JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2023: Florin Raducanu (Romania)- Fugue Fantasia for Piano


Florin Raducanu (Romania)- Fugue Fantasia for Piano

Classical-Jazz Fugue Fanstasia #2” is the second Piano Fugue addressed to both classical and jazz pianists.
In any case, the elements of Bachian Instrumental Counterpoint, jazz harmony, or compositional techniques from the developmental work serve as educational elements that show how jazz and classical music share an improvisational language (present in both Bach and Gershwin).

Like the previous “Jazz Fugue #1”, the new “Fuga Fantasia #2” follows the aesthetic path started by George Gershwin, very correctly understood by Maurice Ravel (see Sonata in G for violin and piano), Leonard Bernstein or John Williams in the creation of classical-jazz symbiosis.

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