World Music Mix: The B Roads(UK)-Anywhere You Want(2022)

The B Roads(UK)-One Way Trip
Composer: Paul O’Hara
Label: Manse music
Album : Anywhere You Want(2022)

A noir Jazz night road trip, to a 70’s soundtrack in a movie that doesn’t exist. Inspired by the roadmap of the UK, The B Roads is the alias of multi-instrumentalist John Paul Turner, mixing jazz, folk, blues and minimal to create reflections of middle age middle England. Ivor Novello winner Joris de Man calls The B Roads “Off-kilter, original and refreshing”, while the BBC Late Junction show named their ‘Senseless acts of beauty’ album ‘one of the most ear catching records of the year’


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World Music Mix: Russ Hewitt(USA)-Chasing Horizons(2022)

Russ Hewitt(USA)-Chasing Horizons(2022)

Russ Hewitt(USA)-Chasing Horizons(2022)

On Chasing Horizons virtuoso Texas-based guitarist Russ Hewitt integrates a diverse palette of Latin and world music in a selection of ten original compositions that define his entire artistic career to date. The album’s beauty stems from an extraordinary synthesis of sensitivities and abilities that speaks directly to the listener’s heart and leaves an enduring impact.

Beyond the technical mastery and distinctive melodicism Russ displayed on his previous three albums, lies a genuine inventiveness he infuses to every track of the new album. The Latin-Flamenco vibe that permeates his music is skilfully infused into each song in a unique way, giving the album the appearance of a collection of hits.

In addition to a band composed of high-class musicians, the present album features a couple of famous guest guitarists, the end result being a cohesive concept where every component fits together perfectly.

The album takes off with Allende on a Spanish Rumba Flamenca notesetting the stage for the exciting program that follows. Hewitt playing is concise and sharp, building the melody with what can be called “refined clarity”.

The title track Chasing Horizons, features guest guitarist Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme) playing in full synergy with Hewitt on an energised composition with a nouveau flamenco tinge with outstanding bass work from Bob Parr.

On Vivir Libre, the guitarist shares the spotlight with Marty Friedman(ex-Megadeth), a real joy to hear both musicians interpolate their skills through dazzling solos.

Amor Perdido is a beautiful merging of guitar and strings thanks to the participation of the Bucharest All-Star Orchestra. Interesting how the symphonic dimension enhances the emotional touch of the guitar.

The contemplative Luminous features the guitarist weaving an unforgettable bright and shiny melody. 

Gently swinging, Sunset Samba welcomes the guest musician Jorge Strunz (Strunz & Farah), the Brazilian breeze emerges with delicacy, we hear a fiesta of joyous spirits.

Luna is a composition of sheer beauty where sadness and joy mix together in a timeless cinematic narrative.

Cubalia Cafe with guest Ardeshir Farah (Strunz & Farah) spreads a Cuban perfume delicately fused in the texture of the song.

Serein-a nicely well-structured piece with a reflective, dreamy side with a superb arrangement.

Ending the album, Return to Simitai reveals an intricate melodic line flowing along the fusion between the guitar and the exotic sonority of the zither performed by the Vietnamese virtuoso Tri Nguyen.

All in all, Chasing Horizons is one of those refreshing albums to uplift the spirit, a real gem to delight the soul and beneficial for any music therapy!

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World Music Mix: Kimya Ensemble(France)-Album: Between Mist and Sky

Kimya Ensemble-Between Mist and Sky

Kimya Ensemble(France)-Maramaros
Album: Between Mist and Sky
Label: Urborigène Records(2022)

1er album Between Mist and Sky

Sortie le 21/10/2022 chez Urborigène Records

En concert le 09 novembre 2022 au Studio de l’Ermitage

L’Ensemble Kimya nous offre le 21/10/2022 son premier album, Between Mist and Sky, sur lequel les cordes et les percussions mêlent leurs sonorités entre jazz, world et classique, entre Orient et Occident, jusque des univers inexploreìs.

L’Ensemble Kimya (alchimie en arabe) rassemble quatre musiciens d’horizons divers, et file la métaphore de l’alchimiste à travers une musique faite de sonorités transfigurées. Composé d’Amir Amiri (Santour), Olivier Marin (Alto & Viole d’amour) rejoints par Roméo Monteiro (Percussions indiennes) et Andrew Briggs (Violoncelle), le Kimya Ensemble tisse des ponts entre les cultures anciennes et le temps présent. Leur dialogue musical mêle musique classique persane, indienne et occidentale dans l’esprit des musiciens aventuriers comme Jordi Savall, Garth Knox ou Vincent Ségal.

Premier extrait, voici le titre Maramaros (inspiré de Béla Bartok) à découvrir en vidéo, avant de retrouver le quatuor en concert le 5/11/2022 au Vollore Festival et le 09/11/2022 au Studio de L’Ermitage à Paris.

L’Ensemble Kimya (alchimie en arabe) réalise son premier album Between Mist and Sky alliant musique classique et contemporaine d’Europe, du Moyen-Orient et d’Inde, fruit d’une rencontre entre santour, alto, violoncelle et percussions.

Porté par Olivier Marin (alto, viole d’amour), Amir Amiri (santour), Andrew Briggs (violoncelle) et Roméo Monteiro (percussions indiennes et orientales), l’Ensemble Kimya étend ses recherches au monde des quarts de tons propre à la musique orientale, mais aussi aux cycles rythmiques issus de la musique indienne. Les quatre musiciens puisent également leur inspiration dans le répertoire occidental proposant des arrangements originaux des Folies d’Espagne de Marin Marais / Garth Knox en passant par des duos de Béla Bartók ou des pièces de Monteverdi.

L’ensemble s’est produit ces dernières années, aussi bien dans des festivals de musique classique comme les “Concerts de Vollore”, que dans des festivals de musiques « nomades » comme les “Détours de Babel” ou les “Traversées de Tatihou”.

Le premier album de l’Ensemble Kimya offre une musique exceptionnelle, riche en couleurs où les cultures se rencontrent, s’enrichissent et se transforment mutuellement.

En concert :

5 novembre : Vollore Festival, Vollore
09 novembre : Studio de L’Ermitage, Paris

On 10/21/2022, the Kimya Ensemble releases Between Mist and Sky, its debut album, on which the strings and percussions blend their sounds with jazz, world, and classical music, with East and West, and even with uncharted cosmologies.

The Kimya Ensemble (alchemy in Arabic) brings together four musicians from diverse backgrounds who spin the alchemist metaphor through music constructed of altered sounds. The Kimya Ensemble, which consists of Amir Amiri (Santour), Olivier Marin (Viola and Viole d’amour), Roméo Monteiro (Indian percussions), and Andrew Briggs (Cello), builds links between ancient and modern cultures. In the style of adventurous musicians like Jordi Savall, Garth Knox, or Vincent Ségal, their musical discourse combines Persian, Indian, and Western classical music.

The debut album by Ensemble Kimya features outstanding music with vibrant colours where civilizations converge, exchange ideas, and transform one another.

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World Music Mix: Les Chacrobates(France)-Album: L’amour qu’on sème (2022)

Les chacrobates-L'amour qu'on seme

Les Chacrobates(France)-Raw Love
Composer: Jérémy Tridera
Album: L’amour qu’on sème (2022)

Les Chacrobates est un groupe jazzy ne reniant pas ses affinités avec la pop et la bossa.
Composé de 6 musiciens et fondé à l’été 2021, ils écument les routes au long de l’année 2022 pour affûter leur répertoire en jouant en de nombreux endroits. Aujourd’hui, ils sortent leur premier EP 6 titres et propose des mélodies entêtantes en une palette éclectique mêlant les influences de chacun.

Les Chacrobates is a jazzy group, their members don’t hide their pop and bossa affinities.
Composed of 6 musicians and founded in the summer of 2021, throughout the year 2022 they hit the road to play many different venues and hone their repertoire. Their debut six-track EP, which features appealing tunes in an eclectic palette that combines the inspirations of each performer, was just released.

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Hakim Jamal-In Blue--200

Hakim Jamal(UK)-Album: In Blue
The new album from Hakim Jamal ‘In Blue’ contains the single Mr. Lichfield, a song dedicated to the fashion and society photographer of the 1960s. The album is mainly influenced by Jamaican sounds and uses a range of Jamaican vocal artists. The imagery on the cover represents the Indian Festival of Colour, Holi. All the songs were originally given the names of shades of blue and a couple have remained as song titles.
Label: TalkingHead TV Recordings
Streaming Tracks:
Mr. Lichfield
Reasons To Fly
Like Butterflies

Composer: Paul Ashley Wheatcroft
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World Music Mix: Ewerton Oliveira & Yatê(Brésil/France) Album: NanÁfrica

Ewerton Oliveira & Yate-NanAfrica

Ewerton Oliveira & Yatê(Brésil/France)- NanÁfrica
Composer : Ewerton Oliveira
Album Name : NanÁfrica
Label : Lira Music Records
Year of release : 08 juillet/July 2022
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NanÁfrica est une composition du pianiste, compositeur, musicologue et pédagogue Ewerton Oliveira, en hommage au grand percussionniste brésilien Naná Vasconcelos. Naná et Ewerton viennent de la même ville : Recife, au Nord-Est du Brésil. Quelques générations séparent ces deux artistes, mais un même regard de la musique les rassemble : créer, dépasser les frontières, croiser les genres musicaux et se réinventer. Les compositions d’Ewerton Oliveira racontent des histoires, proposent des ambiances, rendent hommage, font appel à une mémoire lointaine, des traditions africaines qui sont mélangées au jazz ou à une écriture musicale contemporaine.

NanÁfrica is a composition by pianist, composer, musicologist and pedagogue Ewerton Oliveira, as a tribute to the great Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos. Naná and Ewerton come from the same city: Recife, in the northeast of Brazil. A few generations separate these two artists, but the same vision of music brings them together: to create, to go beyond borders, to cross musical genres and to re-invent themselves. Ewerton Oliveira’s compositions tell stories, offer atmospheres, pay homage, appeal to distant memories, African traditions that are mixed with jazz or contemporary musical spices.

Ewerton Oliveira & Yate-Yate

Ewerton Oliveira & Yatê(Brésil/France)-Yatê
Composer : Ewerton Oliveira
Album Name : NanÁfrica
Label : Lira Music Records
Year of release : 08 juillet 2022
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Yathê, ou Iatê, qui signifie : « Notre façon d’être, notre façon de parler » ; est une langue indigène parlée par le peuple Fulni-ô, qui vit dans la municipalité d’Águas Belas, au sud-ouest de l’État du Parnambuco. La composition « Yatê », écrite par le pianiste et compositeur brésilien Ewerton Oliveira, est une magnifique manière de rendre hommage à une partie de ses origines. Ce single en version « Live Session », apporte une interprétation qui ouvre un espace à la spontanéité, et un dialogue typique du « live ». Yatê :Notre façon de nous exprimer, notre façon de résoner, notre meilleure façon d’être.

Yathê, or Iatê, which means: “Our way of being, our way of speaking”; is an indigenous language spoken by the Fulni-ô people, who live in the municipality of Águas Belas, in the southwest of the state of Parnambuco. The composition “Yatê”, written by the Brazilian pianist and composer Ewerton Oliveira, is a magnificent way to pay homage to part of his origins. This single in the “Live Session” version, offers an interpretation that opens up a space for spontaneity, and a typical “live” dialogue. Yatê: Our way of expressing ourselves, our way of resonating, our best way of being.

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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022: Tony Adamo(USA)-Better Than Picasso At MidNite

Tony Adamo-Better Than Picasso At MidNite

ony Adamo(USA)-Better Than Picasso At MidNite

Well, the blue jeaned, floppy hat wearing singing street preacher Tony Adamo is back with a new upcoming album. Here’s the first single from it, “Better Than Picasso At Midnight”, which is essentially polishing, refurbishing, new engine adding remake of the classic “Better Than Anything” and machine shopped, chopped and hopped by Tony Adamo. The original lyrics are weaved into new stream of consciousness ones which include references and rhymes ranging from George Benson to Superfly. The music itself is a mix of CTI soul with a dash of disco, tasty Breezin’ guitar licks with a mix of wacka wooka by Chris Pimentel, Turrentine toned tenor treats from saxist Rob Sudduth and Crusading keys and beats from programmer Barry Schiffman. No one delivers street corner synchronized sermons like Tony A. Start passing the plate! by George W. Harris/Jazz Weekly
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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022

JazzWorldQuest 2022: Dimitris Angelakis(Greece)-Long Way Home

Vibraphonist, composer, educator and Fulbright Alumnus Dimitris Angelakis, a Greek native who came of age as a jazz player in Philadelphia and New York, is proud to announce the arrival of his debut recording Long Way Home, releasing on acclaimed bassist Petros Klampanis’ label ΠKmusic. Long Way Home finds Angelakis in virtuosic form, playing original compositions and inventive arrangements in a burning quartet that foregrounds the magical blend of vibraphone and Fender Rhodes electric piano, played with consummate skill by George Kontrafouris. Bassist Kimon Karoutzos and drummer Jason Wastor complete the lineup in the formidable rhythm section.

Dimitris Angelakis-Ulysses Journey

The title Long Way Home is inspired by Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis, in particular the poem “Ithaca.” We become who we are, Angelakis suggests, through the voyages we take, and this is in fact the voyage’s ultimate goal. Wise words from a musician who has undertaken extensive journeys of his own: professional experience in Europe as a leader and sideman and Europe with Petros Klampanis, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez (George Fakanas Group), Milcho Leviev and Paris Strother (Prince); graduate work in Philadelphia with Tony Miceli (2013) and with Christos Rafalides in New York; recording sessions and live appearances on the East Coast, not to mention a yearlong sojourn in China.

All these experiences inform the beautiful Long Way Home. The five original pieces each tell a story, most of them gleaned from inspirations particular to Greece, even as the music reflects Angelakis’ immersion in the sound and culture of American jazz. There are three songs from the jazz canon, including Bill Evans’ harmonically challenging “Very Early” and the enduring ballad “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” (on solo vibraphone). “Coral Keys,” by the late pianist Walter Bishop, Jr., prompts the quartet to stretch on music from the heart of the post-bop tradition that remains a touchstone for all involved. Harking back to the “Ithaca” theme, “Ulysses’ Journey” is inspired by the Homeric epic and the poem Ithaka from the moden Greek Poet Konstantinos Kavafis.

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2022