple, la musique est au-dessus de tout. Ils vont ensemble vers des paysages sonores insoupçonnés qu’il est excitant de découvrir sur scène. L’ambition de cet album est de toucher profondément tout type de public à travers le monde.

En tournée :
06.10.23 : 360 Factory – Paris
07.10.23 : Crescent – Mâcon
11.10.23 : Périscope – Lyon
12.10.23 : Théâtre Sainte-Marie d’en Bas – Grenoble
13.10.23 : CRR d’Annecy
25.01.24 : Bertinoro (IT)
26.01.24 : Jazz Club Ferrara (IT)
27.01.24 : Altitude Jazz – Briançon

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JazzWorldQuest 2023

World Music Mix: Hakim Jamal(UK)-As She Awakens (2023)

Hakim Jamal-As She Awakens

Hakim Jamal(UK)-As She Awakens
Composer: Paul Ashley Wheatcroft
Label: TalkingHead TV Recordings (2023)

On June 21st 2023, a child was born in Algiers. She has not had a simple start to life – her parents are separated by distance, although she is much loved. We keep communication open and we give her what we can in the ways we can, until we can see her. This I also do with my two other grandchildren, but sadly often with little success.
I wanted to give her a gift that would be memorable, and with the skills I have, I created this for her and about her. It was inspired by a video taken of her by her mother as she was waking up one day.
But it’s more than that – children from her part of the world, and I include the Middle East as well as North Africa suffer daily deprivations and injustices. Children of her precise background find themselves even this week caught up in the awful racist theatre of hate that is France.
Yet they remain at heart just children – alive, trusting, hungry, loving, naturally happy – wherever they are.
In my opinion it is our responsibility to make sure they are taken care of; and so this song is for them too. I hope it makes you think of children you know and ways in which you can be kind to them. Peace.

World Music Mix

World Music Mix: Neal Bowen(USA)-Album: Kamikaze Think Thank (Blue Canoe Records, 2023)


Neal Bowen’s music showcases his abilities not only on bass, but guitar, keys, and in production. With the contributions of drummer/producer Jason Cooper and trumpeter/arranger Tom Clary, Neal’s debut album Kamikaze Think Tank is a tribute to his musical heroes that have become a part of his musical voice and vision. Echoes of Weather Report, Dixie Dregs, and Steely Dan can be heard throughout.

Bass, Keys, Guitar, Programming: Neal Bowen
Drums: Jason Cooper
Trumpet: Tom Clary
Saxophone: Jim Spake
Trombone: Victor Sawyer
B3 Organ, Synth: Pete DeGloma
Mixing/Mastering: Neal Bowen, Jason Cooper

Blue Canoe Records

World Music Mix

World Music Mix: Hakim Jamal(UK): Album: “Music From The Mint Hotel”(2023)

Hakim Jamal-Music From The Mint Hotel
Nixon’s Priest
Based on a lilting 3/4 piano pattern, a jazzy and melancholy track with funky electric piano, acoustic guitar and moody saxophone solo.
Hunter S Thompson: “Father John McLaughlin revelled in his role as ’Nixon’s Priest’ (see “A Stroke Of Cheap Genius”) for about a month, but his start faded fast when it was discovered he was pulling down $25,000 a year and living in a luxury apartment at The Watergate. His superiors in the church were horrified… the Good Jesuit Father was planning to marry his girlfriend. McLaughlin disappeared very quickly and nothing has been heard of him since.”

Music From The Mint Hotel” is multi-instrumentalist, and composer Hakim Jamal aka Paul Ashley Wheatcroft`s new album, a musical spectrum that includes jazz-funk, soul, R&B, and hip-hop, all expertly blended to fit the concept based on an essay by famous Beat Generation writer Hunter S. Thompson, known for his book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” among his other best-sellers.

The album’s sonic construct gives the music an exquisite fluidity that take the listener on a cinematic journey through the stories of some fictional characters gathered during the (in)famous‘Mint 400’ Off-Road race. But one should not be familiar with Thopson’s writings to appreciate this wonderful album whose technical and artistic qualities deserve the superlative.

Each of the seventeen tracks stands on its own while seaminglessly integrated with the ensemble through a cohesive sound architecture that skillfully keeps an aesthetic balance between the retro flair and contemporary beats. Layers of instruments and vocal lines re-create the sound of the 60s along with “analog” retro vibes tastefully fused with deep seductive tempos sustained by lush bass lines.

Remarkably how the nostalgic feeling permeates the sonic ensemble as a whole, the composer built a creative bridge over time from today`s cultural perspective, and this is only one of the numerous aspects of the album that make listening to it an enjoyable listening experience.

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