JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2021: Utopia(USA/Japan)-Imaginably

Imaginably is the 2nd album of Utopia, NY based duo project formed by Japanese musicians Yuto Mitomi (sax) and Yuto Kanazawa (guitar) who share the same first name.

The first track Karatachi no Hana is written by Japanese composer Kosaku Yamada in 1925, Mitomi originally arranged this piece for his octet and later he started to play together with Kanazawa. Title track Imaginably is the original composition by Yuto Mitomi, other tracks are a collection of jazz standards and pop covers.

First two tracks are played in a similar aesthetic, free improvisation based on the melody and form. It is a similar approach to their influence, the music of Paul Motian trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano. Mitomi and Kanazawa focused on listening to the momentum of each other’s performance and improvised freely along with the flow of the melody.

In contrast to the first two tracks, I Want You Back, Black Bird, Dralice and Isn’t She Lovely have steady rhythms with the styles of Funk, Latin, Country and Brazilian Music. Mitomi and Kanazawa express their respect and love for jazz with Thelonious Monk’s Ugly Beauty and Cliff Burwell’s jazz standard Sweet Lorraine that was written in 1928.

Their unique repertoire was formed while performing gigs in NYC and touring in Japan where they play music for audiences who love all genres of music. Utopia’s intention on this album was to introduce jazz and improvisation to a broader audience with the familiar melodies and cultural music. Mitomi plays tenor and soprano sax and Kanazawa plays Brazilian 7 string guitar on this album.

Their mutual friend pianist Noah MacNeil gave notes to the album inner cover; For both standards and cover songs, there is no limit to what one could imaginably play.

Album Release Date: 3/12/21 on major streaming websites.
Pre-release available at Bandcamp on 3/5/21. 

Yuto Mitomi (Tenor & Soprano Saxophone)

Yuto Kanazawa (Brazilian 7 string guitar )

Recorded by Jason Borisoff
at Conveyor Recording Studio in Brooklyn NY, on January 21st, 2020

Mixed & Mastered by Yuto Kanazawa
Art designed by Yuto Kanazawa,

Special thanks to Noah MacNeil,

Funk Elastic(Croatia/Slovenia)-Funk Habit

Funk Elastic(Croatia/Slovenia)-Funk Habit
Funk Habit (Single)Funk Habit by Funk Elastic, this is a jazz-funk and jazz-fusion groove, featuring electric guitar and tenor saxophone solos. This tune features Damir Šomen, one of the best Croatian session drummers and Jernej Bervar, a guitar player from Slovenia, currently residing in New York. Funk Habit jazz-funk by Funk Elastic is available for streaming and download at the online services, check out the most popular at Zivaldo Music.

Funk Elastic(Croatia/Slovenia)-Funk Habit

Zdenko Ivanušić – flute, tenor saxophone & electric piano
Krunoslav Zver – trumpet
Ivan Mučić – trombone
Jernej Bervar – electric guitar
Damir Šomen – drums
Robert Lajić – electric bass, sound engineering & production
composed by Zdenko Ivanušić
released June 14, 2021
Funk Elastic – Official Artist Channel @ Youtube


FINAL STEP- Disconnections | June 14th 2021

From the multi-lingual border region of Ticino in Switzerland, guitarist Matteo Finali brings Final Step with their 5th album release, Disconnections. To be organised neatly on your shelf marked ‘jazz fusion’, the group display a shared passion for that post-Miles brand of electric jazz which unites rock, funk, blues and ethnic music.
“At a time when everyone is seemingly ‘connected’ all the time via their computers and phones, we want to bring a much-needed jolt of energy, reminding people of the importance of disconnecting and enjoying the spirit of live music.”
Their 2017 release Live at Estival Jazz was recorded when the band opened for Mike Manieri’s latest iteration of Steps Ahead at one of Switzerland’s biggest festivals; this 2021 outing sees them back in the studio, adding an extra layer of slick production, colourful effects and bite-sized interludes to the proceedings. The music is passionate, rhythmic and unashamedly funky, whilst displaying a compositional creativity that underscores the bandleader’s jazz credentials.

“a punch full of pumping fusion, funk and electric jazz! – Abstract Logix

Matteo Finali Guitar
Mirko Roccato Saxophones
Alessandro Ponti Hammond Organ & Keys
Federico Barluzzi Bass
Dario Milan Drums
Video Listen

Afrika Love, the breathtaking third album by Alchemy Sound Project, traverses boundaries of genre and geography

An ode to the grandeur of nature, reflections on relationships, and a pair of musical tributes comprise five eclectic, aurally compelling original works

Released May 14, 2021 via Artists Recording Collective

Alchemy is defined as “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination” (Oxford English Dictionary). It’s hard to imagine a word that more aptly suits Alchemy Sound Project, a collective in which five esteemed composers and bandleaders — pianist Sumi Tonooka, woodwind players Salim Washington and Erica Lindsay, trumpeter Samantha Boshnack, and bassist David Arend — form a potent ensemble greater than the sum of its parts. A synergy that seems almost supernatural, especially given the far- flung home bases from which these artists converge, is evident throughout Afrika Love, the band’s third album, released May 14, 2021 via Artists Recording Collective.

Alchemy Sound Project formed in 2014, two years after the group’s members met in Los Angeles at the Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute, where, over the course of a week, they learned to utilize Western classical music concepts and orchestration techniques. “We were five friends and colleagues who had all these similar connections,” Tonooka recalls, “and I wanted us to be able to extend what we do together musically, instead of leaning on other projects or other commissions — to set up our own small chamber group to play and record.” What resulted is a diverse, eclectic group that makes powerful, original music meant to blur the boundaries between notated composition and improvisation.

Sessions for Afrika Love took place in January 2018 in Conshohocken, PA. But the album’s title, borrowed from the composition that Washington contributed to the album, reflects the band’s keen awareness that this recording arrives in the wake of one of the most tumultuous years in recent U.S. history — a pivotal period in which race relations and social justice protests have taken center stage.

According to Tonooka, the band found the title “appropriate in terms of what’s happened with the Black Lives Matter movement, and with what the country still has to deal with in terms of conversations about racism and the aftermath of slavery, and the fact that we still haven’t gotten it together to really heal, because no one seems to talk about it in a way that is healing.” Seen in that light, the multi-gendered, multi-racial makeup of Alchemy Sound Project in itself offers an understated, buoyantly positive example of cooperation and mutual regard.

Given that each Alchemy member is so distinguished individually, it’s no surprise that their collective effort shines. Tonooka, who presently makes her home in Philadelphia, was a 2020 Painted Bride Composer Grant recipient, a 2019 Chamber Music America New Jazz Works Grant winner, and a 2018 Philadelphia Jazz Legacy awardee, among other accolades. Seattle resident Boshnack issued a debut album with her band, Seismic Belt, in 2019, and led the group in appearances at Winter Jazzfest, the Festival of New Trumpet Music, and Seattle’s Earshot Jazz Festival.

Arend settled in Los Angeles in 2018, just in time to see local screenings of Changyou’s Journey, a short film for which he served as composer and co-producer. After making his debut as acting principal bassist of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, he completed his first major orchestral score. Lindsay, based in upstate New York, is an artist-in-residence at Bard College, teaching jazz composition and arranging as well as leading a contemporary-music ensemble, and in 2019 she was an artist-in-residence at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center. Washington, based in Durban, South Africa, leads a busy performance career with several respected groups — the newest, a quartet he leads jointly with piano prodigy Afrika Mkhize, in whose honor Washington penned the album’s title track.

Completing the lineup on Afrika Love are two versatile colleagues, trombonist Michael Ventoso a student of Lindsay’s who plays in both classical and jazz settings, and drummer Chad Taylor, a dynamic solo artist and bandleader, and cofounder of the renowned Chicago Underground Duo. The group elected Arend, a seasoned studio hand, to produce the album, which showcases one original composition by each member.

“The title says it all,” Arend says of “The Fountain,” which opens the album. “I was inspired to depict in music the imagery of a huge fountain of water, both the larger scale of gushing energies as well as the smaller scale of individual water droplets. Tightly organized at the beginning and end, the piece contains a central section that is pure free improvisation.” On this track, the musicians’ cohesive free play is bookended by curve-hugging tightness at the start and finish.

Tonooka says that in writing “Dark Blue Residue,” she was thinking about the aftermath of any experience that brings people together. “A relationship, it could be a group, it could be any social type of situation — the quality of what’s left behind is a sort of residue. People move on, people move forward, but there’s a residue that’s left. And dark blue has to do with the bittersweetness of that, when you’re left to reflect on what you have, and what you’ve done.” Throughout the piece, Arend slips seamlessly from classical arco playing with and among the winds and horns to a woody pizzicato throb beneath, lending nuance and dimension.

Afrika Love” is Washington’s tribute to his South African compatriot, pianist Afrika Mkhize, son of renowned pianist-composer Themba Mkhize. “One day he called me up out of the blue, simply to say, ‘I love you,’” Washington relates. During their conversation, Mkhize talked about a distinctive pitch system native to Zulu musical tradition. “I began experimenting with this system, and decided to write a composition with it,” Washington says. An unaccompanied horn establishes the tone dramatically from the start, and the composer’s oboe soliloquy is a highlight of this rich, original conception.

The Cadillac of Mountains” is about feeling awestruck in the face of nature’s grandeur, says Boshnack. “As a hiking enthusiast living in the dramatic environs of the Pacific Northwest, this composition conveys the inspiration I feel when enjoying the overwhelming beauty in the outside world.” The composer’s sky-scraping trumpet lines evoke heavenly expanses, which Washington’s plummy bass clarinet counters with elemental earthiness. Lindsay’s tenor sax solo conveys the composer’s passionate vision, while a contrasting section anchored by Tonooka and Arend evokes nature’s tendency toward unpredictable shifts. And not to be overlooked is Chad Taylor’s subtle and varied accompaniment.

A different sort of marvel animates “Kesii,” Lindsay’s sly, earthy closer. “I named this piece after a friend of mine who passed away this year at the age of 107,” she says. “The journey of life and the path it takes us on holds so much wonder and unexpected gifts.” The piece, she explains, is meant to evoke all the twists and turns a life can hold with a constantly changing series of moods, tones, and colors. “I took a 5/4 repeating clarinet phrase as a starting point, and let the music tell its own story,” Lindsay notes.

Each of these five compositions tells a story worth hearing. Together, they serve to remind the listener that, for all of its unanimity of spirit and intent, Alchemy Sound Project showcases five compelling individuals, each with their own powerful creative vision. The genuine magic in the band’s work is that artists so individually strong and distinctive can fold themselves into one another’s visions so completely and sympathetically. The result is alchemy at its finest.


SWITZERLAND: Disconnections by Final Step

Picture by Elizabeth La Rosa
Accaparrati DISCONNECTIONS!👉🏻 L’uscita del nuovo album si avvicina: segnati il 14 giugno!
A due settimane dall’usicta puoi ordinarlo in anteprima…
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FINAL STEP èMatteo Finali – chitarraMirko Roccato – sassofoni
Alessandro Ponti – hammond e tastiereFederico Barluzzi – bassoDario Milan – batteria ・ Registrato a RSC Recording Studio Canaa di Mauro Fiero

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Two weeks from the debut, you can pre-order it…
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Matteo Finali – guitar
Mirko Roccato – saxophones
Alessandro Ponti – hammond and keys
Federico Barluzzi – bass
Dario Milan – drums

・Recorded @ RSC Recording Studio Canaa by Mauro FieroPress Agency
Lorenza Somogyi-Bianchi
via Monte Ruggero 14
00139 Roma
ItalyBooking Agency
Carmela Senfett
Ludwigstraße 93
04315 Leipzig

FRANCE: Eric Séva + Triple Roots, sortie de l’album Résonances

Eric Séva – Triple RootsNouvel album Résonances/Sortie le 14/05/2021 chez Laborie Jazz
Le saxophoniste Éric Séva revient dans sa formule de prédilection, en trio acoustique pour l’album Résonances qui sort chez Laborie Jazz.Dans cette formule épurée où la musique circule à grands flots, Eric Séva est accompagné par Kevin Reveyrand à la basse et Jean-Luc Di Fraya à la batterie et aux percussions. Éric Séva a toujours privilégié dans son parcours le jazz et l’improvisation, cʼest précisément parce que le métissage et la liberté en sont lʼessence même.Après avoir joué avec des musiciens aussi divers que Didier Lockwood, Chris Réa, Thomas Fersen, David Krakauer, Henri Salvador, Michel Legrand, Sylvain Luc, ou encore Khalil Chahine, Eric Séva nous revient avec Triple Roots, un trio étincelant.À lʼimage du rêve, la musique de l’album Résonances est un condensé dʼimaginaire qui autorise ce partenaire essentiel quʼest le public à voyager librement dans son sillage. Avec un bonheur jouissif constamment renouvelé.
Pour regarder et diffuser la vidéo de Résonances :https://youtu.be/oMasQ_Se_qk

Eric Séva renoue avec le saxophone ténor dans son trio Triple Roots, sa formule de prédilection, pour l’album Résonances chez Laborie Jazz.

La rencontre est l’essence même de la musique particulièrement des musiques du monde et du jazz. C’est d’elle que découle l’improvisation, un art délicat guidé par une entente absolue.

Éric Séva en avait conscience lorsqu’il a créé ce trio en appelant Kevin Reveyrand et Jean-Luc Di Fraya. Bien des points rassemblent les membres de cette formation : des racines artistiques profondes, une terre musicale nourricière qui leur a chevillé au corps la passion des conversations mélodiques et rythmiques issues des musiques populaires, une rencontre idéale autour du jazz et des musiques du monde ; un don commun pour le partage, entre eux comme avec le public. Dès la première rencontre leurs affinités se sont retrouvées au centre d’une combinaison magique pour servir une musique faites de compositions originales. Dans sa formule de prédilection Éric se retrouve entouré de deux musiciens d’exceptions, au carrefour d’un trio acoustique et épuré dont la musique circule naturellement. Ce trio est d’une évidence simple, jouer ensemble, improviser, partager, voyager…

Eric Séva et Triple Roots :
Éric Séva, saxophones ténor et soprano, compositions
Kevin Reveyrand, basse
Jean-Luc Di Fraya, batterie, percussions, cajón, voix
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France: Riopy Nouvel album Bliss

Riopy: Nouvel album Bliss / Sortie le 02/07/2021 chez Warner Classics
Riopy est de retour le 02 juillet 2021 chez Warner Classics avec son nouvel album Bliss. Ce jeune pianiste et compositeur rencontre un succès fou sur les plateformes digitales avec ses compositions néoclassiques aux bienfaits tout simplement magiques.Dans la même lignée que Max Richter, Nils Frahm, ou Olafur Arnalds, Riopy impose ses mélodies inspirées et captivantes grâce à son jeu de piano hors norme.Son univers musical lui a permis de toucher une très large audience à l’international à travers le cinéma, la télévision ou la publicité. Sa musique a des vertus physiques autant que mentale. La méditation et composer à cet effet est d’ailleurs un des moteur artistique de Riopy.Jouer du piano est un besoin physique et mental pour moi. Je crée toujours de la musique, et quand j’entends quelque chose dans ma tête, je dois le sortir et mon piano m’aide à le faire, combinant les notes jusqu’à ce que je trouve la mélodie parfaite.“A chaque clip, Riopy nous entraîne dans un nouveau voyage. Après Sky Opus Fire, Epiphany, et La Vernatelle, le pianiste nous mène avec Sweet Dream, nouvel extrait de l’album Bliss, dans un nouvel éveil aux frontières de l’inconscience.   Pour regarder et diffuser la vidéo de Sweet Dream :https://youtu.be/qxT2Z0fdKZY

Rejetant les artifices d’une musique sur-produite, leur préférant la pureté et la puissance d’un extraordinaire piano Fazioli, Riopy s’est inspiré pour cet album des héros discrets de la vie quotidienne. Il leur rend hommage avec une collection de miniatures qui laissent dans la mémoire de l’auditeur de profondes traces d’un calme et d’un bonheur sereins : le Bliss.

200 Millions… 200 millions de fois un être humain a pris le temps d’écouter un morceau de piano composé et joué par le pianiste français Riopy sur une plate-forme de streaming. Cette audience lui permet de se maintenir au top des meilleures ventes classiques aux Etats-Unis, comme en atteste Billboard depuis plusieurs mois, audience qui s’étend au monde entier et en particulier en Chine, où il s’est produit plusieurs fois.

Incarnation de la maxime selon laquelle nul n’est prophète en son pays ? Peut-être car s’il a signé des musiques pour des marques aussi prestigieuses qu’Armani, Samsung ou Peugeot, Riopy suit sa voie en dehors des sentiers battus, de toutes les écoles, et en marge du mouvement néo-classique dont il ne fait pas vraiment partie. Jaillie du cœur, forgée par sa pratique de la méditation, sa musique immédiatement visuelle et cinématique est reçue de par le monde comme une force réparatrice bienvenue dans la période que nous vivons, comme en atteste son titre Méditation 66 déployé avec un immense succès sur l’application Calm.

C’est l’histoire inouïe d’un artiste que le monde entier écoute mais que son propre pays connaît très peu que son nouvel album, Bliss, invite à découvrir.

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USA: In Support of Music For Love, Son of Michel Petrucciani Speaks About “Cantabile 2.0

Earlier this year, Music For Love released a charity project entitled Music For Love Vol. 1. The opening track “Cantabile 2.0” by Fabrizio Bosso and Pablo Nannucci, aka Roc Flowers is inspired by the great jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani “Cantabile.” “Cantabile 2.0” adapted modern hip-hop texture on top of existing melody ideas, drawing influences from jazz standards and funk. Soon after its release, the tune received support from Michel Petrucciani’s family. Alexandre Petrucciani, the younger son of the jazz master, was impressed by Pablo Nannucci, aka Roc Flowers’s hip-hop fusion, “I’m very happy that people still care about his music enough to make stuff around it. It’s really good.”

“Cantabile 2.0” presents a series of butterfly effects from one creative mind to another, stretching into time and space. The song preserves moments of inspiration that continue the conversation between past and future. “This is really a big thing for a young guy like him for his first approach,” the founder and director of Music For Love also expressed high hope for the young artist.

The Petrucciani brothers have been more visible in supporting jazz artists and promoting their father’s music in the past five years. The brothers work as a team, aiming to influence more people. “It’s a link between now and the future, towards new people knowing his music later in life or in time,” said Alexandre.

Michel Petrucciani was exceptional. He was gifted as a musician but special as a person. “A little spark that makes a person shine brighter,” Alexandre described, “he was the person who glues everyone else around him.” Few people knew that the legendary jazz pianist who traveled by plane most days of the year was afraid of heights. Losing Michel Petrucciani was a shock to the family. For them, the loss never heals. “There’s not one day I don’t think about him,” said Alexandre, “It leaves no doubt how much I love my father. He was touring three hundred days a year, but when he was around, he was here 100 percent. He was genuinely happy.”

Memory tends to fade as time passes by, but the love people have for Michel Petrucciani keeps his memory alive. Alexandre expressed his appreciation to tribute concerts and music made in honor of his father, “it’s memory and an honor to be a son of my father,” he said. He has been supporting artists through social media engagement and attending tribute concerts, encouraging young jazz musicians to follow their passion.

Alexandre also inherited his father’s touch with the piano. Although he has never touched a piano until recently, he revealed having a special connection with the instrument. “It’s like I can feel the piano,” he said, “It makes no sense.” He admitted not studying piano with his father was one of his biggest regrets. The early recordings hold a special place in his heart. “I like the Best of the Blue Note Years. That’s my favorite,” said Alexandre, “he (Michel Petrucciani) was younger and had a different energy.”

Learn more about M4L: WWW.MUSICFORLOVE.ORG

Stream Music For Love Vol. 1 on all platforms: http://hyperurl.co/musicforlovevol1

Support Ghetto Youths Foundation: www.ghettoyouthsfoundation.org

BRAZIL: Brazilian artist GUAI records her new album in Rio

Brazilian artist GUAI records her new album in Rio

Great news! Brazilian female singer GUAI is recording her new album in Rio. Its title remains a secret, but release is planned for early 2021
Meanwhile, the artist promises to rock the internet with a brand new 
single and music video to be released in October.

Brazilian artist GUAI records her new album in Rio

This new album was started in early 2018, under the control of 
Latin Grammy Awarded producer Nema Antunes, attracting a talented crew of  collaborating musicians like Luiz Brasil, Teo Lima, Marcelo Martins 
and even the late Arthur Maia.

GUAI records her new album in Rio de Janeiro. Marco Brito, Vanderlei Loureiro, 
GUAI, Nema Antunes, Tavinho Menezes, Erivelton Silva

Female composers are also celebrated in this work, such as Jana Figarella, 
Luiza Salles and Thaís Mota along with Carlinhos Brown and Ivan Lins plus 
several international guest performers to light up the team.

Even while taking extra precautions during the pandemic, GUAI is moving ahead quickly on her return to the studio, hungry for more success, starting with the new single next month.

“There have been some tough years in my battle to see this project reach the world, but isn’t it true that calm seas never made a good sailor? There will be super guests voyaging aboard our boat. We need to spread good news in this crazy time we live in. To paraphrase producer Nema Antunes, ‘I tell you all:  Nothing will stop us!’ ” emphasizes GUAI.

GUAI records her new album w/ Latin Grammy Awarded Marco
 Brito at Cia. dos Técnicos Studios in Rio

About the artist GUAI

In capital letters, GUAI is a Brazilian female singer who has Brazil and Jazz 
in her voice and soul. She had her first stage experience at the age of 4. 
At the end of 2015 GUAI released her debut album entitled DAMA DE PAUS. 
This prompted great support from some of the biggest names in Brazilian music,  for example Roberto Menescal, Ivan Lins, Carlos Lyra and others. As a result,  she received numerous international reviews and was nominated for the biggest music  awards in Brazil in 2011, 2012 and 2017, the year that she launched internationally in  Lisbon, Portugal.

GUAI records her new album w/ Latin Grammy Awarded Marcos 
Suzano at Cia. dos Técnicos Studios in Rio

In conclusion, like and follow @GUAImusik and stay tuned for the artist’s news!