JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2023: Tony Adamo-Sun Ra Throws a Brick through a Jazz Window

Tony Adamo-Sun Ra Throws a Brick through a Jazz Window

Tony Adamo: Sun Ra Throws A Brick Through A Jazz Window
By Nicholas F. Mondello/Allaboutjazz

May 7, 2023

When one listens to the work of Tony Adamo, there needs to be a self-understanding that Adamo’s approach to jazz completely abolishes any pre-conceptions of what “singing,” “vocalese,” and “storytelling” are. His efforts are a highly-stylized ultra-hip gumbo of these things, usually overlaid over a swinging, driving rhythmic platform. His is music intense and this track is.

Sun Ra Throws a Brick Through a Jazz Window” is quintessential Adamo. In this track, we get a three-minute homage to jazz revolutionary Sun Ra with Adamo’s exciting sing-speak verbiage. The Master of the Arkestra, Sun Ra and various members of his unit tend to be frequently mentioned in Adamo’s work. He is an obvious attraction for Adamo and this tune is no exception.

The tempo is a high-grade fever and Adamo blasts his slick lyrics while tenor man Rob Sudduth of Huey Lewis and the News blows freely in the background. It’s a story-song format that has deep roots in both African and other cultures. Ra, of course, embraced multi-cultural textures within a mystical, hyped-up panoply of exotic costumes, sounds, textures, and instrumentation. Adamo, as is his stock in trade, takes on the role of hipster “griot” or tale-teller. The pungency, intrigue, and overall urgency of Adamo’s and his crew’s presentation is beguiling. It is not pretty, but rather, deeply muscular and invigorating.

Like that of the artist of whom he speaks, Adamo’s work is an acquired taste. One has to meet it halfway or more to really appreciate it. When that occurs, you realize that he is a highly talented, super-creative artist carrying heavy presence. Ra might have “broken jazz’s window with a hurled brick,” however, digging Adamo’s take on that extreme image is a vivid scene worth experiencing.

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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2023

USA, New Album: Giacomo Gates Recording Vocals on a Song Written By Tony Adamo

Giacomo Gates Recording Vocals on a Song Written By Tony Adamo

 Terminal hipster Giacomo Gates just keeps getting better and better. Gates is one of the top male jazz singers around today. It is what it is. Giacomo Gates is talented, skillful, and a rock-solid professional. With his vocalese and bebop attitude, he sings, scats, dropping his swinging baritone voice into every lyric he sings. A few years ago, singer, spoken word recording artist Tony Adamo asked Gates to stop by and dig Adamo’s recording session for his CD, TONY ADAMO AND THE NEW YORK CREW.

 Adamo was recording at Raw Recording Studio in Patterson NY owned by Jean-C. Santalis. The music was produced by drummer Mike Clark who assembled a whole gang of very talented musicians for this recording date to include: Lenny White – Drums, Tim Ouimette – Trumpet, Michael Wolff – Piano, Donald Harrison – Alto Sax, Richie Goods – Bass, Bill Summers – Percussion, JC Santalis – Recording Engineer and Guitar. Adamo and Gates became hip jazz friends after that recording scene.

Recently Adamo asked Gates to write lyrics to a song that he wrote several years ago. He could not feel the groove for the words to this cut and knew Gates could come up with a very hip storyline of lyrics that are cool and new jazz swingin’. Adamo added Michael Ray and Dave Davis on horns. They are of the Sun RA Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen. Gates will record lyrics to this song in February 2023 at Raw Recording Studio, Patterson, NY. That song will be on Adamo’s new release on Saint Jaz Records later in 2023. Jack Jones Fly High Jazz Scene

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