Jazz World Quest Showcase 2022: Örjan Hultén Orion(Sweden) – Shifting Ground

orjan hulten orion - shifting ground

Örjan Hultén Orion(Sweden) – Shifting Ground (Prophone Records)

Örjan Hultén Orion‘s latest album is a collection of eight skillfully crafted tracks that showcase the musical and compositional talents of each band member. Despite the fact that the material has several “parents”, the album maintains a consistent stylistic cohesion that reflects an unifying artistic vision where melodicity embraces improvisation in such a fresh way .

Each track bears the personal touch of the musicians, making the album particularly noteworthy. The title track, composed by Filip Augustson, features an engaging interplay between Hultén’s saxophone and Torbjorn Gulz’s piano, with the melodic dialogue exploring contrasts and harmonies. “Mystique No. 12,” a ballad by drummer Peter Danemo, sees the saxophone moving gracefully over percussion and spacious piano accompaniment. Augustson’s composing skills are also on display in “Bellatrix,” which begins with a textural intro featuring drums, piano, and bass, before giving way to Hultén’s melancholic soprano theme, which is supported by the piano in the second part before transitioning to the next saxophone section.

The album’s only composition by the bandleader, “Las Tres Marias,” is a joyous, tango-inspired track that evokes Nino Rota and his work for Fellini films. “Philomelos” is a unique ballad in which Hultén’s captivating saxophone weaves a narrative through the piano melody, complemented by Augustson’s seamless bowing. Danemo’s “Even in the odds” follows in a playful vein, providing a lively backdrop for the drums, bass, piano, and saxophone to perform with exceptional passion and delicacy. “Rigel” opens with Augustson’s bass line and features the piano setting the stage for the saxophone’s melodic entrance, resulting in a virtuosic piece with entertaining blues accents.

The album concludes with “Nosebleed,” a track rich in rhythmic complexity that allows Hultén to fully show his musicianship.

“Shifting Ground” offers new discoveries with each listen and is well worth multiple plays; it is a deserving reward for the listener.

Musicians: Örjan Hultén – saxophones, Torbjorn Gulz – piano, Filip Augustson – bass, Peter Danemo– drums


Jazz World Quest Showcase 2022

USA, New Album: Giacomo Gates Recording Vocals on a Song Written By Tony Adamo

Giacomo Gates Recording Vocals on a Song Written By Tony Adamo

 Terminal hipster Giacomo Gates just keeps getting better and better. Gates is one of the top male jazz singers around today. It is what it is. Giacomo Gates is talented, skillful, and a rock-solid professional. With his vocalese and bebop attitude, he sings, scats, dropping his swinging baritone voice into every lyric he sings. A few years ago, singer, spoken word recording artist Tony Adamo asked Gates to stop by and dig Adamo’s recording session for his CD, TONY ADAMO AND THE NEW YORK CREW.

 Adamo was recording at Raw Recording Studio in Patterson NY owned by Jean-C. Santalis. The music was produced by drummer Mike Clark who assembled a whole gang of very talented musicians for this recording date to include: Lenny White – Drums, Tim Ouimette – Trumpet, Michael Wolff – Piano, Donald Harrison – Alto Sax, Richie Goods – Bass, Bill Summers – Percussion, JC Santalis – Recording Engineer and Guitar. Adamo and Gates became hip jazz friends after that recording scene.

Recently Adamo asked Gates to write lyrics to a song that he wrote several years ago. He could not feel the groove for the words to this cut and knew Gates could come up with a very hip storyline of lyrics that are cool and new jazz swingin’. Adamo added Michael Ray and Dave Davis on horns. They are of the Sun RA Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen. Gates will record lyrics to this song in February 2023 at Raw Recording Studio, Patterson, NY. That song will be on Adamo’s new release on Saint Jaz Records later in 2023. Jack Jones Fly High Jazz Scene

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World Music Mix: David Linx, Guillaume de Chassy, Matteo Pastorino-On Shoulders We Stand (Enja/Yellowbird Records 2022)

David Linx, Guillaume de Chassy, Matteo Pastorino

Nouvel album On Shoulders We Stand
Disponible chez Enja/Yellowbird Records

David Linx, Guillaume de Chassy and Matteo Pastorino ont sorti en trio l’album On Shoulders We Stand chez Enja/Yellowbird Records.

Sur cet album, le pianiste Guillaume de Chassy, le chanteur David Linx et le clarinettiste Matteo Pastorino s’inspirent d’oeuvres de Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninov, et Ravel. David Linx leur a écrit des paroles, Guillaume de Chassy s’est occupé des adaptations, pour cette osmose entre jazz et musique classique.

Après Drown Out The Noise, un titre adapté de Sergueï Rachmaninov, David Linx, Guillaume de Chassy et Matteo Pastorino nous offrent Souls Astray, un titre inspiré par la Sonate pour piano D.537 de Schubert.
Souls Astray est une composition de Franz Schubert qui a déclenché tout notre projet d’album. Quand nous avons entendu la transcription de Guillaume de Chassy, nous avons tout de suite senti que les parties instrumentales pourraient devenir un nouveau répertoire pour le chant, autant jazz et classique. Ce projet a été une libération artistique puisqu’il fallait construire depuis un nouvel endroit et les mélodies me dictaient les textes en quelques sorte. Souls Astray est une ode à la compassion et la beauté de la patience en amour et amitié” a expliqué David Linx.

David Linx : site officiel  Facebook  Instagram
Guillaume de Chassy : site officiel  Facebook et Instagram
Matteo Pasterino : site officiel Facebook et Instagram 


David Linx au chant, Guillaume de Chassy au piano et Matteo Pastorino aux clarinettes nous offrent l’album On Shoulders We Stand, un disque en trio, inspiré des musiques de Bach, Ravel, Scriabine, Schubert, Chopin, Mompou, Rachmaninov et Chostakovitch.
Les textes sont signés David Linx et les transcriptions assurées par Guillaume de Chassy.”Nous n’inventons rien totalement ; nous nous tenons sur les épaules des grands créateurs qui nous ont précédés ou de ceux que nous côtoyons aujourd’hui : musiciens, peintres, écrivains … ces géants nous soutiennent et nous inspirent chaque jour.”
C’est ainsi que David Linx et Guillaume de Chassy, initiateurs de ce projet, définissent leur démarche commune. Avec On Shoulders We Stand, les trois musiciens se sont lancés un défi de taille, assumant joyeusement une prise de risque devenue rare dans le conformisme ambiant.

David Linx on vocals, Guillaume de Chassy on piano and Matteo Pastorino on clarinets released the album On Shoulders We Stand, a trio album inspired by the music of Bach, Ravel, Scriabin, Schubert, Chopin, Mompou, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich.
The texts are written by David Linx and the transcriptions by Guillaume de Chassy.
“We don’t invent anything totally; we stand on the shoulders of the great creators who have preceded us or those we rub shoulders with today: musicians, painters, writers … these giants support us and inspire us every day.”
This is how David Linx and Guillaume de Chassy, initiators of this project, define their common approach. With On Shoulders We Stand, the three musicians have taken on a major challenge, joyfully assuming a risk-taking that has become rare in the current conformism.

World Music Mix

Netherlands: R11 vs the A.I. Robot Tour 2023

R11 vs the A.I. Robot -Rob Verdurmen

1-13-2023 Middleburg 20:00 De Spot
1-14-2023 Nijmegan 20:30 Lux Cultuur and Media
1-15-2023 Den Haag 20:15 The Grey Space
1-20-2023 Roermond 20:00 ECI Cultuurfabriek
1-22-2023 Castricum 20:00 Theatre Koningsduyn
1-27-2023 Bodegraven 20:30 Evertshuis
1-29-2023 Amsterdam 15:00 Bimhuis

Composer / arranger Bob Zimmerman (you know him from De Nieuwe Wildernis, Süskind, his arrangements for the Metropole Orkest and the popular TV program Maestro) and percussionist / composer Rob Verdurmen (drummer of the internationally renowned Willem Breuker Kollektief for 38 years) join their musical forces and ideas to realize the R11 performance about the use of digital technology in film music.

Based on Bob’s arrangements of well-known and lesser-known film music for science fiction films from the period 1968 to the present, supplemented with soundtracks specially composed by Rob for the performance, R11 will musically translate technological developments in image and sound into a dazzling musical spectacle. Video artist Martijn Grootendorst supports the whole in his characteristic style with unexpected and unknown film material.

Bob Zimmerman – arrangements | Rob Verdurmen – compositions & percussion|
Tatiana Koleva – marimba, vibraphone & percussion |
Susanne Rosmolen – cello |
David Kweksilber – reeds Rutger van Otterloo – reeds | Alex Coke – flute & piccolo | Quirijn van Regteren Altena – bass |
Martijn Grootendorst – VJ | Wout Bremer – Aimée|
Guido Nieuwdorp – sound | Saskia Bonarius – directing advice

Promo video:

World Music Mix: Loco Cello (France) – New album: Tangorom feat Biréli Lagrène

Loco Cello(François Salque, Samuel Strouk et Jérémie Arranger)
Nouvel album Tangorom feat Biréli Lagrène
Sortie le 03/02/2023 chez Well Done Simone ! Records
 En concert le 13/02 au Café de la Danse avec Biréli Lagrène et en tournée
L’ensemble Loco Cello composé de François Salque (violoncelle), Samuel Strouk (guitare) et Jérémie Arranger (contrebasse) repart pour de nouvelles aventures avec la sortie de Tangorom le 03 février 2023. On retrouve sur ce second album de Loco Cello deux invités de marque : Biréli Lagrène et Adrien Moignard.L’album Tangorom est une promesse de voyage de l’Argentine à l’Europe de l’Est, en passant par le jazz manouche et la musique classique. La boussole a perdu le nord depuis que Loco Cello a décidé de redessiner la carte du monde sur ses partitions, comme le prouve ce deuxième album passe-murailles.Tissant des liens étroits entre la musique classique, le jazz, et les musiques du monde, Loco Cello nous ensorcelle avec sa palette sonore colorée, contrastée, et sensuelle, servie par une sonorité de groupe hors du commun, captée par Philippe Tessier du Cros à l’Abbaye de Noirlac.À l’occasion du 70e anniversaire de la mort de Django Reinhardt, Loco Cello propose une éclaircie salvatrice en célébrant, avec audace et originalité, une autre facette de Django : celle de son jeu lyrique à travers sa passion de la musique classique. Tangorom navigue d’Astor Piazzolla à Django, en passant par la musique de chambre et les musiques d’Europe de l’Est. Une folle odyssée sonore. Pour regarder et diffuser la vidéo du Rêve de Maya Flèche d’or :
Enregistré à l’abbaye de Noirlac, Tangorom, le nouvel album de Loco Cello, voyage d’Astor Piazzolla à Django Reinhardt, en passant par la musique de chambre et les musiques d’Europe de l’Est.
Pour ce deuxième opus, Loco Cello a invité Adrien Moignard et Biréli Lagrène. Imaginez une partie de ping-pong, en double : d’un côté, un duo classique sur le papier, crossover dans les idées, avec Samuel Strouk et François Salque ; en face, les gâchettes gypsy jazz Adrien Moignard et Bireli Lagrène, soutenus par Jérémie Arranger.
Le résultat ? Des jeux de saute-frontières, croisant le fer et le nylon, le lyrisme et le swing, l’écriture et l’improvisation. Avec ces cinq fantastiques, il n’y pas que le cello qui est loco !
Il fallait un écrin de rêve et de silence pour accueillir ce quintet à cordes sensibles. Une retraite pour se recentrer.

C’est à l’abbaye de Noirlac, un bijou de l’architecture cistercienne datant du XIIe siècle, qu’a été enregistré ce second album, avec Philippe Tessier Du Cros à la réalisation. Réverbération naturelle, sans effets fake ni micmacs de machine, écho de cathédrale, Tangorom est affaire de résonance.“C’est un endroit extrêmement inspirant, hors du temps et riche de plusieurs siècles d’histoire. Nous avons dû jouer sur le fil et nous adapter à l’acoustique impressionnante du lieu. Nous avons trouvé le parfait équilibre entre profondeur et présence sonores “, s’enthousiasme Samuel Strouk. L’atmosphère de recueillement de cette abbaye fut le ciment de cette épopée musicale.

En tournée en 2023 :
01/01 – Festival Musique & Neige – Les Diablerets
22/01 – Saisons Musicales – Maule
13/02 – Album Release – Paris – Café de la Danse feat Biréli Lagrène
19/03 – HMKO Les heures musicales du Koshersberg – Truchtersheim feat Biréli Lagrène
30/03 – Les Deux Alpes Musicales – Les deux alpes
26/05 – Festival Musique dʼun Siècle – Dieulefit
02/06 – LʼEze Harmonies – Èze
18/06 – Maisons-Laffitte Jazz Festival – Maisons-Laffitte
07/07 – Festival ArtenetrA – Celles-sur-Belle
11/07 – Festival Saint Cirq Causse et Vallée – Saint-Cire
12/07 – Festival en Blanc et Noir – Lagrasse
30/07 – Blois
31/07 – Festival Jazz au Phare – Ile de Ré feat Biréli Lagrène
09/09 – Festival du Vexin 

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Recorded at Noirlac Abbey, Tangorom, Loco Cello’s new album, travels from Astor Piazzolla to Django Reinhardt, via chamber music and Eastern European music. For this second opus, Loco Cello invited Adrien Moignard and Biréli Lagrène. Imagine a doubles game of ping-pong: on one side, a classic duet on paper, crossover in ideas, with Samuel Strouk and François Salque; opposite, the gypsy jazz triggers Adrien Moignard and Bireli Lagrène, supported by Jérémie Arranger. The result? Border-jumping games, crossing iron and nylon, lyricism and swing, writing and improvisation. With these five fantastic, it’s not just the cello that is loco! A setting of dreams and silence to welcome this sensitive string quintet was needed. A retreat to refocus.

World Music Mix

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022: Luisvi Jimenez(Spain)-Caminos Cruzados

Luisvi Jimenez-Caminos Cruzados
Luisvi Jiménez – Africa

Luisvi Jiménez composer and guitarist presents his new album titled Caminos Cruzados. The album includes compositions by Luisvi Jiménez, accompanied by Javier Rodriguez on Electric Bass, Adal Fernández on Drums and Percussion, Adrián Royo on Piano and Melodica and Luisvi Jiménez on Guitars.

It is worth noting the collaboration of Jesús Carbonell on the flamenco guitar in the song Caminos Cruzados.

The album has been Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Pottoko (Beasain) studios. The album cover is the work of cartoonist and illustrator Pedro Espinosa.

An album featuring subtle soundscapes in which Flamenco, Samba, Latin, Swing, Blues touches come together in a wide spectrum of sonorities divided into eight tracks.

Luisvi Jiménez compositor y guitarrista riojano nos presenta su nuevo trabajo discográfico titulado Caminos Cruzados. Son composiciones de Luisvi Jiménez, acompañado de Javier Rodriguez en el Bajo eléctrico, Adal Fernández a la Batería y Percusiones, Adrián Royo al Piano y Melódica y Luisvi Jiménez a las Guitarras. Es de destacar la colaboración de Jesús Carbonell a la guitarra Flamenca en el tema Caminos Cruzados. El disco ha sido Grabado, Mezclado y Masterizado en los estudios Pottoko (Beasain). La portada del disco es obra del dibujante e ilustrador Pedro Espinosa. Un disco que nos ofrece sutiles paletas sonoras en las que confluyen pinceladas Flamencas, Samba, Latin, Swing, Blues, y un largo abanico de campos sonoros repartidos en ocho composiciones.

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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022

World Music Mix: Tano Pumará(Argentina)-Album: Incierto(2022)

tano pumara- incierto

Tano Pumará(Argentina)- Incierto

Tano Pumará: Incierto

The project to record the album arose during the pandemic with the idea of making a synthesis of a musical journey of many years.
The violin is the protagonist because it is the instrument that has accompanied me since I was 5 years old and, almost without intending to, the musical genres that were most present in my life began to appear: jazz, Argentine folk music, tango, Argentine rock. The result is difficult to classify within a musical genre, but these influences can be recognized.
Incierto, the title track, is a Tano Pumara original. The tune embodies Nuevo Tango (New Tango).

Tano Pumará: Violin, production, arrengements, composition.
Matías Martino: piano
Fefe Botti: Up right bass
Mono Valle: Drums

Recorded in “Estudio Bulo” by Nacho de la Riega. December 2021
Covers ilustrations: Teresita Pumará
Covers design: Marcos Novick


World Music Mix

CANADA: New Album: Niche vintage songstress sophomore album LEMON TWIST out January 20, 2023

Niche vintage songstress sophomore album LEMON TWIST out January 20, 2023

for IMMEDIATE RELEASE November, 2023

Linda Carone’s new album recorded in Toronto is supported by a stellar group of musicians and is raring to go. Established as a jazz and blues vocalist and niche song stylist, Linda’s fresh recording titled Lemon Twist is loaded with cool chill vibes & spicy sounds. Modern jazz elements flirt with exotic Latin textures to create a lively, bold swinging beat that will have you snapping your fingers.

Simply check the link to listen to the title track.

🎧 https://www.lindacarone.com/presskit

Canadian bassist George Koller (Bruce Cockburn, Peter Gabriel) had worked with Linda previously as producer on her well received debut album, Black Moonlight. Koller was again invited to produce this recording with a Latin fusion directive. Linda’s vision included the beloved and in-demand Peruvian percussionist Luis Orbegoso (Jerry González, Stevie Wonder) and pianist/composer Jeremy Ledbetter (Alfredo de la Fé). Also added to the exemplary list of musicians is Cuban-born Alexander Brown on Trumpet, Ben Wittman (Sting, Paul Simon) on drums and featuring Perry White and Johnny Johnson on saxophones.

”I wanted to inject a bit of my passion for Afro-rhythms into this recording. I had an intuition that between the level of musicianship, the strength of the song curation and the direction of Koller, we could take these songs to the next level.” A collaboration this vintage song siren prefers to call ‘mid-century modern jazz tinged with mambo vibes’ or what Tito Puente might call ‘jazz with the Latin touch.’ Linda’s interpretation of these rare gems are well-stirred on Lemon Twist. 

Similarly, to Linda’s debut release gaining local and international airplay, as well as winning several song, video awards and album reviews, the forthcoming album Lemon Twist is expected to be met with similar excitement as new and devoted fans await to hear a voice that is as rare and distinct as the repertoire she uncovers, and the songs she chooses to sing.


“Linda Carone is not one to play by the rules. This works to her advantage in Lemon Twist, her feisty and personality-filled second album and follow-up to her excellent late night jazz debut – Black Moonlight” David Gasten, Swing City Productions

“Carone’s voice and the song subject matter meld together as if made for one another.” 
C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz



Linda Carone is a jazz and blues vocalist, a niche song stylist and interpreter of now-vintage, then popular, music from the 1920’s and beyond. With a voice that has been described as beautiful, rich and pure, Ms. Carone’s natural approach to music has shaped her vocal style in a way that is playful, intimate and unpretentious. With an uncanny ability to carefully curate songs that fit her voice like a glove, Linda has gained the attention of new listeners and devoted fans. Linda succeeds in her aim to transcend the heart of the song – sans imitation.

An early passion for jazz and blues developed upon first hearing the raw and emotive melancholy of Billie Holiday. ‘It was Billie’s voice that ignited the songstress in me.”

This inspiration laid the foundation for growth as a vocalist with an eclectic repertoire of forgotten gems, classic jazz and swing standards to boogie-woogie & roots blues. Linda’s long-time musical journey was further influenced by vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Mildred Bailey, Helen Humes, Valaida Snow and Lil Hardin Armstrong. Featuring these pioneering musical women in her performances remains her forté to this day.

Linda stands out among the jazz ‘standards’ with her incomparable phrasing and pure vocal style, by making the song and the lyrics her own. She continues to earn rave reviews and can be seen performing in and around Toronto’s music scene.

Linda Carone Music

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022: Made in Wood(Denmark) – Simplicity

Made in Wood

Made in Wood - Simplicity 200
Made in Wood – Wednesday Vibes

Made in Wood tell unique instrumental tales through their simple and elegant music expression, creating time and space for immersion and for the listeners to join the meditative and dreamy universe. You are invited into an intimate and present musical space, where simple means of action create intense atmospheres.

Made in Wood’s musical expression has roots in the Nordic tone with an unmistakable Scandinavian, folk melodic melancholy, and at the same time there is a blend of jazzy minimalism performed at a high technical level by Jonas Berg (Sweden) on piano and Bastian Sjelberg (Denmark) on double bass; both having extensive and broad genre experience, being firmly established on the Danish music scene, playing with major singer/songwriters, pop and jazz artists.

“Simplicity” is the 2nd full album from this duo, consisting of solely original compositions, apart from one cover – the interpretation of a Danish radio hit “I Morgen Er Der Endnu En Dag” (by Andreas Odbjerg), giving it the Made in Wood sound. There are also a handful of featured artists on the album, such as Mathias Heise (harmonica), Peter Fuglsang (bass clarinet and flute), Andreas Bernitt (strings) og Gustaf Ljunggren (pedal steel).

Their first album “Ease” from 2020 entered at #1 on Apple Music’s Jazz chart, and during the last couple of years, their singles have been on rotation on Danish national radio P8 Jazz.

01 – Wednesday Vibes
02 – Careful Thoughts
03 – By The Sea (feat. Mathias Heise)
04 – Bjergstien (feat. Peter Fuglsang)
05 – Skoglåt
06 – The Play
07 – I Morgen Er Der Også En Dag (feat. Gustaf Ljunggren)
08 – Freedom (feat. Andreas Bernitt)
09 – Caring
10 – Vaggvisa



2022 © Made in Wood / Zack’s MUSIC

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022

World Music Mix: Andrew Dow(USA) – In Motian (ears&eyes Records (2022)

Andrew Dow - In Motian

Andrew Dow is a multidisciplinary artist living in New York City. Bass player, composer, photographer and videographer, Andrew has long been developing his personal sound and vision on the electric bass guitar. Inspired by jazz musicians, classical composers, rock music and songwriters alike, he has been following a singular vision, one that he hopes is felt throughout his first recording as a leader, In Motian

From our very first breath to our last, we’re faced each and every day with navigating an ever changing world. In Motian is an attempt to acknowledge those every day changes; changes that we sometimes accept with grace, and sometimes we meet kicking and screaming. Andrew has composed a beautiful album of personal reflections on time; both lived and lost, personal and collective. A musically poetic weaving of  memories, of hopes and dreams, of our shared human experiences. 
Time is at the heart of the album; time and motion. In Motian is a play on words, giving a nod to the great drummer/composer Paul Motian, whose own sense of time, and artistic vision, has long been an inspiration of mine. However, In Motian is my own story, the story of my life. It’s the people that I’ve met, and the music that I’ve lived, learned and played. Singing classical music through college, my time playing with great songwriters, and later, all of my experience playing jazz and avant-garde music, both around Boston and then in New York City. Simply put, this is the debut presentation of my artistic DNA.

  • Andrew Dow – electric bass guitar, compositions, poetry, spoken word
  • Michaël Attias – alto sax 
  • Matt Hull – trumpet
  • Sumner Thompson – voice
  • Santiago Leibson – piano
  • Max Goldman – drums

ears&eyes Records

World Music Mix